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  • US 7th Sep 2009, 1,000 points
  • EU 4th Sep 2009, 1,000 points
  • JP 12th May 2009
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  • Review Contra ReBirth (WiiWare)

    Still separating the men from the boys.

    The Contra series has always been one of gaming's greats: incredibly simple yet fun gameplay, top-notch design, and of course, what the games are most known for, a hard-as-nails difficulty level. After multiple failed attempts to create a good 3D Contra game, the DS recently got a brilliant new 2D entry that,...

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  • News Emulation Specialist M2 Discusses Future Development Plans For Nintendo Switch

    Retro revival

    M2 is best known in recent years for handling Sega’s 3D Classics line on the 3DS and modernising iconic series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Out Run and Fantasy Zone. Having now made the transition across to the Switch, the developer recently sat down with

  • Rumour Konami Is Bringing Its WiiWare ReBirth Series To Switch

    Castlevania, Contra and Gradius could all be coming to the eShop

    WiiWare wasn't exactly inundated with quality games but it had a few solid-gold gems, three of which were part of Konami's ReBirth series. Developed by emulation experts M2, Gradius ReBirth, Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth and Contra ReBirth adopted a classic 16-bit visual style and...

  • Nintendo Download Rebirths, Colours, Jedi and Clubhouses (US)

    Contra and Star Wars return, and bring along two other games.

    Not many surprises this week - Both WiiWare releases were already announced in advance, and the Virtual Console game was expected to be released this week as well. The only surprise is the sole DSiWare release, but we can't imagine anyone being genuinely excited for it! Contra ReBirth is...

  • News Contra ReBirth Coming To America This Monday

    Konami confirms that the classic franchise will be available on Labor Day.

    While the chaps reading Nintendo Life over on the fairer side of the Atlantic were blessed with the news that they would be getting Contra ReBirth on September 4th, those of us in North America were left wondering when we would be able to get our hands on Bill Rizer and Lance...

  • Nintendo Download Contra Rebirth, Dictionary 6 in 1 (EU)

    A very underwhelming week for Europe.

    Aside from the previously announced Contra Rebirth things in Europe this week are pretty abysmal - Just one other new downloadable thing and it's another DSiWare application with highly limited use! Contra Rebirth is almost bound to be a great pick - It seems very similar to Contra III/Super Probotector on the...

  • News Contra is Reborn in Europe Tomorrow

    Finally a new Contra game for Europeans!

    It's been a long time since a new Contra game was released in Europe - Although an awesome game, Contra 4 on DS never made the jump to European stores. What made this even weirder is the fact that it actually included the European Probotector robots as unlockable characters! Thankfully this latest installment...

  • News Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe

    DRiiFT MANIA this month, Contra Rebirth in August.

    Konami already released Gradius Rebirth in Europe yesterday, but that won't stop them from releasing another game this month! To top things off, next month they'll be releasing a completely new Contra game which Japan has already been enjoying for a while. DRiiFT MANIA, which will be released later...

  • First Impressions Contra ReBirth


    Remember Contra? After Green Beret (Rush 'N' Attack to Americans) it was the definitive run-and-gun game from Konami which saw two games in the arcade and ports and sequels on home consoles. I cannot say I ever played the latter, but the former I remember well. Despite being punishingly difficult (to me, anyway) there was...

  • News Watch Contra ReBirth In Action

    Explosions, shooting and hilarious-looking storyline accounted for

    Announced mere days ago, the wait for Contra ReBirth could hardly be described as excruciating for owners of a Japanese Wii. Everyone else, on the other hand, will have to make due with excited air-punches and YouTube videos to get their fix until the title is unleashed in their...

  • Nintendo Download 12 May 2009 (Japan)

    This week sees some catching up and another Rebirth!

    After last week's focus on the new streaming media channel from Nintendo with no new Japanese WiiWare or VC content, this week we're back to the standard 7 releases. Most of these are catching up with the NA/EU territories, but there's a couple of new titles in there as well including one that...

About The Game

Explosive, action-packed shooter for 1 or 2 players! Take control of the Contra soldier Bill Rizer or samurai Genbei Yagyu and protect Earth from an alien invasion.

Arm yourself with powerful weapons and blast your way through hordes of deadly enemies and gigantic bosses. Destroy the evil Chief Salamander and his Neo-Salamander Force!


  • A new episode in Konami’s cult shooting game series
  • Play with 1 or 2 players
  • Choose from 2 playable characters: Bill Rizer and Genbei Yagyu
  • 5 action-packed stages with deadly enemies and massive bosses
  • 3 difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, HARD
  • Weapons include standard machine gun, shot gun, homing missiles and laser