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Nintendo 'Not So Green' Based on Environmental Report

Posted by Renato Velarde

Greenpeace puts Nintendo in last place for green practices, but are any waggling hands listening?

On March 31st Greenpeace released its annual “guide to Greener Electronics” in an adorable easy to read meter format, which lists from 1 (worst) to 10 (best) a rating for the most green of the market leading electronics companies.

Guess who came in 1st place? Oops, that’s not first place that’s last place with a rating of one…. Actually at a score of 0.8 that puts Nintendo a little less than one to be dead last.

There are many sections of the report that Nintendo had no information for. Regarding E-waste Nintendo scored all zeros by not providing any system of voluntary take-back for used hardware or any reports on amounts of e-waste collected or recycled. Basically this means if and when anyone is done using their hardware Nintendo takes no responsibility for where those electronics go. But that shouldn’t be a big deal, because not many people have Nintendo hardware right now anyway, right?

They were tight lipped about things like amounts of renewable energy used, energy efficiency of new models, use of recycled plastics and timelines for increasing such usage. The company line is that they aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 2% over each previous year but in fact increased emissions by 6% in 2006 due to an increase in business.

To be fair companies like Microsoft didn’t fare much better with a 2.7 and Sony at 5.5 and they also deal in many other types of products.

This isn’t to say that GreenPeace is a definitive source for this type of measure of environmental accountability but the full report is a rather comprehensive and well organized document, and probably doesn’t look very good for any of them.

The question is, does this kind of report actually influence many consumers’ purchasing decisions? For many of us, no, but I think it’s worth considering the so-called ‘new’ market of ‘casual gamers’ that seem to be driving sales for Nintendo right now and what their priorities might be. The report also fails to note that many old Nintendo consoles are still in active use thanks to the huge 'retro' market.


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Wiiloveit said:

Not again! I doubt this will change many peoples minds about the Wii though - after all, when switched on, it uses around a tenth of what the 360 and PS3 use!



zappajustin said:

Good for Nintendo. Greenpeace is an activist commie group, that has no real standing in the world anyway. Plus, I'm sick of this "Go Green" stuff anyway, which most of it is myth or not provable. Either way, once Nintendo sells a product to the consumer... the consumer not Nintendo is responsible for it. The consumer can do what he wishes with it. Nintendo consoles will be in reuse for years and years, and people resell when they are bored(yeah right) with it anyway. Wasn't it Nintendo who allowed the Captain Planet game on the NES anyway? "Not So Green" my butt... Only a superhero with a green mullet can save the environment and the NES had it. Now only if Al Gore would grow a green mullet, then we'd believe him.



Adam said:

Well, I already bought my Wii and would have anyway if I'd seen this report first, but it's still disappointing.



accc said:

Nintendo's rolling in more green than all those companies combined.



Ren said:

Nothing a little good PR can't fix. I agree with posts here, but I still believe all the recent "Green" talk goes pretty far with the 'soccer mom' demographic who are buying Wii's by the truckload so they ought to be a little cautious about how they handle stuff like this.



greyelephant said:

lame. I too sick of all this "green" talk. Just wait and see how much "going green" is really going to cost people. Then we'll see how many people are on board.



jpfan1989 said:

Its good to know that I'm not the only one is sick of all this "going green" garbage! way to go Nintendo!



AVahne said:

these people are definitely weirdos,they fail to mention that the Wii also uses the least energy out of all the current gen consoles



Stuffgamer1 said:

Everybody with a brain is sick of this "green" crap! It's nothing but a propaganda campaign waged against those with no intelligence, and I will not be swayed.

It's worth noting that the company at the bottom of this chart is raking in the dough like no other. What does this tell us about "going green"? It's bad for business, maybe?



gameking23 said:

Who cares if a Nintendo is not "green" any way. Cause when I bought a Nintendo Wii I did not buy it to so call "save the planet" from global warming, sun storms, and lets not forget Al Gore. I bought my Wii because they are fun to play, of course saving the world from Al Gore would have been a nice feature. lol



Adam said:

@15 This chart is not a comparison of video game consoles. It is a comparison of electronics companies. This means that Sony and Microsoft are judged by all their other electronics, not just their game systems, as NintendoLife points out. And it's not just the products that are being judged but also the companies' methods, such as waste removal and such at their production sites.

@16 (and others) Is it worth noting that the company at the bottom is earning the most in the video game market? Going green has nothing to do with what is right for business, just what is right for the environment. Whether you believe in going green is another story altogether, but it is a completely irrelevant criticism to say that going green is a poor choice because it's bad for business. The goal in reducing CO2 emissions and non-recyclable materials is not to foster commerce but to protect the environment. Green Peace's diagram has nothing to with whether it's good for business or the fact that Nintendo's business is prospering.



CueZee said:

While I agree that this shouldn't change anyone's about purchasing a Wii, the "anti-green" posts just REEK of fanboyism. Anyone who thinks that the enviroment is in fine condition and that we should just sit back and watch it destroy itself by ignoring groups like these needs to get their face out of their video games for ONE MINUTE and do some factual research. And I'm not even talking about over-the-top crap like Global Warming, I'm just talking about making the planet a little more bearable for future generations (if any of you people are even capable of such a thing).



seanehawk said:

This "GO GREEN" crap has to end. Based on the other comments somebody finnally agrees.



CueZee said:

I haven't seen any points backing up this "GOING GREEN IS A LIE" nintendo fanboyism, so I think I'll leave it at the simple fact that some people just fear reality.



Ren said:

yes, I think it's a little sad that people are so quick to jump on how it affects commerce and ignore the point of the document here. I agree the "going Green" mantra conjured up by mass media is a little shallow and reeks of a money driven fad, but that doesn't mean that true environmental responsibility is irrelevant or unneccesary. People exploit the "green" thing for marketing purposes, but improper waste managment, and environmental degradation are real issues indeed that do need addressing. Lets not be all "Thats stupid, what a bunch of quacks!". Denial is not cute.



gameking23 said:

This whole "Going green save the Planet from Global Warming" is a bunch of lies. For example this past winter was one of the coldest winters on record so much for Global Warming. As 4 being responsible with how we dispose of stuff like electronics should be handled responsible. To bad it costs so much to do so.



SupermarketZombies said:

I remember Nintendo scoring low on a similar report last year, not because they had any particular infractions, just because they refused to give the required information. I don't really care that much to be honest. The Green movement is a hollow sham for big bucks. A major component to solar panels contributes exponentially more to the green house gas effect than CO2 but that doesn't really get talked about too much now does it?



Jockolantern said:

What SupermarketZombies and Stuffgamer1 said is absolutely correct. The so-called "Green Movement" is revealing itself to be exactly what I've known it to be for as many years as Al Gore has been trying to convince us that the ManBearPig of man-made global warming exists in the apocalyptic state he preaches: just another money-making hoax bloated with fearsome propoganda and empty factual basis. I'll keep my money going to the entertainment and technology sources --like Nintendo-- who I think deserve it. Anyone with half a brain shouldn't buy into what screwballs like Greenpeace are selling; they should, however, buy into what video game console manufacturers are selling. Go "gaming," not "green." ^_~



MrDanger88 said:

It's like Greenpeace and PETA take turns in a game to see which group can be the biggest joke.



timp29 said:

Wow, environmental debate on a video games website. Now I've seen it all.

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