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Little King's Story begins with the story of a young boy named Corobo.

Shy and without many friends, Corobo stumbles upon a mysterious and powerful crown whilst walking in the forest near his village. He soon discovers that the crown grants him the ability to charm any person and make them follow his orders. Suddenly, Howzer, the bull-knight appears informing Corobo that he is now King of the village and that he must not take this responsibility lightly. Returning to his sleepy village as a King instead of a shy little boy, Corobo begins a quest to turn his small hamlet into a noble, fantastic kingdom.

Little King's Story is the result of the combined heavyweight development team from some of Japan's most successful titles and features key contributors from the Harvest Moon series, Final Fantasy XII, DragonQuest VIII, Mario & Luigi RPG, Kingdom Hearts and Chulip.

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Posted by James Newton

Fit for a King!

We've all dreamed of being King or Queen of our own miniature Kingdom: sat upon our thrones, dishing out orders from on high, pleasing our loyal subjects and amassing loads and loads of money. Sadly, for anyone other than the bosses of Nintendo Life, this...

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RISING STAR bring this 'coming together' of Japanese wonder developers with Wii's Little King's Story for the RPG lovers

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James said:

Have I ever mentioned how good this game is? I don't think I have.



Bigdog said:

One of the most charming games most people will ever get to see. Really, it felt like a PRIVILEGE playing this game.

If you haven't gotten it yet, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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