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Konami: VC Arcade Support and WiiWare Life Force

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Another big developer jumps on the VCA bandwagon!

Before publishers rerelease their old games on VC, they're required to renew the trademarks for them - a bunch of classic Konami trademarks appeared today, which seems to indicate they're going to be releasing arcade games as well!

Konami has registered these new VC-related trademarks:

  • Green Beret (Arcade or NES, retitled Rush'n Attack in the US)
  • Gyruss (Arcade or NES)
  • Meikyuu Jiin Dababa (FDS)
  • Life Force (Arcade - It has to be, the NES version's already available!)
  • Salamander (The Japanese title for Life Force)
  • Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Arcade - It also has to be, because Japan has the NES version already.)

But that's not all! There's also a trademark for Salamander ReBirth, indicating that Gradius ReBirth wasn't a one-off - Life Force is getting a new game as well!

If that's not enough, Namco has registered two classic trademarks as well - They'll be rereleasing the arcade games Baraduke and Galaxian - Galaga's predecessor!

Of course, there's no official announcements on any of these games just yet - But if they're made, we'll inform you immediately.


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Sean_Aaron said:

Ooooh, great news!

Salamander ReBirth would be great as a mish-mosh of Salamander and Salamander 2 (though one would assume new stuff as well, given there's only been two games?).

Gyruss and Green Beret? Excellent.

Baraduke, wooooo!



Dazza said:

@Sean - Never mind all that. I demand Parodius ReBirth!

On VCA I would quite like to see Hyper Sports, make it so Konami.



Chatham said:

Hey all, I've been meaning to make an account for the longest time. But I've always used hotmail and it was too much of a hassle to make a new email just for this site.

Anyways... Anyone remember that Konami was responsible for the old 4-P Simpsons arcade game? Is there hope!?!

^It sucks, my friend and I found The Simpsons arcade cabinet in a bowling alley yesterday... And only one of the player's buttons worked! It ate 3 of my quarters! I think Konami has to release it now so I never have to deal with a broken arcade cabinet ever again.



Moai_Head said:

Salamander ReBirth, hell yes! My Japanese Wii is used almost solely for playing Gradius ReBirth, so I guess I should wait until that gets a PAL release before I get too excited, but still...



Adam said:

Wow, what awesome news. So many arcade titles announced... and so little actually being released. What on earth is Nintendo up to?
Salamander ReBirth is perhaps the best news. I enjoyed Gradius ReBirth, but without co-op it has limited replay value to me.



The_Fox said:

The more developers the better, but I'd still like to see some late 80's/early 90's arcade titles as well.



Ricardo91 said:

GASP! Could this mean we can get... The Simpsons and Turtles in Time? Ohhhhhh yus!

The Wiiware Life Force sounds cool too. I still need to get the original on VC. Hopefully it'll have more current-day graphics this time.



Atlantis1982 said:

First off, lack of TMNT Arcade is a sad thing, but I think I will just blame NoA; not Ubisoft...i'll blame them later.

Second, does it really matter? By the time we get to anything that we actually want; it will take a long time to get them. Honestly, NoA/E needs to step up their game if more and more companies are wanting in the VCA fun stuff.



Chatham said:


I know how you feel. But I'm pretty sure companies won't want to release these games if they are released with 10+ other arcade releases in that week. Kinda floods the market. I look back at my VC collection and realize I wouldn't have DLed half the stuff I have if some of the titles I've been waiting for were already availible.



Sean_Aaron said:

I can see not flooding the market, but I think they can do better than 1 or 2 every other week! How about four!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I bet Corbie and doing a little dance right now

I want a Star Parodier ReBirth. Man, that was fun (and adorable) game.



Wrenski said:

This is seriously cool. I'm not even a huge shooter fan (though if one is really distinctive like Lords of Thunder I'm all over it), but I love seeing old franchises getting new life on WiiWare. Like someone else said, hopefully Parodius is next.

Maybe Konami can enlist WayForward again and get a Contra Rebirth, I'm sure it'd perform better on WiIWare since most people with a Wii and who buy stuff off the shop are huge retro fans anyway.



xesbeth said:

Contra Rebirth....Salamander Rebirth....Parodius Rebirth....Rhaaa lovely!

But with Nintendo and their poopy releases (especially for europe), no way, it would be too hard for my mind....



anthonyb said:

Contra ReBirth would be nice. But I wouldn't wait for such a release. Just go play some Contra 4.

Can't wait for Life Force ReBirth! This is what I actually wanted when downloading Gradius! We need a new co-op shooter.



Rapadash6 said:

I hope with Konami on board the arcade scene, we might get the arcade Turtles games. I'd also like to try out the Castlevania arcade game, Haunted Castle, even though I hear it's pretty terrible.



Adamant said:

商願2009-013574 goonies wannabes

Chance of the NES Goonies games on VC?



Drake said:

@ Adamant: Yeah, I'm not sure about that one, seems like an odd license to rerelease/make a sequel to. It's pretty popular in Japan though for some reason.



xesbeth said: there will be a Salamander Rebirth...

Good, if Konami officialize this, I predict that Europe will get it in 2 years!



PopeReal said:

Gyruss and Yie Air Kung-Fu owe me quarters. Lots of em....

loved those games and these are the first must buys for me on the VC.



vherub said:

my friend and I spent countless hours when we were kids trying to beat rush n' attack, we could never get past the 3rd level.



Drake said:

@ Outrunner: Yup, but only in Japan. The original Gradius has a TGCD port as well, which is on Japan's VC together with the NES version.



Corbs said:

Yep. Salamander Rebirth would be at the top of my list. I love Salamander 1 & 2. But I'd love to see a new Parodius game as well. And Twinbee. : )



Outrunner said:

@Drake: Oh ok. I just wondered if maybe they might've been releasing that. Maybe Hanabi? I hope it is the arcade version though. It looks promising with all those other titles being up.



WolfRamHeart said:

Does this mean that we will only get the arcade version of Rush 'n Attack? I hope not because that is already available on XBLA. The music on the NES version is some of the best Konami has to offer; it ranks up there with Castlevania and Contra in my opinion. This is one of the main games I have been waiting for on Virtual Console and I will not download the arcade version if that is all we get. Does anyone know if we might possibly get the NES version of Rush 'n Attack instead?



GooniesFan said:

well hopefully the will have the simpsons arcade game,rush and attack from the arcade,and maybe tmnt...i see its on another arcade live already..wonder why its not on the wii virtual console yet....just like popeye was by nintendo..why wouldnt it already be a arcade game on the wii..hmmm



Nadroc516 said:

Teenage mutant ninja turtle arcade game would be awesome.
will they ever do it?
since its a game i actually like
probably not v.v



Chunky_Droid said:

The more support the better IMO. Just wish the licensing wasn't an issue for the vast majority of Konami's Arcade games we want



Ferret75 said:

I hope the arcade version of Life Force/Salamander is different than the NES version, as I bought that. =

But Life Force Rebirth, woot!



Outrunner said:

Oh, I forgot to say... ahem... WHY ISN'T GRADIUS REBIRTH IN EUROPE YET?/??!!1111!



Other than PopeReal, there doesn't seem to be a lot of love for Yie Ar Kung Fu. I never cared for any of the home ports at all, but the original arcade Yie Ar Kung Fu is fun and I just LOVE the character designs and the outstanding spritework. For a simple arcade fighter from 1985, it sure has personality.

Unfortunately, the game lacks 2P and you can only play as Oolong, and that's only been remedied in the GBA version, where you can play as EVERYBODY in the new 2P mode, and they even add two brand new characters, Bishoo and Clayman. We had to wait a LONG ass time to play as those guys and battle our friends, so you can hopefully understand just how epic these additions were.

I don't know if any of that is in the DS port, since nobody seems to have an answer. The XBLA port apparently lacked the GBA's extras, and it wasn't well received to boot.

Unfortunately, it mostly makes an arcade port obsolete. What they need to do is take a few cues from what they did with the GBA version and start releasing that. I'm sure only the greatest purists would object.

As for the Salamander games, they kick ass and it'll be cool to have them on the arcade. But don't think I'm not still pissed at you for being stingy on collections, Konami. >: (



Ricardo91 said:

I don't care which version gets released. Yie Ar Kung Fu sucks no matter what version.



GooniesFan said:

now hopefully taito..will release games like superman...the 1988 arcade game...was very good actually..use to play it at chuck e cheese all the still surprised arkanoid isnt on the vc channel either....or kung fu master........sunset riders was a great game too the arcade version..home version for 16 bit nintendo was ok..but not as good..too bad sega doesnt release quack shot or micky mouse and the castle of illusion..rambo 3 or ghostbusters...maybe sometime..or even put them out on a disc to play..seems like they are making us wait..or how about the aliens exterminaton arcade game..thats a awesome game..imagine that on ur!!!!!



Betagam7 said:

Great to see Life Force arcade coming. Was put off by the 50hz PAL NES version but the arcade version sounds the perfect way to complete my VC Gradius collection



Cheezy said:

Hopefully we get another Twinbee and Parodius on WiiWare, too! And hopefully they bring Xexex to VC Arcade.



Mayhem said:

Well you do spend a lot of the time jumping about in that game

Oh and that should be Green Beret - released in the US as Rush 'n Attack (it was still called Green Beret here in the UK).



StarDust4Ever said:

With all this great news, I just hope they start upping production to more than one game per week



slangman said:

Not sure about the other titles, but the Arcade version of Life Force would be fantastic. No need to bother waiting for the crippled 50hz NES version on VC now. Salamander Rebirth sounds quite cool too.



^ Umm... yeah. Sure buddy. They'll just put the arcade version of it. Just like on Xbox Live Arcade. I recommend you start waiting, and don't buy any Wii games until they do. It'll make the wait shorter.



Drake said:

Symphony of the Night will only happen if the Sega Saturn is added to VC. Which isn't likely since Sega doesn't know how to emulate it.



GooniesFan said:

so does anyone know what games are coming to the vc or arcade section this monday? we should get like 4 games a week..i dont see why they cant do it..why make people wait..there making some money off all of this



Drake said:

Then you don't understand what VC Arcade is. It's exclusively arcade games, and SotN is not an arcade game.



Party_On_Dude said:

All I can say is...
Way back when it was 2007, & the only TMNT game released back in April was the first NES one; I was eagerly awaiting for the 2nd TMNT2:TAG for the NES... yet it never came for months on end until I gave up by 2008 came around!
Nice memories though; wishfully thinking TMNT2 would ever come out back then!

But now with 2009's release of VC Arcade games, maybe by the end of the year, or the years to come... Konami might have a hold of the TMNT license!

Then they could possibly give us the other TMNT games on the VC here in NA!

That'll be the day I rejoice with my happy dance; of long years of waiting for my beloved classic TMNT games from the NES & SNES on the Wii!



Kotai said:

Salamander Rebirth... now we can play to nemesis online several stages of gradius and salamander. You can see in youtube videos of nemesis online and download free game and stage editor for make new stages.



Pepe said:

Konami, what about Jackal (NES) and Contra Force (NES)
These are games that should be on the virtual console!!!

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