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Sonic on the Master System coming to Virtual Console?

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you don't know much about Sega and checked out the OFLC earlier today, you might have scratched your head wondering why Sonic the Hedgehog was rated again, after all, the Mega Drive version is already out on Virtual Console.

The interesting thing you might not know, however, is that there are three other games which are all also called Sonic the Hedgehog, meaning that most likely, one of them is bound for the Wii. It could be a port of the 3D Xbox 360/PS3 game, it could be the Master System game, which is most likely we think, or it could even be the Game Gear game. So while we aren't adding this to our coming soon list just yet, you can speculate away!

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DarkLloyd said:

yay first comment at 5:00 am. i read about again sonic game for wii that suppose to be a 3d side scrolling game a completely different version basically nothing like the ps3/360 version .



hansolo350 said:

@ BlackFira
I believe the game you are talking about is Sonic Unleashed, but it is going to be multiplatform and it is suppose to be very simular.

Isn't the GameGear game very close to the SMS version?



Danieru_Lynx said:

@hansolo350: I don't just believe it to be very close, I believe it to be a straight port.

Wasn't the Master System Sonic the Hedgehog that really hard one where each level was preceded by a map screen?

I'd be interested if I hadn't unlocked all of the Master System/Game Gear Sonic games on Sonic Adventure DX, :3



Kelvin said:

The Master System Sonic games were really good, just as strong as the Mega Drive versions in their own way, so I hope we'll be seeing them.

hansolo, the GG versions were slightly different. They had tweaked graphics, as I believe the GG had more colours than the MS, and the screen was more "zoomed in". The side-effect of the latter was that you had less visible playing area, so the games were a touch more difficult as you could not see what was coming as early as you could on the MS.



MVP said:

I still have it for the SMS and It still works, but the pads are a little damaged so maybe I´ll buy it.



Ry-Type said:

Loved Sonic 1 & 2 on the MS, both much harder and different than the megadrive games. Great soundtracks too.



AchubaNanoia said:

Excellent little game, as long as you bear in mind the plattaform it was released on! I still remember going to the stores and being amazed at it though, especially when you compare it to SMB 1 (yeah, Brazil was pretty much lacking in the videogame industry in 1992 )



Charco said:

I hope it is the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog. I was just playing it recently and the graphics and music are impressive for an 8bit game. It is significantly different enough to warrant a VC release IMO.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

The first Master System Sonic is very good, perhaps the systems best plattformer. I actually prefer it over the Mega Drive game, it´s less frustrating and not too hard. Good music too.



blackknight77 said:

I have the Sonic Mega Collection of Xbox. Its has the game gear version on Sonic. Is it the same as the Master System?

Anyway more Sonic= Good times



blackknight77 said:

@ 7th lutz Thanks
So technically I have played this already. Bring on Sonic Unleashed

You can't go wrong downloading a classic sonic game. Except the dreadful Sonic drift



Outrunner said:

The game gear version is not as good because the sprites are bigger and its harder to avoid obstacles because of the small screen.
This is a definite download for me.



7th_lutz said:

This would be great addition to the vc. I rather see Sonic on the vc then games like Great Football.

I own Sonic for the Master System. It is the best platformer on the Sms imo. The Sonic games for the Sms are pretty good.



Rexy said:

I believe this would be the Master System version potentially coming to the VC - what's the chance of a poor XBox360/PS3 game porting over to the Wii anyway, as well as handhelds appearing on the VC?

Whichever happens, I'm so in for this one. I'm actually a little peeved that it's not on either of the Sonic Collections on the GC, so this could be worth it if it ever comes over



RaviC said:

This one was obviously going to turn up. In the week that the Master System came to Virtual Console the shop channel said "The Master system was home to Alex Kidd, A special version of Sonic............" - So they must intend to put it on.



jackaroo said:

Ive got the game gear version but my game gear is broke now So i might get this despite beating it like 50 times when my game gear was working



Rapadash6 said:

Well this would be a pointless release, I think. Isn't this actually the Game Gear version of the game, which was basically just a scaled down port of the original Genesis game that's already available on Virtual Console? I know it had different levels, technically but I seem to remember most of them being 8-bit copies of the 16-bit originals. Honestly I couldn't care less if this game came out, but with as slow as the trickle of releases is now in North America, this would take a spot that could've been reserved for a much better game.



Kelvin said:

Rapadash6, the MS/GG Sonic games are very different to the MD versions. There are nods to the 16-Bit games with level names and some design elements, but otherwise they're completely different games.



slangman said:

Its very unlikely to be a Xbox-360 conversion of Sonic The Hedgehog since there is a new Sonic game coming out for the Wii known as Sonic Unleashed.

So it's likley to be the master system version then.



Jupiter_Adept said:

I'd rather work (sort of) than pay, so I'll just unlock it on Adventure. That's what I'm doing with Mega Collection too, and I have every non-hack Animal Crossing NES game.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Sweet. One of the first games I remember playing. It was built into my MS. I got my little sisters into games with this. Can't wait.

Hopefully it'll have component cable interlace mode, as (in Europe) the MD Sonic doesn't, so I can't play it.



Kreegs07 said:

The Sms version of this game would be great. If they game out with more Sms or GG versions of sonic games it would force the Sonic fans that have the mega collection to spend wii points on sonic games we couldnt get before.



jordanr said:

This was the very first game I owned. As Gavin said it was built into the Master System which was my first console

If they put it on the VC I would download it in a flash.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

For the love of god, no. The Wii does not need Sonic 06!

Anyhoo, its most likely the SMS game anyways. Least I hope it is. Don't con us out with the GG version Sega! ><



gamerwizz said:

I hope so sonic1 was the best platformer on the master system and way better than sonic1 on megadrive



classicmike said:

I am not sure which sonic game is better, the sms version or the md version? I never played either of them, I only played (even though I still have it) the gensis version with the 32x on it.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Sonic 2 had the mine cart and hang gliding in the rain levels didn't it? Epic game. I love nostalgia.



Bensei said:

A port from the StH 06 would be nice too, if they fix the bugs, but I guess it's the SMS version, since many hate the next gen sonic.

I never played that game, but all the reasons I heard about Sonic 06 being bad were the same reasons as in the former ones, and I never had problems with the camera or the Homing attack in the fromer ones.



Rexy said:

I haven't played it either, but I'm just assuming that the problems themselves are actually multiple times worse than they were in, say, Sonic Heroes for example.



Kelvin said:

classicmike, in my opinion, MS Sonic 1 is better than MD Sonic 1, but Sonic 2 on the MD is better.



Sharecrow said:

I would definitely be downloading the SMS version if it comes out. I haven't played it, but always wanted to...



Danieru_Lynx said:

You can unlock all of the Master System/Game Gear Sonic games by playing through Sonic Adventure DX for the GameCube, although this is a good release for anyone lacking in a GameCube/that game/the will to play through it enough to unlock said games.

I've already done so myself so I'll be fine on this one,



Viral said:

....This may be worth looking into when it does come out...

Rexy, living in the Northeast, Eaglescliffe for the win!



blackknight77 said:

@ Kelvin
I have a hard time believing the SMS version is better than the Genesis version. The original 16-bit Sonic is classic



Dazza said:

Sonic on the SMS has a certain charm. What it lacked in graphical grunt was more than made up for in playability I recall. Don't knock it until you try it



Rexy said:

@Danieru Lynx: Yes, but I haven't really been too particularly fond of the 3D Sonics, generally because they don't seem to hold enough polish in three dimensions in comparison to the sidescrolling counterparts. I'm actually reluctant to look into the Adventure titles for that reason



Kelvin said:

Tony, yes the original MD Sonic is indeed a classic, but the MS version, despite being graphically inferior (although not by much) is just a tad better, I think. Give it a try; you might be surprised.



Danieru_Lynx said:

@ Rexy: Well, I don't blame you there. I, personally, prefer the 2D Sonic games to the 3D ones. However, I still find the 3D games to be a good laugh, and I love some of the music from them. Sure, it isn't the orchestral mastery that Konami and Nintendo love to pump into their games, but it's still damn fun to listen to, :3

I may play through the Master System Sonic games now that everyone's discussing them. I'm rather tempted, XD



Rexy said:

If anything, the presentation is one of the few redeeming qualities about the 3D titles, so I'm with you concerning the music. Otherwise, I can barely get used to the idea of zooming really fast in a full 3D environment - more prone to mistakes than in a standard 2D title, where you could at least see what's ahead of you.



Ricardo91 said:

Is sonic SMS a completely different game than the genesis game, or more of a port?



Andrew said:

Though I have never played the Master System version of Sonic, I would definitely want to try it out.



Ricardo91 said:

This is the game I want most from the master system, next to Phantasy Star, of course. I read on wikipedia that you actually need to find the Chaos Emeralds in the levels instead of earning them in a bonus game. Definitely want to try it out.
Why is Nintendo neglecting that console so much? I mean c'mon, only 3 games? failed systems need love too...



AlphaNerd01 said:

I loved this game on the Game Gear... if this appeared on the VC, it'd be an instant download for me.



Jukka said:

first game i ever owned for a TV console. Can't wait for this one



PHANTOM93 said:

Call me crazy but I don't think that this Sonic the Hedgehog is the SMS version. While it is true that the MD and SMS versions of Sonic 1 were different, they aren't different enough to both be put out on the VC. Instead it may actually be a Sonic the Hedgehog Wiiware game. Again call me crazy but the specs for Wiiware would be perfect for a classic 2 or 2.5D Sonic.



yoda87960 said:

You know what other game has been rated..... EARTHBOUND! I had to wedge it in somewhere.



Terra said:

I'd pass on this as i have with other sonic games due to the fact that i own

A: Sonic Mega Collection, so i have all the Sonic games currently on the VC
B: Sonic Adventure DX, so i have i think all the Game Gear/Master System Games
C: Sonic Gems collection, if they ever add the Saturn or the Megadrive's CD add on, i wouldn't get the games.

The only game i would download is if Sega get 32X support on here and put up Knuckles Chaotix.

P.S. Can people please stop mentioning Earthbound in all these news threads? i know that many people, including myself are waiting for it to be released but it's rather irritating to see it so constantly unless there is a mention to it in the main article



Rexy said:

@Phantom93: Good logic, I never thought about a Sonic Wiiware game. From what I read concerning the publication for Mega Man 9, the Wiiware seems perfect for introducing modern "retro stuff" to the library, and a good Sonic sidescroller should go down really well here



Bensei said:

For me it's the opposite, while I really like the 3D games (except for Sonic Heroes because of that crappy story) I find the 2D games rather boring, they're not bad, but except for the Boss fights the whole game is pressing right and pushing A at the right time, which isn't really hard.

But that may be because I first played SA2 and then bought those collections



Adamant said:

" While it is true that the MD and SMS versions of Sonic 1 were different, they aren't different enough to both be put out on the VC."

Yes, they are. They're just as different as Sonic 1, 2 and 3 on the Mega Drive, and they put all of those on the VC. Completely different games, people.



Kazi777 said:

And to add to Adamant's point, even if the games were the same, they could care less about the consumer, they just want to get money from as much of their games as possible, look at the 2 WonderBoy titles that were released for VC that are nearly identical.



Rexy said:

@Bensei: I understand your point, but weren't most platformers back in the day all about holding right, jumping over obstacles and getting to the goal at the end? Plus, Sonic 3 (and to some extent Sonic & Knuckles) started to eradicate that feel altogether, and I'm sure that something with that kind of level design can be a decent choice to consider for a potential Wiiware Sonic title.



Terra said:

I had heard rumours of a Sonic WiiWare game but that was over a year ago and it was supposedly called "Sonic World Adventure" and was to be a 3rd part of the Adventure series. As it turns out, we now have Sonic Unleashed and that World Adventure was the previous name for Unleashed which was to be the 3rd part of the Adventure series previously. Oh well, maybe Sega will follow in Capcom's footsteps and do a true to the original Sonic Wiiware Exclusive game



BJ1 said:

@ ChocoDK
Not if it's for home consoles unless it's the old 2D games.

And for the record, Sonic doesn't need to go back to 2D because 2D is not for today's gaming market. Even though Unleashed will recapture the classic gameplay of the earlier titles, it will also be like the Sonic Adventure games, too. And it is still a 3D game.



Will said:

@BJ, you couldnt be more wrong. "More 2D Sonic is always a good thing =)" x1,000,000. Sonic DOES need to go back to his 2D roots cos all his 3D games suck! a lot! 2D not for todays gamer? are you nuts? What is SSBB only a 2D fighter (before you try and argue that, no, your wrong) I hope sonic unleashed is nothing like sonic adventure, and everything like his megadrive games. Sadly, Im prepared to be dissapointed.



Rexy said:

Can I also add Castlevania to the argument as well? It's another great example of a game which only transitions to 3D flat out sucked, and its sidescrollers - even if they're all on handhelds now - are still being welcomed today. Now will you tell me there's no room for 2D in today's market?



Adamant said:

Eh, while the 3D Castlevnia games were somewhat dissapointing, I wouldn't go so far as to say they sucked. Plus, the good old 2D platformers were better than this Metroidvania stuff Konami pukes out constantly nowadays anyway. Can we see them make a return, please?



Kazi777 said:

How can anyone think that the old 2D Castlevania's are better than the new 2D ones. zOMG dey were challenging, yeah because they controlled clunkily and had unfairly placed enemies and obstacles. Symphony Of The Night destroys all of the NES installments.



Rexy said:

I'm not saying they were better - just saying that they were at least consistent enough to still be recognised today, that's all.



Surgical_Precision said:

Fun fact for anyone board enough to actually read this...

There are actually four (Count em) FOUR games to bare the title "Sonic the Hedgehog" so far...

And the funny thing is that the most genuinely liked version is the one that people have almost completely stoped calling by it's whole name and or even not considering it to be what it is...

There's the 16bit original which was closely followed by a 8bit remastered port.

And of course the modern sad attempt to revive the series "glory days " on the Xbox 360 & PS3...

But back in the days of the Genesis/Mega Drive there was a second remastered (And I do mean REMASTERED) port of the original 16bit gem, It was made to show off a shiny new peace of hardware Sega was trying to cram down our mouths at the time...

Assuming you've actually been reading this post & haven't just skipped to the end you most likely figured it out.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Whom most now days only call by its abbreviation Sonic CD... (And despite its lacking boss battles is still my favorite installment in the early series)

I'm really hopping to see it making a VC appearance soon! (Seeing as my Gems Collection disc actually CRACKED IN HALF!)

And with that, I'm done talking out of my backside & wasting server space...



blackknight77 said:

I would pick up another Sonic Gems disc. It may be 2040 before Sonic CD ever makes it the VC at the rate its going.



Rexy said:

Agreed, plus I'm assuming that the amount of data stored on a Sega CD disc would make them far too big to transfer across the VC. Sonic Gems would be our only choice.



PHANTOM93 said:

The Sonice CD rom was 80 megs so I doubt that'll hit the VC until a storage solution is worked out.



Surgical_Precision said:

Yah I know... But sense it's the only game on Gems Collection that I actually liked (Fighters was OK) I would prefer it wasting virtual space instead of shelf space...



Rexy said:

That's the thing with Gems Collection - it has the more obscure Sonic games... plus the Vectorman series for some reason. ^^; But either way, it would be years before Sonic CD becomes a download - on the next Nintendo console and its follow-up to the VC, complete with a hard drive about 20 times as big and Internet download speeds coming through the roof.

Still, one can dream, can't they?



Surgical_Precision said:

Yah... One can only dream... "Depressed"

Anywoo Sonic Gems Collection also has the three Streets of Rage games on it too!

Though they are blocked from usability without some kind of hacking device (Action Replay & the like) on the NTSC-U version...

Apparently because Sonic Team didn't want the Teen rating for the game over here in the States... Your guess is as good as mine as to why the hell that is...

ESPECIALLY when you consider these are the same nut jobs who thought putting a gun in a Sonic game was a stroke of brilliance... @@

You know... For the kiddies...

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