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South Africa

Sun 9th Mar 2008

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Dace commented on Reggie: The Future Is Now:

What you guys have to remember is that its easy to outdo the competitions Video and CPU power 2 1/2 years later. in PC terms they are talking about DX11. My PC with a mid range graphics card can already run Mirrors Edge with more detail than was possible on the console release.

Increasing horsepower is fairly simple when you can wait for the hardware to power up naturally. I not saying its easy bringing out a powerful console, because for it to be powerful enough to make a splash it has to be slighly ahead of current tech. But to upgrade the wii to full HD output now or in a couple of year should be pretty easy.

Getting a motion control system to work however is an entirely new market. And there are no established trends to follow except for what nintendo has done. I think they made 100% the right choice with direction. Both the Xbox and PS3 both beat most serious 1080p TV's to the marker where I live, and Im sure they beet serious market penetration of 1080p elsewhere in the world. Wii held back a bit so by the time they release a HD version it will be everybodies experience. Not just the early adopter.



Dace commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

I have to just ask.... All of you who have said he should stick it out longer, have you made something and get it ripped to pieces like this?

And I really do mean made, not done ... made. Gone through the entire planning stage, getting all the publishers excited, going through all the problems and elations. Trust me, it is really easy to make the mistakes that he made in his comments at D-Toid. Way too easy.

And yes Im sad to see him go, but if it means he can focus his creative juices in an industry that will appreciate them more and then come back to games when he has the unobtanium armor to do it what have we lost?

@Luc: Good luck man, thanks for the ride, I hope you blow my mind with some awesome graphic novels and then get me back to gawking at your art in a animated medium.



Dace commented on Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam:

Hey Luc, Waiting for my Steam Version to finish downloading now. (damn SA international bandwidth).

I scanned some of the comment on D-Toid .. and your right... criticism is good and all... but geez. Things like that are why I hate the internet.

However finding games like Eternity's Child and Aquaria are why I love it. I cant say if I will love or hate this game yet. I can say that I will probably buy it twice because if there is one thing I really believe in its supporting the little guys with big ideas.

Thank you man, for sticking this crap out and believing in your own product. Not many people have the guts to do that nowadays.



Dace commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:

I think the mods should ban any complaining from either Europe or America

I hail from South Africa and I have had to lie to my Wii to get any online content at all. Oh and BTW even though we should be on the European release schedule we dont even have a release date for Mario Kart Wii yet.

But bleh. all of this is really pretty much besides the point. It does suck that we only got 1 WiiWare game, expecially since I dont expect any actual Wii games releases for the next couple of months. Good thing I just managed to find a grey imported copy of Excite Truck in a flea market. Since we will probably never get that. Now I have something to do with my Wii at least.