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Thu 27th Nov 2008

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Paper_StarFox commented on Take Five and Double It!:

the problem with an out-of-10 system is that too many game reviewers treat a 7 as the par score, leaving anything scored 5 or below as five different kinds of crap, and the score system ends up becoming out of 5 anyway.
a 5 star system works well because if we were asked on the street "did you like this game?" we would reply "yes"/"no"/"it was OK"/"i hated it"/"i loved it" (followed by "please stop following me, you're freaking me out").
one reason why a more detailed score would be necessary is for 2 versions of the same game (SFIIturbo/champion): both 5 star worthy, but one is more worthy than the other.

but most of all: a well written review says more than any number or star.