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Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2009

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Just three non-Namco games the entire month!

Japan is getting less and less games every month, but this has got to be the month with the least releases yet - Aside from the yet to be announced Namco arcade games, there will only be three games released in the entire month, meaning over half the VC systems will be ignored!

The only good thing about it is that all three are high-profile games, but still, let's hope Europe and North America don't get even less games because of this!

The (for now) full list for July, as short as it is, is as follows:


  • Final Fantasy III

Super Famicom:

Virtual Console Arcade:

Since June has one Tuesday left there will of course also be a final June update next week. This will consist of:

  • Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (Famicom)
  • Marvel Land (Virtual Console Arcade)

When will Namco start releasing more arcade games outside Japan, we wonder?


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Ratengo said:

I was quite shocked when I saw the July list on NoJ’s page, but I am happy to finally be able to download Super Punch-Out!! and Shinobi during the month. You have to remember that there are only 12 Namco arcade titles left out of 30 so it is a possibility that the company is trying to get out them all before the end of August. These games are announced only a few days before release.

Europe, congratulations to the upcoming Hanabi Festival 4. The long wait is finally over…!!

@Drake: Will NintendoLife keep the Master System Shinobi and TwinBee pages or delete them instead…? The latter game was rated on the same day as Bomberman '94 so there must be any mistake by the OFLC, isn’t it…?



Damo said:

At least with Shinobi on the way Daz will be happy now!



Drake said:

@ Ratengo: Yeah, I think Twinbee was definitely a mistake. Shinobi was rated on the same day as Fantasy Zone II and Secret Command though, so I still think that's the Master System version.



Dazza said:

@Damo - Well I am only happy because there is a good chance that I will get to review it and let everyone know how awesome this game still is. I get my legal arcade Shinobi fix on XBLA now

Bit of a quiet month isn't it? What happen!



Terra said:

You know things are getting bad when even Japan is getting that few games. At least they're good quality. It's funny, we were talking about Shinobi earlier and just a few hours later it's been announced for VCA. Another Final Fantasy is (almost) always good and I'm surprised they still haven't got Super Punch Out!! yet. I wonder what else Namco will release there.



Drake said:

It actually took Japan 4 years to get Super Punch-Out!! after the US got it back in the day, believe it or not

It's also interesting to note that they only got it as a download game by using blank SFC cartridges, so that means other download games (Super Famicom Wars, Wrecking Crew '98) are also possible now!



Atlantis1982 said:


All I care is hoping Namco will start releasing to the other regions instead of being stubborn mules that don't want to touch the waters (oceans).



Terra said:

It's not that uncommon to see the US get a game first by a week or month but 4 years? That's a really long time to go without.

I would love to be able to legally play WC98 after all these years. I would also like the Wars games but I'm not sure how great the language barrier is for those games. As a strategy game, I'd of thought there would be a fair amount of text.



Sean_Aaron said:

There is no way that's the final list; there was far more than that released last month. Nice to see Shinobi though! I'm rather surprised to see that Namco is so open with their upcoming VCA release list; since they're far and away my favourite for Japanese arcade classics I'm very pleased with that.



blackknight77 said:

Shinobi is really good. Will North America get Revenge of Shinobi first? I guess time will tell.

Poor Neo Geo ignored every month



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Am I the only one who cares about FFVI? Its a phenomenal game, and now those who haven't played it can for cheap!



Rapadash6 said:

It's funny because even without the Namco arcade titles, that's still more than we'll be getting next month... did I say funny? I meant SAD! T_T

Edit: Oops, just noticed two of those games are slated for June. My bad. Still, when is North America going to get some love that we don't have to wait for a VC milestone to enjoy.



CrazyOtto said:

Even though theres 4 weeks in a month, they only have 3 non-Namco acade games coming out!



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, if this week is the start of a new trend we may be seeing a ramped-up release schedule outside of Japan for a change, so think positive!



Mike1 said:

Why should we feel sorry for them when they have like 200 more games than America and Europe.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Drake: Wait, when you say III do you mean US or JP III? Even if it is III JP, thats great news, it means it will get to the US and I can finally play the original III/



Adamant said:

@Drake: But FF3 is better than FF6, so it's all good. Right, guys?
...guys? Hello?

(on another note, I think I must be the only non-Japanese in the world who's first Final Fantasy game was FF3 - well, at least until the DS game came out)

@Bahamut_ZERO: The "US numbering" has not been used for over 10 years by anyone other than stubborn Americans going "It's 3 because it says 3 on my cart lalala can't hear you". This is FF3, since it says FF3, not FF6. Had it been FF6, it would've said FF6. Plus, FF6 is a Super Famicom game.

And no, FF3 won't be released here. It's in Japanese only, and too text-heavy to play for Joe Non-Japanese von Average.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Adamant: I still see the numbering used by stubborn game sites that make "Top Games Ever" lists, so I was wondering if Drake also used ye olde numbering.



Sean_Aaron said:

Here's what remains of Namco's 2009 Japanese VCA line-up:
Rolling Thunder
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Saber
Sky Kid
Cosmo Gang The Video (a cutesy version of Galaga/Gaplus)
Dragon Buster (a side scrolling fantasy game which I developed a strange affection for in the original Playstation Namco Museum)
Phelios (a vertical scrolling shooter with impressive 2D scaling and rotation effects from 1988)
Xevious (already on Namco Museum Remix)
Pac-Mania (already on Namco Museum Remix)
Knuckle Heads (a Street Fighter-like game from 1992 with 1-4 players -- before Nintendo did Super Smash Brothers!)
Burning Force (3D shooting game from 1989; looks less crap than Space Harrier, but that's not saying much!)
Finest Hour (run-and-gun game from 1989 that looks kind of like Contra meets Samurai Ghost -- not really a great thing...)

I'll be getting the first seven of those, so I sincerely hope they're not all coming in July!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I just saw some footage of Marvel Land and I'd love to get it if it came here. Chock one up for another VCA release going on my list!

Oh, and Sky Kid interests me.



Jolted85 said:

Nothing really interests me in July's release list, I already have Shinobi unlocked in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the 360, and I also have Super Punch Out, Final Fantasy III was never released for the NES outside Japan so nothing really to outstanding.

I wonder when we'll get the first Final Fantasy though?



niggyt2004 said:

Finally we might get shinobi arcade, my best game ever. please bring to uk soon. my prayers will be answered. great news

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