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Mon 30th Mar 2009

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CueZee commented on Nintendo 'Not So Green' Based on Environmental...:

While I agree that this shouldn't change anyone's about purchasing a Wii, the "anti-green" posts just REEK of fanboyism. Anyone who thinks that the enviroment is in fine condition and that we should just sit back and watch it destroy itself by ignoring groups like these needs to get their face out of their video games for ONE MINUTE and do some factual research. And I'm not even talking about over-the-top crap like Global Warming, I'm just talking about making the planet a little more bearable for future generations (if any of you people are even capable of such a thing).



CueZee commented on Review: Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame (WiiWare):

I'm not even going to TRY to get involved in AlexSays little vocabulary game. All I can say is anyone who thinks that the Wii had enough space before the much needed SD card update is either a die-hard fanboy or just doesn't bother with WiiWare or N64 games at ALL. I only have a very small handful of games and still had to spend 15 minutes shuffling them around between the console and card everytime I wanted to play something different (before the update, everything works out fine now). To be honest I couldn't even keep a single one of the free nintendo channels for this reason.