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United States

Thu 2nd Apr 2009

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zappajustin commented on Nintendo 'Not So Green' Based on Environmental...:

Good for Nintendo. Greenpeace is an activist commie group, that has no real standing in the world anyway. Plus, I'm sick of this "Go Green" stuff anyway, which most of it is myth or not provable. Either way, once Nintendo sells a product to the consumer... the consumer not Nintendo is responsible for it. The consumer can do what he wishes with it. Nintendo consoles will be in reuse for years and years, and people resell when they are bored(yeah right) with it anyway. Wasn't it Nintendo who allowed the Captain Planet game on the NES anyway? "Not So Green" my butt... Only a superhero with a green mullet can save the environment and the NES had it. Now only if Al Gore would grow a green mullet, then we'd believe him.