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Nintendo Download: 23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

A feast of DSiWare titles to end the drought, an anticipated WiiWare title from Hudson and *two* arcade classics next week!

Well, after weeks without a new DSiWare release in Japan the storm gates have been opened and next Wednesday is serving up a bumper crop of titles for the portable download service.

Chuugakku Kihon Hana Tango Word Puzzle (200pts) from I.E. Institute, Ltd. is a word puzzle game using a middle school (jr. high) vocabulary and questions to help folk learn English.

Chiria no Doobutsu Koya (500pts) from Arc System Works seems to be a farm-themed (Doobutsu Koya is an "animal pen/barn") puzzle game and is part of the Cheap Puzzle Series.

Dragon Quest Wars (500pts) from Square-Enix, looks like a board game with Chess stylings. It should be noted that this game has no actual date beyond June, however that could just be a typo given the 24th is the last Wednesday of the month.

Real Soccer 2009 (800pts) is from Gameloft and already out in NA/EU. You can read our review if you want to know more.

Native Kaiwa Hen (800pts) from Nintendo is a follow-up to 27 May's Yasashii Kaiwa Hen and is a program for learning more advanced conversational English.

We only seem to have a single WiiWare title and two VCA titles coming out Tuesday for the Wii, but we should also mention an omission from last week.

After the news item last Thursday, Pokemon Scramble (Nintendo 1500pts) was added to the release list and came out this past week. It features itty bitty Pokemon critters that you collect and fight in arenas and seems to also have RPG sections and the ability to combine two Pokemon to make new ones. Expect this to stay at the top of the charts for all time just like My Pokemon Ranch.

After a previous false listing, the sole WiiWare release for next week is Hudson's family-friendly FPS Bang Bang Kids (Water Warfare elsewhere) for 800pts.

Virtual Console releases are often the subject of jealous rants in the Japanese download comments and next week is certain to result in many green-eyed monsters frothing at the mouth with two outstanding arcade classics being released:

Golden Axe (Sega)

Galaga '88 (Namco)

As appears to be the case for all VCA releases (bar the initial launch titles in NA/EU) these will be 800pts. each.

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KDR_11k said:

That's a lot of DSiWare...

Oh and I still demand impressions of Water Warfare from our Japanese Wii owners.



Sean_Aaron said:

Shame I only have 1300 Japanese shop points left this month; fortunately JY1000 is just over £6 with the current exchange rate!

There's no way I'm doing a preview of Water Warfare not only because I'm not into a death-match focused FPS, but I'm so far from the servers that lag issues would likely spoil any online fun that could be had.

Of course if someone wants to gift me a Japanese Nintendo Points card I'll preview anything you like!



Sean_Aaron said:

Yes, I did preview Overturn, however that has a nice 1 player campaign; I also intend to buy the EU release because there's no one playing it online in Japan when I launch it.

The idea of single player WW really has no appeal ^_~



Objection said:

Japan got another nice week. In a reverse to Japan's DSiware, I wish we could get some "Learn Japanese" titles.



Sean_Aaron said:

You can always import DS carts made for Japanese schoolkids after learning to read kana!



Adamant said:

Yep. There's several "Learn Japanese" carts out there, but since they're intended for Japanese children, not foreigners, they require some prior knowledge of the language.
Still, they're well worth looking into.



Starwolf_UK said:

Intelligent Systems (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem) is working on it but that is all Dragon Quest Wars really has going for it. It seem very much to a be Advance Wars-lite which is a bit of a shame.

Doesn't Japan do DSiWare monthly then you see however many games that was and you they really need to?



dizzy_boy said:

i wonder how long it`ll be before sega release golden axe 2 and 3 on to the VCA.
tbh, it kinda sucks that sega are doing that, especialy as the megadrive/genesis versions of the golden axe fames are already available.
i wonder if capcom will follow in sega`s footsteps and release the arcade versions of street fighter 2 on the VCA aswell.



WolfLink22 said:

So what where are SSB, Super Mario Kart, The Mortal Kombat genesis games, or even games like Nintendo World Cup or Pro Wrestling.

I can wait but we don't need any more ports of games period.I don't know if Golden Axe is a port on the VCA or the other way around but we don't need another port fest like we've had with Wonder Boy.



Atlantis1982 said:

"Virtual Console releases are often the subject of jealous rants in the Japanese download comments and next week is certain to result in many green-eyed monsters frothing at the mouth with two outstanding arcade classics being released:"




Sean_Aaron said:

@JJ: Golden Axe in the arcade has greater level of detail in the artwork and better animation as well as better quality sound. The Megadrive port that's already on the VC is pretty good, but the arcade is the definitive version. It's also worth noting that Megadrive games in Japan are 600 points, so the Megadrive version can be had for 200 points less than the VCA version.

It does make me wonder how they're going to pitch Altered Beast and Golden Axe on the Megadrive in NA/EU with superior arcade emulation for the same price...



Sean_Aaron said:

I hope the next Sega arcade release is Pengo; hopefully with the option to choose between the two soundtracks. Actually Astro Blaster would also be most excellent.



Ark said:

Another awesome update! Sure looking forward to Dragon Quest Wars when it hits North America.



Jolted85 said:


If Capcom ever jumps on VCA support, yes we will see the arcade versions of SF2, personally I'd get those as well considering I already have the home console versions on the VC, the arcade versions are much better, also having Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the VCA would be awesome.



Adamant said:

@Sean Aaron: "It does make me wonder how they're going to pitch Altered Beast and Golden Axe on the Megadrive in NA/EU with superior arcade emulation for the same price..."

Same way they pitched Street Fighter 2 Turbo, I guess. "Hey kids, it's a better version of a game you probably own, and it's being sold for the same price too!"



Paper_StarFox said:

I wonder when Gameboy and GB Colour games become available. Link's Awakening needs to be first on that list.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Gameboy and Gameboy Color games would be interesting. If they start that, I'm definitely buying a DSi. Especially if they start re-releasing Game Gear games.



WolfLink22 said:

@KDR_11k if you are replying to me i know that.

All i am meaning to say in my last reply is this Japan get have Port Fest up the Wazoo for all i care.But there are a bunch of VC Games Japan has that could have seen a re release on the VC by now.

Pro Wrestling
Sonic And Knuckles
Nintendo World Cup
Super Smash Bros.
Super Mario Kart
Earthworm Jim 2
Star Fox the SNES version
Mario Party 1 - 3
Mario Paint even if they have to remake it and put it on the Wiiware service.
Tetris Attack since Japan and Europe both have Panel de pon.Sure we have Pokemon Puzzle League but i find that less like Panel de pon due to the level setup.

Heck they could even import some more games to usa like that Mario game that only Japan and Europe have.They could import other games USA have never touched either but they are to Stubborn to let us know when or if they even will import more games never before played outside of Japan.

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