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A music-based game like no other, Groovin’ Blocks adds innovative musical game play to an addictive action/puzzle game foundation. Play to the rhythm of the music to increase your score, and try to hit “Superbeats” to double your multiplier. Go for the high score in each of the 27 stages as you collect stars to unlock 15 levels of power-ups.

Groovin’ Blocks features three skill levels, from the accessible Casual to the fiendish Hard mode. Play with your friends in co-op mode or against them head-to-head. Head-to-head brings it up a notch as the power-ups now become attacks on your opponent. Play head-to-head with people of all skill levels using a golf-style handicapping system.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is Groovin' Blocks really that groovy or is it more of a square?

Unless you've been stuck on a deserted island or in a coma for the past few months, you know that there's been a barrage of puzzle games released on the WiiWare service during its short time in existence. You can now add one more puzzler to the list with...

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Ziondood said:

hmmmm im not to interested
ill just have to wait and see a video to understand it a bit more



Kenji510 said:

Looks pretty cool and fun too... kinda of reminds me of that game LUMINES for the psp or ps3 if you played it before and it just looks like how it plays with the music too... ill prolly get it, my type of games i like and hopefully we get MaBoShI too! :D



Metal_Slime said:

I love how they've got the background on two axis, like how the table is flat and then the numbers are standing up on it. That looks cool.



CanisWolfred said:

Personally I'll just stick with Lumines. This looks alright, but why settle for less when you already have the best?



Manny said:

The song in the video sounds pretty sweet. If all the songs are as good or equal to, I will be getting this.



jeffo said:

7/10 a good score for this game. If you don't have Lumines already, this one is worth a look. If you love other falling block puzzlers like columns, take a look. The key is in dropping your blocks to the Rhythm of the music. I'm not a techno fan by any means, unless it's in a game (always works in sh'mups) and it works amazingly well here. The tracks are very listenable and they really start to change up the gameplay once you start getting the odd-time 3/4 stuff in there. The presentation and graphics are plain but pleasing, nontheless and work well enough.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

In light of some recent developments, I've decided that I'm definitely getting this now when I have more points. Can't wait.



Psydswipe said:

Going retail in the US as well. I just came here to check if it did really make it out on WiiWare. Guess it gets to be both WiiWare and retail.




I don't think it'll be wiiware in the Eu I'm afraid. Apparantly the retail game is not that bad, but still not really worthy a purchase. Dang!



Objection said:

I was really impressed with this. Got it for free and have played the first 6+ songs so far and really like the gameplay. :)

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