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Official Nostalgia Trailer Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ignition Entertainment shows off their epic air-based RPG for Nintendo DS.

Ignition Entertainment has just sent us the first official gameplay trailer for their upcoming air-based RPG Nostalgia coming to Nintendo DS this fall.

The trailer shows the game and its main characters in action and shows off some of the game's amazing air-to-air battles taking place.

Below is a snipped of the official press release for the game along with the official gameplay trailer.

Nostalgia is an RPG developed by Matrix Studios and published in North America by Ignition Entertainment. Set in the 19th century, Nostalgia gives players control of main character Eddy, son of a legendary English adventurer, and the adventure begins as Eddy and a cast of fellow Londoners set off on an adventure that takes them across the world.

One of the key game play elements in Nostalgia is the presence of flight which allows players to move about the world through the air rather than walking across an large overworld map. Nostalgia’s epic air ship battles and exploration of expansive maps through the air brings another dimension to the RPG and adds to the fighting party-based command battles which take place in dungeons throughout the game.

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We'll have more information on Nostalgia as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it's released this fall.


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Corbs said:

Now this one is definitely on my most-wanted list now. Wow!



SpaceBooger said:

At first I thought this was going to be a Skies of Arcadia rip off, but after watching the trailer I am more intrigued.
The characters look similar to that in FF3/4 remakes and that was a little distracting, but overall I am looking forward to this game.



Objection said:

O.o. Want now. Actually it's had my eye for a while but damn! The only DS game I want more and was impressed more by recent trailers was KH 358/2 Days...



Objection said:

It's a shame that Air Pirates is a cliche now (looks at the damnable FFXII)...because Arcadia was the first video game to use it (that I know of.)



Pegasus said:

If only the in-game characters didn't look like little kids. The whole chibi style never appealed to me in the slightest. As long as this turns out well I may overlook that misgiving.



Hardy83 said:

Dammit! The DS has a crap ton of RPGs I want, and this just adds to the already long list! Dammit!



cr00mz said:

i'm not a huge fan of console RPGs but what the hell, why doesnt anything like this come to the Wii? why do we get stuck with all the excersise-sims and mini game compilations... this really sucks



FantasiaWHT said:

UGLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I don't get hung up on simple graphics, but it's games like this (and FF 3 and 4 on DS) where the graphics are so bad that they are just UGLY. They should not be trying to do polygonal graphics on the DS because it looks horrible. This game could've been gorgeous as cel shading or simple pixels. Instead, it's ugly. It's like being back in the PS1/N64 era again when almost nothing looked good.

Anybody know if the game has anime cutscenes throughout? Or is that just the opening intro?



Linkuini said:

Seems like a total cliché-fest to me, but at least it's well-presented. In most genres I'm happy to buy something familiar if it's playable enough. For a turn-based RPG, though, there has to be either some sort of interesting hook or innovation that isn't often successfully duplicated by other games, like the infinitely competitive and customizable nature of the Pokémon games, an abundance of humor/drama (mostly humor) as exemplified in Earthbound, or some sort of well-tuned action element, demonstrated in any RPG with Mario in it.

Oh... well alright, so there are a lot of things that could make me buy a turn-based RPG, but I don't see much of that stuff in the trailer (airship battles definitely do NOT count as innovation). The way it looks now , the only way I would buy it is if it offered the level of polish and superior design that made me love Chrono Trigger so much. Hoo boy, did I crack up after typing that last sentence!



Nintendophile said:

I don't want to be one to judge a book by it's cover, (i.e. Solely on the spruce of the animation), but it seems to me that usually when a game takes the effort to make hand-drawn anime for (I'm assuming) cut scenes in a game, there's probably going to be a high level of polish in the game itself. (There's certainly exceptions to this rule, but I'm just sort of making a generalized statement.)



Corbs said:

Almost every game nowadays is a cliche-fest. Companies spinning the same formula over and over again. And if you're looking for Chrono Trigger polish, you might be setting yourself up for a disappointment.



CanisWolfred said:

That's NOSTALGIA?! That was NOT what I was expecting! And it had so much potential, just from the name alone.

Now all we get is an even lamer version of f***in' Skies of Arcadia, with lamer characters and lamer gameplay. Ugh.



GreenBanana said:

Well, I guess it looks like my worries that this was going to be another cop-out on the developers' part to use the nostalgia excuse for covering up cheap production values might yet be unfounded. I still think it'll be a bit too "anime" for me, though. Flavor text in general is a bit dull, though. I guess people will just end up whining that it's cliched, which they do for just about everything else on the friggin' planet.



Slapshot said:

I read a huge article on this game and its shaping up to be fantastic. Its been in the developers head spinning around for years and that just adds up to the detail that will be enforced into the story and gamplay. Oh. I want I want.......Im preordering this one already.

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