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Nintendo Download: 12 May 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

This week sees some catching up and another Rebirth!

After last week's focus on the new streaming media channel from Nintendo with no new Japanese WiiWare or VC content, this week we're back to the standard 7 releases.

Most of these are catching up with the NA/EU territories, but there's a couple of new titles in there as well including one that just may interest some of our regular readers...

The three Art Style games get released in one batch (amazing they weren't already out there, but they are inspired by GBA games that were exclusively released in Japan not too long ago) for 600 points each.

The title that has already garnered some attention is Contra Re-Birth for 1000 points. You can expect some first impressions from me before the end of the week on that one!

On the VC front we have the VCA release of Tower of Druaga for 800 points, Sim Earth for the PC Engine CD, also at 800 points and finally a Famicom game from Technos: Downtown Special: Its Kunio's Period Piece, Assemble Everyone! (the sequel to River City Ransom) for the usual 500 points.

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KeeperBvK said:

"and finally a Famicom game from Technos that appears to be some kind of side-scrolling action game set in medieval Japan for the usual 500 points."

And why aren't you telling us its name?



jhuhn said:

The other VC game from Technos is titled "Downtown Special: Its Kunio's Period Piece, Assemble Everyone!"



Objection said:

7 releases...they sure do get it good. I hope we get Contra ReBirth soon. It looks pretty nice.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Welcome back from your holiday trip! Having much fun?

The Famicom game's original title is: "Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shūgō!". I suppose that Nintendo has spared the Art Style games to celebrate the 100th landmark on their Japanese WiiWare service (these are titles no. 99-101). I will also download Contra ReBirth (title no. 102) on Tuesday like you.



MrLopez said:

YESZ!!! Contra!! We need more Contra!! Please release it in Europe!! (Please call it contra lol)



KDR_11k said:

Random information: Kunio-kun is the name of the franchise that River City Ransom comes from.



Bass_X0 said:

The Probotector name died a long time ago. The series has been named Contra in Europe since the PlayStation 1 days.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I await your impressions Sean. Hopefully they will arrive soon (unlike the Excitebots review ).



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

@Jhuhn "The other VC game from Technos is titled "Downtown Special: Its Kunio's Period Piece, Assemble Everyone!""

Yeah. It's sequel to River City Ransom, and it is set to medieval japan. Plays pretty much same way as RCR, although it does also have some unfortunate slowdown. It was never released in the west.



Knux said:

Dang,Nintendo must hate Americans and Europeans.
7 titles!? The Japanese are catching up ? Yeah,right.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm actually not back from my holiday until Wednesday, but the update was "light" so I was able to do a quick write-up. I figured that Famicom game was the River City Ransom sequel, but the medieval setting threw me off. I also just didn't have time to get every frickin' kanji character translated so rather than a borked translation I figured a quick description would be faster.


And for what it's worth a contact I have at the Nintendo UK support centre says that getting the VC content up is more involved than we would think and they're hoping to improve the release schedule (hopefully that's not a reference to the recent 1+1 updates), so hopefully we'll get some lovin' too. Nice to know the Nintendo CS folk read Nintendo Life!



Knux said:

@Sean Aaron
So Nintendo of Europe reads Nintendo Life? Good,but I don't think Nintendo of America does!



JTC-Pingas said:

I hate Japan. They get like 4 VC games per Tuesday. Why can't North America get lots of VC games per Monday?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@TwilightV: Sure, they have a lot more games, but a lot of their recent releases have been games other regions already had, like three Art Style and Tower of Druaga this week.

@Sean Aaron: Of course they say that getting VC games up is more involved than we would think! They're assuming we don't think very much (which is probably true of a lot of Nintendo's consumer base nowadays, but not ALL of us!).

Still, if they say they hope to improve the release schedule, that's at least an acknowledgment that it's SUCKED lately. It's a start...



subzerobf said:

Nintendo prejiduce, newsflash Nintendo, we bring in most of the sales give us the 7 downloads.



Adamant said:

(Dammit guys, stop being angry at japan. Not only do they make the games in the first place, they also get pretty much the same games we get, plus some other Japan-exclusives you most likely wouldn't care about anyway. You're not missing out on anything)

Jidaigeki isn't really that good. It's an attempt at revamping the prequel and put it in a new setting, but it comes out as a pretty failed experiment. Look into it if the idea of a sequel interests you, but don't expect too much.



odd69 said:

i hate the fact that japan gets all the great stuff and we get total garbage for the most part. i've bit my lip for way to long. it's annoying to come hear and read about how awesome wiiware is in japan and then monday rolls around and you bet it , we get more shovelware or total utter crap.



City_Of_Delusion said:

@16: No, it means the folks in Codestorm House read Nintendo Life. Am I right?

Although how hard can tying an emulator, a ROM and an electronic manual together be?



Kevin said:

They're doing a contra rebirth? Sweet! Hopefull this means we'll eventually see the original on the VC.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Adamant: That's not exactly a practical solution, y'know.

As for Japan-exclusive games "you most likely wouldn't care about anyway," I have this to say: Goemon. They have SEVERAL entries in the series on VC that were never released here, and I'm still VERY jealous of that fact. I'm sure that's not the only thing on their VC I'd be interested, but it does come to mind most easily.

@City Of Delusion: I doubt that's the hard part. Licensing is probably being more of a problem than it should be, even for games that aren't generally classified as "licensed."



Adamant said:

It's not a practical solution, no, but come on - you must've been incredibly delusional to not know, from the point the VC was announced, that Japan would be getting more games than anyone else. The supported consoles each have massive libraries of Japan-only games, many of them text-heavy, that would never be released here. The non-Japan exclusives simply aren't that numerous (and they do exist - we got Star Tropics, for instance), so of course they're getting more games than us. Nintendo aren't going to NOT release certain games in Japan just to keep the number of VC games stable worldwide.
If it really bothers people so much that Japan gets more VC games than them, they should've imported a Japanese Wii to begin with, thus getting access to all these wonderful text adventures they can't understand.

Seriously, whining about Japan getting more VC games is just pathetic. Grow up.



Sean_Aaron said:

Adamant is right. I'd say if it's that big a deal check out eBay and try to find yourself an unmodded Japanese Wii or save your pennies and get a new one. The downloadables alone are worth it (I only have a few disc releases) and so many of these titles were only released in Japan they'd have to do months of Hanabi festivals to make up for it.

There are games released in the West that never make it over there as well; somewhere there's a balance!



Ratengo said:

In overall, the Japanese VC is much better for retrogamers like me (I have also a few disc releases) but it’s true that there are pretty many text-heavy games (2 or 3 Strategy/RPGs are released per month) or pure poopy games (like Bokosuka Wars or Takeshi’s Challenge) to avoid. Games sometimes get better ports on the VC and what if I already paid for an inferior version…?!

Currently, I’m lucky to be able to play Contra ReBirth within seven hours instead of waiting until… um, next year...! Let say if the game comes to Europe at all.



Ratengo said:

Contra ReBirth is a pretty fun game but rather short. Yeah, Konami did it again…! There are five stages in total, plus the final boss battle on the moon (not available in the easy mode). There are four modes in total (easy, normal, hard and nightmare, which is unlocked after clearing the hard mode) and I have already managed to finish the game six times (3 x easy, 2 x normal and 1 x hard).

There are four playable characters and you can play as either Bill or Yagyu from the beginning. After clearing the easy mode, the female robot Tsugu-Min will be unlocked and after the normal mode, the um… blue-coloured lizard named Plissken becomes free to play. Fun fact: A picture on some Hitler look-alike guy, who acts as a leader, will pop up between stage 2 and 3.

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