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United Kingdom

Sun 20th January, 2008

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Paul-J commented on US VC Releases - 3rd December - Eternal Champions:

Lets be patient guys we have had some great games on the VC this year, so many exciting titles have come out this last year. Some times in life it's good to take the rough with the smooth, I read the other day we had to wait two years for the SNES! and we waited in the UK 2 weeks for the Wii. I bought the Wii on the back off the VC games and I think we're lucky just to get VC!. Hay Nintendo is Mario Kart, the SNES Version for VC this Christmas a possibility? please guys!!!!!!!!!!!



Paul-J commented on VC Earns over $30 million so far:

They would make bundles more cash if more VC games came out every Friday. Maybe bring out some from a Gameboy channel, that would be interesting wouldn't it?