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Little King's Story Creators Want A Sequel

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Funding sought for numero dos.

It's just out of the gate and from a company reeling over low sales, but the creators of the critically acclaimed Little King's Story want more. Do you want more?

Speaking to Siliconera, LKS producer Yoshiro Kimura hopes that you do.

We are planning to make a sequel to Little King’s Story, like Super Little King’s Story, but we’re still in the process idea phase. [...] Right now, we’re trying to get funding and trying to find new partners, meaning that Little King’s Story wasn’t developed by one development company, it was developed by different people.

Those studios being Cing (of Hotel Dusk fame), Town Factory and Marvelous.

Hey, you know one way to drum up funding for a sequel? Having a bunch of people buy the first game. So, yeah, go do that if you want a sequel.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Thanks for posting this Nintendo Life! This is the best news that I have seen all week! I really hope we get a sequel for this magnificent game! I did my part when I bought this game so I'm hoping that enough people will buy it and make the sequel a reality!



Philip_J_Reed said:

I just picked up LKS today and I'd love to dig into it as soon as possible, but with Wii Sports Resort and me finding myself waist-deep in Majora's Mask again, it might have to wait.



RevolverLink said:

I'm doing my part as best as I can. I bought the game on day one, I've loved almost every minute of it (it's my second favorite Wii game, after Galaxy) and I've already managed to convince two other people to purchase it.

I am a bit worried about the availability of Little King's Story though. From what I've seen and heard, there are little-to-no copies of LKS on the shelves at a lot of major chains.



Kreegs07 said:

I plan on getting the first one soon. Hopefully it drops down from full price in a month or so because I am quite strapped for cash.



DaVeMaN99 said:

LKS is amazing. Got it last week and already played for 17 hours. Yes it is that addicting. I have 3 princesses so far, and the pinball king was one of my favourite boss fights in this generation. Took a good hour to beat!

And Kreegs you gotta get it. I remember you from VC Forums i think



Machu said:

Buy it people, and prepare for two of the best weeks of your gaming life. If you don't, I'll have to get a mortgage in order to buy thousands of copies. I don't mind being chased by the bank, bailiffs and living in a tent, so long as I have a power source to play Little Kings Story 2.

Awesome News!



Stevie said:

For all UK residents i was in Game yesterday and they had LKS for £19.99, yes thats £19.99, if you don't buy it now then forget getting a christmas card from me.



Egg_miester said:

little kings story is one of the best games i have played this year and i would love another one



WolfRamHeart said:

Please buy this game people! It really is one of the best games available on the Wii! It is most definitely worth it!



strade said:

I am new here, but i have been following this site for a while. Anyway, you need to buy this game! It is definately one of the best on the wii and easily one of my favorites. I preordered it two months before it came out and picked it up the first HOUR it was available. Even though i have only had it for a week, I am 40 hours in (and have conquered all of the seven surrounding kingdoms). So please buy it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Your strong recommendations are part of what convinced me to buy this. So if I don't like it, I will be expecting a full refund.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Im 17 hours in and just got 3 princesses. Am i halfway done?
And what is there to do after i beat it?
Fantastic game



strade said:

I would say that you will be half way done when you conquer the 4th kingdom. Which actually shouldn't be long after you have conquered the 3rd. Well, after you have beaten it, you can collect all 100 of the art pieces( I am assuming you have learned about that by now). You can also work to complete all of the Princess Quests (There are seven and can add several hours to the game if you are a completionist). Although I technically have not beaten the game yet(I probably will do so after I have done the afore mentioned things) since there is still stuff to do after you have conquered the seven kingdoms, but i have heard there is a tyrant mode unlocked when you beat it.



mattnd2007 said:

just got the first one today and it is brilliant. i've only put in about 2 hours(hey i had nothing better to do after i got off of work) but it is already one of my favorite wii games. i think by the time i finish this i will definitely be craving more.



James said:

It's so heart-warming to read of so many people who enjoyed this game! We probably should have bumped up my review of it to coincide with its US release, but it seems it's becoming quite a word-of-mouth phenomenon!

Also for those UK gamers, it's £19.99 in Gamestation as well as Game, which equates at much less than a pound an hour of top-drawer entertainment: well worth anybody's money!

Although I haven't touched it in a month for fear of completing it...



Sabrewing said:

Depends, will part two have actual IR controls? They were sorely missed in number uno.



St3b0 said:

will be a great sequal to the first game which we in the USA never GOT...



Laxeybobby said:

A brilliant game,I lost hours of the day playing this game. I find it hard to beleive it has low sales figures, but it doesn't surprise me considering Zak and Wikki went the same way. I too will look forward and buy a sequal if it is made.



BlueFlameBat said:

Give me Little Queen's Story or get the hell out of my office!!

Making something like "Little Prince's Story" is the same as begging me to come down there and beat you up.



Sean_Aaron said:

I still haven't finished this. I pick it up play a day, put it down, etc. I beat the Oni king thus far and I'm slowly clearing his former territory of critters, but that's it. If I'm lucky I'll have cleared it by the end of the year, but I agree it is very nice!



Crazed said:

This is the best game I've played all year. It is a masterpiece. For anyone that hasn't bought this game yet, buy it, since it may not be in stores for long, and this game is certainly worth $50.

On the sequel - It would be fantastic if LKS gets the sales it deserves.




This didn't sell very well in the UK annoyingly so I hope they actually DO release the sequel in the UK!

Little King's Story is probably amongst the top 10-12 games on the Wii at the moment IMHO.

Isn't around £18 from amazon?!

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