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US VC Releases - 5th November - Super Mario Bros 3

Posted by Darren Calvert

With the release of Mario Galaxy next week our pals at Nintendo have decided that the long wait is finally over. Today the North American region gets the sublime Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. This game will not need much introduction for most Nintendo fans. You'll have either played it back in the days, on a SNES with Mario All-stars or the GBA port. Either way you cannot afford to be without this. The best game on the Virtual Console to date! (Well next to Super Mario World of course!)

Sadly we can't help feeling that Alien Soldier on the Sega Genesis might not get the attention it deserves due' to this great news. If you are a fan of the run n' gun genre this is certainly worth a look. It is as hard as nails but is developed by Treasure who created the awesome Gunstar Heroes so you can rest assured that this is a game worth playing. This game was not released in the US before, as such it costs 900 Wii Points as opposed to 800.

Last but not least is Power Golf for the TurboGrafx-16. For the biggest golf fan this might be worth a look but be warned there were far better representations of the sport at the time. The control system proves this games undoing so unless you think you can put up with that we advise you give this one a miss.

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Rossi said:

Hey good news about the SMB3 but i wont to know when it comes out in the uk, should i buy Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World?



joe said:

at nintendo has an ordered list of games that will be out. its the closest thing ive seen to release dates for the vc



Dazza said:

Ross - Mario 3 should be out this Friday in the UK. One whole week before Mario Galaxy comes out on the 16th Nov.

Buy both Mario 3 and Mario World. They are both equally great!



joe said:

ross, i dont know when the mario galaxy release is in the uk, but expect mario 3 the week before. and to your other question. i would just buy both. they are equally great games.



Erving said:

This is awesome! I live in Germany but i am from NYC. This is great news! I will download today!!!!!! Thanks NINTENDO!



RoninDennis said:

Allright! I was just asking myself the other day when they would release this little gem, if not with SMG then surely on the Wii's first (US) anniversary. Can't wait for Friday...

BTW, how about you guys do a little write up on the Virtual Console feature's first year on nov. 18th?



Kelvin said:

Ross, buy both. Both are excellent games, among the best in the Mario series (along with Yoshi's Island).



Kevin said:

I thought we'd get SMB 3 today. But were did the info. come from? The press release isn't on the press release page yet.



Shortay said:

Great week for you guys, please let us get Super Mario Bros. 3 this Friday or even next...



Drake said:

Kevin: Charles Martinet (The voice of Mario) sent out a phone call to various press people in the US (Whether the message was prerecorded or not I don't know, probably was though) and told them all three games.



Don said:

Ahhhhh!!!! When is Super Mario RPG going to come out for the VC?! Christmas hopefully? Anyway, it's good to see this game being released again in its original 8 bit glory. It has been a long time since SMB3's original release in its 8 bit form in 1990, when the current George Bush poppy Bush Sr. was still president.



Bass_X0 said:

I remember when I got Super Mario Bros. 3. I just had to have it and cried and moaned all morning about it until my uncle took me to get it.



WHAT? said:

Finally, the best Mario Bros game for the NES, released on the VC. This game was the symbol for platforming.



BJ1 said:

I think both Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are equal. But I already have the game for my NES, though I am happy it finally came out to the Virtual Console.



Russ said:

Ok.... Super Mario Allstars please

Im glad SMB3 finally came(and will hold me off for now) so make the SNES version!!!



alvieao said:

Along with Super Mario Bros. 3 out on the Virtual Console, finally Alien Soldier is available in North America (with the exception of Sega Channel) after staying in Japan in its original form and the PS2 Sega Ages: Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box. That is a good week...



Don said:

Super Mario All-Stars will probably be released in August 2008 to celebrate the game's 15th anniversary.



Megaman256 said:

That's awesome Nintendo finally put super Super Mario Bros. 3 on VC. It's one of the best games on the nes, This is a day fans have been looking forward to. Thanks again Nintendo and keep brining out the hits.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Drake, u mentioned to Kevin that people got a call from Charles Martinet about three games. Did u mean the three games this week, or three Mario games this Month?



Rossi said:

Problem is i have 2600 wii points left i need to gets some more but these have to last me until christmas.. I am so wanting Zombies Ate My Neighbors and the release of Splatterhouse 2 & 3... Is there any signs of them games now? Thanks for the advice Dazza & kelvingreen Due to the un-even points i might just buy SMB3..



jg233 said:

Excellent week... with the exception of power golf. I wanted Super Air Zonk instead of that.



Drake said:

Desperate: Just the three games today.

Ross: No signs of any of them yet. I would assume Splatterhouse 2 and 3 are coming in the future for sure, when Sega's run out of their own games (They're already starting to put a bit more third party games on VC now). As for Zombies... It was rated by the ESRB but it's gone now, so who knows? It was made by Konami and it's not licensed or anything, so it should be entirely possible.



diablos79 said:

why was zombies taken off of the release schedule? did they rate it as ok and then just change their mind?



Jason said:

****, still no N64 titles and no Zelda: Majoras Mask.... It was the only game i never played



Rossi said:

Thanks Drake.. Can i just have one request? Name one game i should get for vc with the 600 points remaining on the shop without cracking into my other point cards..



Bass_X0 said:

they may be saving Majora's Mask for some special occasion... Christmas or New Year perhaps... but remember they also need special games like Majora's Mask to give us next Christmas too.



v404 said:

"The best game on the Virtual Console to date! (Well next to Super Mario World of course!)"

Psh, please.....



Drake said:

diablos: No idea. It was rated for a console called just "Nintendo" instead of "Wii" like all other VC games (Along with a few other titles which are also gone now), so maybe it never was a VC version.

Ross: (I assume you have a European Wii?) One of the Bonks, Soldier Blade, Devil's Crush, Wrecking Crew, Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man? (Trying not to mention the big Nintendo titles)

It'd be easier if I could see what you already have, maybe sign up on the forums and post in the "What VC games have you downloaded?" thread?



7th_lutz said:

I hope the release of Alien soldier means more Sega channel exclusives games like Pulseman gets released.



JODIsBack said:

"at nintendo has an ordered list of games that will be out. its the closest thing ive seen to release dates for the vc"

Aussie-Nintendo is a fan site, so therefore it's speculation and Nintendo does not put out the info.

Also, why the heck should we get Super Mario All Stars when we now about have ALL of the games included in SMAS? It does not make any sense.



R. said:

Lets home this is the month of Mario and we get Super Mario RPG. If that happens this will be the best VC month in a long time.



Bass_X0 said:

Some people prefer the better graphics of the SNES game, PowerLegend. I do. Super Mario All*Stars will probably come very late 2008 or 2009. It won't be any time soon.



BJ1 said:

I think we could also use a Mario game for the N64, as well.



Bass_X0 said:

The classic original has always been the better one of them all even if it doesn't look the best.



yeehaw said:

Nothing was left out from the GBA version. It's just that the NES version is the one that people grew up playing with. I for one don't get that fuzzy feeling when playing this on the GBA. It's meant to be played on a NES (or Virtual Console), in it's true 8-bit glory. YAHOO!



Pj1 said:

Please Nintendo SMB3 must surly come out in the UK for this Friday!, it's a great game. I'm hoping its like the NES version but when it came out for the Gameboy advance and you lost all lives you only begin from that level not the whole world again. Roll on SMG, UK and Europe we are getting it Friday week!! Roll on Friday, Nintendo PLEASE!



Paul-J said:

Guys in America we're getting Super Mario Galaxy 16 November!!!!!! I think we're getting it before Japan do, guys enjoy SMG on Monday.



Don said:

Super Mario All-Stars will probably be released on the VC a week before Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out.



@ Don and Pocketim

I think he meant.. it will be a long time till All-Stars comes out (which it wont), until Galaxy 2 comes out! lol

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