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Wii to support BBC's iPlayer (UK only)

Posted by Darren Calvert

An update is now available to allow Wii users to use the BBC's iPlayer on their Wii console via the Internet Channel. The BBC said a message would be sent to Wii owners to alert them to its availability. This appears to be for the United Kingdom only at present.

The BBC's iPlayer video service will soon be available via the Nintendo Wii.

The video download and streaming service that lets people catch up with BBC programmes will soon be a channel on the hugely popular game console.

Early versions of the service will be available from 9 April but more polished software will be released as the service is developed.

It is great news to see one of the world's leading media authorities such as the BBC backing the Wii so strongly. Keep an eye out for a blue flashing light coming to a Wii near you soon!

For those not in the know the BBC iPlayer will allow you to watch BBC programmes such as The Mighty Boosh on demand with your broadband connection. Superb!

Source: BBC announces Nintendo Wii deal

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Damo said:

This is a great idea, it basically turns the Wii into an on-demand freeview box!



Splutter said:

Fantastic news, since streaming has become available on iplayer I've actually had a go at it on my wifes ipod and it's fantastic, hopefully this will start the ball rolling and Joost could appear globally



Luigison said:

I understand it being free only in the UK since UK taxes pay for the BBC, but in America I'd be willing to pay some points for the channel. Has that been discussed and/or ruled out?



navelfluff said:

The only problem is that the bbc is crap. I had a look through all the programmes on there and not one interested me.



Outrunner said:

But teh Dr Who!!! Lol. I dont understand. Why not just switch on the TV? Does this let you catch up with shows you've missed?



jordanr said:

Cool! Now I can watch the Super League Show off my wii

Oooh wait a second... no I can't, I had to delete the Internet Channel as I had no space left

Still I shouldn't complain, this is a great idea from the BBC and I may redownload the channel.



12345678a said:

This is fantastic news. You don't even have to download a channel/update for it. All you need to do is go to, choose a programme to watch, and watch it . Works a treat.



DEMON212 said:



Come with us now on a journey through time and space, to a world of the Mighty Boosh!

LOVE THE SHOW! Noel and Julian are comedic geniuses and Little Britain sucks!

Boosh and Top Gear are the ONLY 2 shows on the BBC worth watching. I wish I could pay my full T.V licence money straight to those shows.

Apologies for my outburst, but I've just drank a shoefull of Bailey's and I'm off me tits.



DEMON212 said:

Yep, just put it on, works dead easy and it's free!

The picture quality is amazing, blows Youtube out of the water!



Kelvin said:

Wow. This is absolutely unexpected, and quite brilliant news! Good for the BBC, and good for Nintendo UK!

Outrunner, the BBC iPlayer lets you watch almost any BBC programme from the past week, for free. That's about six channels of output to choose from.

Demon212, good to hear about the ease of use and picture quality too. I'd been wanting to hook our PC up to the telly to watch iPlayer, but didn't want to splash out for the extra cables. Looks like I don't have to now.




Phantom said:


I just watched Dr Who on it and it worked great! Now I just wish there were more bbc shows that I actually like...



dark_moogle said:

So this is the Wii's equivalent of the PS3's Play TV? Sounds pretty awesome, but until I can stream live tv content to my DS through my Wii I wont be interested.



Tim said:

Since the update only affects the internet channel does this mean that the internet channel now has support for the latest version of Flash?

I'm assuming that the iPlayer runs on the latest version of flash to play video for non Microsoft devices.

It would be nice if Nintendo let all of their users get this flash update because most of the websites with flash video don't work with the exception of YouTube since it runs on an older version of Flash.



arobo21 said:

wouldnt matter to me whether or not it came to US. i deleted my internet channel ( a massive 250 blocks) to free up lots of room for vc games

sadly, there isnt anything good to fill the blocks with : /

lets get some of those top rpgs eh?



Kelvin said:

Has anyone tried Channel Four's service (40D) yet? I don't know how that one works, as I've never used it.

EDIT: I've jus had a bit of a play with the iPlayer, and it works quite well. Picture quality is good, and there's no real glitchiness. No full screen option though (although you can zoom in using the internet channel controls). Not bad at all for a first attempt!



BDPatVCR said:


too bad this is only for the UK, I love the comedy shows on the BBC (Buzzcocks, Little Britain, QI, ...) but I always forget to watch !!!!

I'm not to sure this is the Wii fault's though because even on the net you cannot watch the iPlayer on the BBC-site.



Kelvin said:

Yes, I'm sure the UK-only restriction is purely to do with issues with the licence fee and such. Since people outside the UK don't pay the fee, they don't get to watch the programming; that's not an issue with broadcast, as the BBC doesn't broadcast its home channels all over the world, but the internet takes those boundaries away, so they have to impose artificial limits.



E-dawg said:

That's awesome, I wish we could get the BBC here, when I was in the United Kingdom 2 years ago, I thought the BBC was the best channel in the UK.



Kelvin said:

No, you use the Internet Channel to go to the BBC iPlayer site, as if it were any normal site. The big news here is that the BBC have made the iPlayer compatible with the Wii, whereas it supposedly wasn't before.



DEMON212 said:

arobo21 the net channel has an extra 40-ish taking up memory on your data section. The IC is the same size as PM.



hal said:

a CartoonNetwork deal would b great for the US!!!!! their range of content is,imho, perfect!(though i hope futurama would b available still lol) i'd[maybe]like to c a separate channel for that though -- whatever fits viewing better! +,while i'm demandng, while there should b battery packs(rechargable) n "wiimotes", an option to turn them OFF when not n use (such as when viewing iPlayer, ect.) would b cool too! lol



Herandar said:

There are several varieties of battery packs for the Wiimote. I have and really like the Nyko version; you can get two batteries and a double charger for $35, and they work excellently. Wiimotes do turn off if you set them down for a few minutes.



Flamin_Skull said:

I Unforunately cannot enjoy any type of video on the Internet since I am Deaf... but we do have deaf people on youtube.
I can just switch on my tv for... watching tv



hal said:

ohh i kno they turn off, herander. i'm just too used to Ps3 maybe lol but i really like Wii's potential!! those chargers r pretty good, but i was saying/imagining rather than forcing ppl to buy all the extra items, they should prob come with them. a nice alternative, to save power (mine takes awhile to shut off), would b a "control-off" option. recharging is too much for impatient ppl like me, i guess lol



antster1983 said:

Chilli chowder! Crouton crouton - crunchy friends in a liquid broth!

I remember when Noel Fielding was on Buzzcocks the first time (not as a guest captain deputising for Bill Bailey, but as a panellist), he was really funny

Mind you, Buzzcocks will be iPlayer gold as well!



stevenlindsay23 said:

do you reckon this will happen for channel 4 and ITV!?
Will never haver to watch normal TV ever again if this happens!!
well done BBC for this!

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