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EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist

Posted by Damien McFerran

Just one EU WiiWare release this week, and it’s the neat little puzzler Actionloop Twist (known in North America as Magnetica Twist).

Originally developed in 1998 by Mitchell Corporation (the guys who did Pang), Actionloop also goes by the name Puzzloop in Japan and has been copied under the name Zuma. So, chances are, you've probably played this before in some shape or form! The gameplay is pretty much the same but with the added bonus of four-player action, Mii integration and motion sensing control.

Check out our review here!

In other news, there were no Virtual Console games today for Europe!

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AlexSays said:

oh god.
Europe finally gets a WiiWare update and they only get 1 game?
where is Pop, or DYC?

for some reason Nintendo is giving America good WiiWare games, and Europe good Virtual Console games,
so eventually it'll switch, right?

but right now, i think Nintendo is having a problem deciding who to love more.



Cipher said:

Unfortunately the disadvantages outweigh the advantages here. It's a good game, better than paying £30 for the DS version, but 1,000 Points is still steep. Plus, one game? And that leaves us six games behind America. If Nintendo Europe is planning to alternate the Virtual Console and WiiWare, we need to be seeing at least four or five releases every week on each format.



Tate24 said:

am gutted, this is all we get, what load of rubbish=(

how exciting, 2 week wait, and all we get is this.......



stedaman said:

Arg only one.

Don't wanna sound greedy but would have liked at least Pop and DYC as well.

They better up it from one a week when theres so many availible and/or in development.



SepticLemon said:

Well I downloaded ActionLoop Twist, and it's pretty good, though being at a 1000 point price tag is a bit much. But an Entertaining game never the less, but they should've included Online to this just like what they did to Dr Mario, that would get your Money's worth out of it! Hey pOp would've been awesome if it actually came out over here, but hey, I guess we're going to have to wait next week!



ttplayer92 said:

This seems like that puzzle game called Luxor that is on XBLA, can anyone tell me if its similar to luxor?



mrk said:

I was actually looking forward to this. I love Zuma, and at current AUD to USD conversion it compares favorably to buying Zuma for PC (though, of course, you can play the web version for free).

ttplayer92: It is similar; the gameplay of original Puzzloop arcade game (of which Actionloop is based on, and is made by the same developer) has been famously appropriated by other games, Luxor being one of them, Zuma being the most well known knock off.



Kenji510 said:

Not worth to download and play... i rather play Luxor and its much more better too... if you got xbox360, play the game on XBLA as well.



DEMON212 said:

I don't even enjoy playing Zuma for free. No way I'd pay 1,000 points for it.



Tim said:

I have Zuma for PC so I won't bother with this one when its released in the NA. The one redeeming quality is the multiplayer but that still isn't enough for me to care. Personally I think the players look but ugly in this game. Is their wii head attached to some kind of mech body?



Objection said:

Does this have online? It looks Ok (I've played the DS one) but no way is it worth 1000. Sorry ninty. Oh and while I have your attention(not that i do), Ninty, give better Wiwiare to Europe and better VC to N.A. ok?



JesteR said:

Wow! Action Loop! Amazing! I have this game on DS already. Probably the US will get Gyrostarr or something cool next Monday, but I don`t care. We got ACTION LOOP!!!!!



Atlantis1982 said:

Wow, lot of complaining about one game yet you guys kept getting 3-4 games (and good ones at that) for the last few months. Selfish I say.



WindOnFire said:

hmmm. I've only got 2000 wii points, but i can't decide which 1 I should get- FFCC:MLAAK or LostWinds. Please help me!



mrk said:

Having bought it and enjoyed it I'd have to say the game is getting less credit than you guys are giving it. In my opinion its superior to the DS version, and has a few game mechanics that set it apart from Zuma and other clones. The lack of online is unfortunate though, considering it tracks a surprising amount of player stats. There's also quite a lengthy branching quest mode to work your way through (with, strangely enough, boss fights).



Pegasus said:

I'm kind of puzzled why so many people rave about Pop. I found it kind of lacking and quite boring. shrugs That's just me I guess.



Junichi said:


Yeah, why should 'us guys' complain? After all we get everything, and poor old 'you guys' get nothing. Us guys are incredibly lucky. After all we get all the best games, all the best games get released to us guys first, all the consoles come out to us guys first and us guys get games for cheaper than you guys. I feel really sorry for you guys, its not fair you always get the sort end of the stick. Especially when us guys got Mario Kart Wii a weeks before you (how unfair was that?!). All you guys had to play was that pretty minor game Super Smash Bros Brawl - I mean, what Nintendo fan on earth would what to play that terrible game?! And you unfortune people had to wait over SEVEN DAYS for Mario Kart Wii after it came to us guys- it was really unfair for you guys. We're really lucky that Smash Bros Brawl is coming to us guys months after it came to you guys, because its obviously a terrible game, honestly I can't see a single us guy Nintendo fan buying it - doubt any have even heard of it! Its just a shame Nintendo has finally released (well in a few days time shudder) this monstrosity on us, although it would be selfish for us guys to complain as you guys have had to put up with this horrible game for MONTHS before us - how on earth did you guys cope (America truly is the land of the brave)? Us guys are really lucky.

I really feel sorry for you guys. I hope Nintendo start giving you guys something good for a change instead of giving it all to us . We're really selfish to be complaining - shame on us guys!



Peznaze said:

Interesting... Releases every two weeks, and still only one WiiWare? And a Nintendo-published one other than Pokemon? And another puzzle game immediately after Dr. Mario? Very odd. I doubt Reggie will do anything like this... but then again, he might.

Odd scheduling aside, it looks like a great game! Here in the US I'd expect Pokemon in June and Magnetica Twist in July, though. (1 game per publisher per month here, they say.)



JesteR said:


Yes, you are absolutely right. I apologize for complaining. Us Europeans are so lucky to be the last ones to get games. That means we can wait longer for titles. I mean, what's the best thing about a game you really want? The anticipation. And we have the longest time to enjoy that great feeling. Poor US. They don`t get as much time. And of course, we have to wait longer for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. After all, there is sooooo much text in the game it takes Nintendo 8 months time to translate it. It`s not like they could already translate the game into different languages during the production phase of the game. I mean, other companies can do it. Like with the game Oblivion. That has much more text, but managed to get a worldwide release. But of course, Nintendo wants to make sure that us Europeans get the finest quality. That`s why we got ACTION LOOP this week. No need for 1 or 2 more games. Action Loop will keep us busy for the next month!



Starwolf_UK said:

. It's a good game, better than paying £30 for the DS version, but 1,000 Points is still steep.

If you paid £30 for the DS've been conned (or are reading ONMs crappy review which basically cried at it being £30...54%). The RRP is £20 AND it comes with a Rumble Cartridge to eat up your DS battery and make alot of noise (btw, this accessory is £10 on its own...though the only way to get it on its own is direct through Nintendo or import from Japan).

I'll wait for an overview of modes before buying this. Though to be honest i'll be surprised if it has few modes as Mitchel Puzzle games tend to have quite a few modes.



Cooldued59 said:

Damo: Are you just saying that just because I said that and you have already said something like that? I hope you are being sarcastic.



Damo said:

You said this was a "98% copy of Zuma", when in fact Zuma is the one that copied this.

Get me?



Mike1 said:

@Junichi, @JesteR
Stop complaining, you guys have had good VC releases lately while the US has had nothing good. It's only one week. Look at it this way, we didn't get VC games when we got WiiWare, and now you guys got no VC games because of WiiWare (just a few weeks late).



Bleak_Destiny_of_Fat said:

Seriously, I'm from the states and I think Atlantis1982 should shut up. Oh yeah, and great and funny responses from Junichi an JesteR.



get2sammyb said:

Zuma came out many years after the original PuzzLoop which this game is a sequel of. By the way - I really like it.



Terra said:

I was gonna get this for the DS as i thought we would have to wait for this for the WiiWare version for longer, so it surprised me when i saw this available. 1000 Points (About £7) is not a rip-off when you think of the people who payed for the DS version. Shame about no VC games this week but what can you do? Oh well, now to wait for DYC, Key of Dreams and Protothea



Cooldued59 said:

@Damo: I am really dumb..... I just am used to Zuma more then Actionloop just because ZUMA is more known than actionloop.
But, it doesn't make sense, why isn't actionloop more known than Zuma. It is like saying that Bejeweled is less known than Jewel King (Bejewel Clone that I made up as a name),



thewiirocks said:

@Cooldued59 - If it came out first, why isn't Panel de Pon better known than Tetris Attack? The answer is, Panel de Pon was released in Japan and Tetris Attack was released in the West. Same thing.



Cooldued59 said:

thewiirocks: I think Panel De Pon is more known than Tetris attack. I have never heard of tetris attack until 2006.

Let's take SSBB: About 15% of SSBB fans (which is a heck of a lot) all wanted Lip to be in there as a charcter why? It is because her item is in it (lip's stick).

I survyed my class and they heard about tetris but look very dumbfonded when they heard tetris attack. They either said if that was a kung-fu move or a physco diease of an over obession of tetris. When I said Panel De Pon, suprising enough, they said it was a puzzle game and that the item was used in SSBB.

Now known as puzzle leauge in today's world.



thewiirocks said:

@Cooldued59 - Maybe I'm getting old. But here in the states, people have either heard of Tetris Attack or Puzzle League. (Damn Pokemon. ) Practically no one has heard of Panel De Pon. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Panel De Pon in action!

So perhaps it's just a regional thing. I hope you still understand my point, though?



Dace said:

I think the mods should ban any complaining from either Europe or America

I hail from South Africa and I have had to lie to my Wii to get any online content at all. Oh and BTW even though we should be on the European release schedule we dont even have a release date for Mario Kart Wii yet.

But bleh. all of this is really pretty much besides the point. It does suck that we only got 1 WiiWare game, expecially since I dont expect any actual Wii games releases for the next couple of months. Good thing I just managed to find a grey imported copy of Excite Truck in a flea market. Since we will probably never get that. Now I have something to do with my Wii at least.

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