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USA WiiWare Update: Groovin' Blocks

Posted by Damien McFerran

Just one WiiWare title to savour this week and it’s the seriously swingin’ puzzle title Groovin’ Blocks, from Empty Clip Studios.

A head-spinning puzzle title with a musical twist, Groovin’ Blocks certainly looks interesting but has this rookie developer gotten off to a winning start? As always, our review will reveal all. The game retails for a very reasonable 800 Wii Points, in case you were wondering.

We recently spoke exclusively to Empty Clip Studios - why not check out the interview for more information on the game?

Here’s the press release:

Groovin' Blocks: A music-based game like no other, Groovin' Blocks adds innovative musical game play to an addictive action/puzzle game foundation. Play to the rhythm of the music to increase your score, and try to hit "Superbeats" to double your multiplier. Go for the high score in each of the 27 stages as you collect stars to unlock 15 levels of power-ups. Groovin' Blocks features three skill levels, from the accessible Casual to the fiendish Hard mode. Play with your friends in co-op mode or against them head-to-head. Head-to-head brings it up a notch as the power-ups now become attacks on your opponent. Play head-to-head with people of all skill levels using a golf-style handicapping system.

Over in the realm of the Virtual Console we’ve been treated to two awesome PC Engine imports – scrolling blaster Final Soldier and the dangerously camp Cho Aniki.

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

And first comment ftw!

I've been here but I haven't had a chance to log in, especially with my email getting problems. But anyway, it's great to be back (even though I never left). Heh heh.

I'm interested to read the review when it comes out. Who knows. This may end up being a hidden gem. If so, that'll be great to see.



mrchillz said:

you cant play other people over the internet like in dr mario? that'd be cool. id still get it regardless.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Good call lordbowser. 800 is just the right price for this game, I think. I was worried it would be 1000, but those 200 points really makes a difference when it comes to feeling like you're getting a good deal. I'll probably pick this up as long as the review isn't terrible.



Corbs said:

Hey Daz - while you were being groovy,someone stole your "1up" tag on your avatar.



Dazza said:

LOL someone stole your sickle and gave you a Dreamcast styled lollypop!



siavm said:

This game is pretty good. The only problem I have with it is that some of the colors are hard tell the difference between.



Dazza said:

@siavm - Check out the game options, there is a colour blind mode, so you can focus on different shapes rather than the colour of the tiles



Wiiloveit said:

Nice. Too many games forget about disabilities these days. The colourblind mode should keep many a peoples happy.
As for the game, I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I'll wait for the review. And the EU release.

Oh - and no MaBoShi. [sarcasm] Isn't it a shame us Europeans get something good that you Americans don't? [/sarcasm]

Edit: what's with all the avatar changing anyways. In this thread alone, there's Dazza, Mr Cheez and Corbie (and me, if you are counting avatar changiness within the past few weeks). The only conclusion I can jump to is that there must be a revolution going on soon. Maybe involving mushrooms and lollipops. Or maybe I just spend too much time surfing this 'site instead of my own...



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Colour blind mode? That is awesome, pure and simple. It's very nice to see a developer actually considering things like that. Hmm...



WiiBoy said:

But Colour blind mode was also in pOp and in the most puzzle games -> Meteos (different icons), Columns (differnt diamonds and so on), Dr. Mario and Tetris (because the original GameBoy did not have any Colours) and PLÄTTCHEN too, of course ... with japanese kanji (which stands for the japanese word of the colour)...
What's new is that this game defines it as a 'colour blind mode'.

Where is the Review? I am waiting for it!



Wiiloveit said:

I don't recall pOp being really good for colour blind people, since the colours would (most likely) look mainly the same to those people. I think games that doe include options for colourblind and other disabled people should always state so on the packaging/description to be fair, and to make the features known as being colour blind-friendly.

Oh, and I'm seriously thinking that someone should start a tally every time you [WiiBoy] publicize Plattchen in your comment posts, but I think that they would probably get a bit tired out from it all!



fco said:

So? impresions so far, anyone? I'm still intrigued by what role plays the music on the gameplay exactly..



WiiBoy said:

@WiiloveitOnline: Maybe you are not informed right, but I think the Colour Blind Mode in pOp is a great thing because it changes eveything because of the dfferent shapes (cross, square, circle,...) the bubbles get. pOp is also (like PLÄTTCHEN) suitable for 1-handed people ... for this one you need both hands. =)

And if you would read all of my comments you know, that I am not talking about PLÄTTCHEN everytime - I just insert information if it suits the topic.



AlexSays said:

For this one you need both hands.
Yeahp, because I often need a free hand while playing video games.

Someone should start a tally every time you [WiiBoy] publicize Plattchen in your comment posts.
It's an overpriced game in a genre slap-full of quality titles.
It needs all the help it can get.
I'm just surprised it found a way to generate some hype on this site. Unless it's a really good game, I'm expecting everyone to be a little disappointed.
Let's not forget, I was one of the people who predicted the Eternity's Child fiasco.



Dazza said:

@x.SuperMario.x - You really do not take any prisoners do you?



Terra said:

Well, in all fairness Tides of Chaos, the VC games already had an audience and this game was only announced 3 days ago and WiiWare games that aren't new entries to classic series are just getting their audiences



AlexSays said:

Well I completely misread that...
Next time I'll pay a little more attention.

@ Dazza- I just call 'em as I see 'em.
I try to remain optimistic about every game though.
If Plättchen looks great when it comes out, I'll give it a go. If not, I'll just wait for Big Kahuna Party! Nobody's talking about it, but it looks like it'll be the same thing, but with an underwater theme. And hopefully cheaper!



slambert215 said:

Peggle has a colorblind mode too. It only adds symbols on the green pegs and purple pegs though COUGH COUGH PEGGLE COME TO WIIWARE COUGH COUGH.

Anyway Groovin blocks looks like a pretty good game and at 800 points is a good price.



Pegasus said:

Downloaded the game. Not bad; not bad at all. Granted, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

Playing to the beat is not as easy as it may seem. What effect does it have on the game? It furthers the build-up of the score multiplier (max x3 - x6 when successfully playing a superbeat) and the use of power-ups, which will vanish if you're off-beat. You only play as long as the particular song lasts, so there's definitely some pressure there not to dilly-dally if you want to increase your high score.

Oh, and in anything above casual difficulty there are not only three-tile stacks, but also four-tile squares, making it a bit more challenging. While the game may appear to borrow from Columns and Lumines it's quite unlike either.

I like it.



Mario64DStyle said:

This looks really interesting..
I'm debating to get it... I've just been spending a lot more money than I was planning to on WiiWare games... The amounts may be small for each game, but they really add up >_<..

Also.. I have a feeling Plattchen is going to collapse into itself just because of all the hype



Kawaiipikachu said:

I feel you pain too as its keep getting harder & harder to decide what to delete .
While i do have an SD card with all my games backedup on it but still we all need a storage solution .
Anyway i can't wait till this gamme gets released here in Australia .



worrybomb said:

Can't wait to read the review written by Corbie. I like Groovin' Blocks for the sole purpose that it kind of reminds me between a mix of Lumines and Columns. Still for my last 1,000 Wii Points I am saving it for Mega Man 9.



Kenji510 said:

Gonna go and download this game right now and play it too!
The gameplay and music looks cool, but yeah thats just me though, lol.



StarDust4Ever said:

@slambert215: Yeah, pOp also has a colorblind mode, too. I usually play with it enabled, because there are four colors in all, and I get circles, squares, diamonds. and hexagons rather than just circles. Not that I need it to tell apart the colors, but it gives the game more variety.



Virus said:

Eh, probably won't get this game unless I have some type of epiphany or something...I still hope WiiWare gets something beside these puzzle games or "short-play" games.

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