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August is the 'Month of Metroid'!

Posted by Darren Calvert

To coincide with the launch of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Wii this month (if you live in North America that is!) Nintendo have also announced that Metroid on the NES will become available on the 13th of August on the Virtual Console.

European readers can now laugh as they already have it in their shop. ^_^

The real news here is that Super Metroid, the holy grail of 16-bit action /platform games will be available the week after on the 20th of August in North America. This is great news that finally a date has been put on it! Hopefully our pals in Europe won't be TOO far behind!

How's that for a slice of fried gold then?

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Rob said:

Sweet! At long last - I've been holding out buying the GBA remake in order to play this on a big screen. The wait looks to FINALLY be over!



Drake said:

And America gets a Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel as well.

Nintendo of Europe, wake the heck up and get going already.



Mendez said:

This sucks..
Why should we have to wait longer for Super Metroid aswell?
I certainly hope we get it next week, just before you Americans



buffdude said:

I have been waiting for this.
I bought metroid prime, prime 2 echoes, fusion, zero mission and metroid 2: the return of samus on ebay since I suddenly became a Metroid fan.
And since you get to play the original when you connect fusion to prime I have alot of Samus Aran on my hands.
The gba/gc cable comes in handy for the first time since FF: Crystal Chronicles. I'll also have to get Hunters and metroid pinball eventually, what an awesome sci-fi series this is.



neuzd said:

Yes. And I can't really add anything else. One of the best games in history. Following games didn't get this high just because:
Fusion: athmosphere and non-linearity have been put aside.
Zero Mission: it's a remake, you're less likely to be surprised by something.

Both these titles are fantastic games, of course. But the improvements Super Metroid had on the first 2 chapters had rocketed it among the best games ever. And it is not just a personal opinion. We're talking of a 13 years old game, all the world look at Super Metroid as one of the highest points of 2D action gaming.

No Super Metroid remake has ever been made.
The ONLY remake in the series is the original Metroid that has been released for GBA with the name
Metroid: Zero Mission



Stuffgamer1 said:

Super Metroid is the best game in the entire series, hands down. If you've really never played it, but you like the series, you absoluty HAVE to download it ASAP.



Peksu said:

Just America, eh? Well, we got original Metroid before you, so nobody should mind...

...But I mind anyway, it's Super Metroid! If Nintendo is gonna hold it until Corruption gets relesed here, there will be many sad gamers.



SKTTR said:

Super Metroid is one of the best games ever made and the best game in the series!



Heitzu said:

Interesting. Although I don't want to admit it, NOE are not likely to give us Super Metroid until the week before Metroid Prime 3.

The same for this preview channel probably being like a few weeks before its launch date over in Europe.



Rainbowlemon said:

Super Metroid - the greatest game of all time. The amount of times I have played through this game is almost sickening...yet I know as soon as it's available, I'm whipping up that bad boy for another 100 rounds.



MrP said:

Please, please, please let them update Super Metroid so it runs in fullscreen and at 60hz speed. That'd make me buy it again, despite having the original cartridge. Awesome, awesome game.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise said:

You don't need to live in America to take advantage of this just get an USA Wii like I did. Nintendo Europe has not done Metroid month in August as it would make no sence as Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii comes out in October in Europe and they will do a Metroid month then I should think.

__Dark Warrior


Dark Warrior said:

Can´t believe that, because Corruption comes out in October in Europe, Super Metroid will only come out then. Nintendo would never do this... would they?

__Canada 1


Canada 1 said:

I love how europeans always say "Americans" like the rest of north america doesn't even exist! But then again, i would not expect less... In the mean time, I'll enjoy Metriod coming out..



"How's that for a slice of fried gold then?"
Yeaa Boiiii!



ouenben said:

[This and Smash bros brawl and Super paper mario] ladies and gentlement, are the reason I imported a Wii from America.
I'm sick of Europes later release dates and higher prices.



Kevin said:

Finally. Now I just need to find a place to download them and other VC games in the future for a while.



Remy said:

Hopefully our pals in Europe won't be TOO far behind!

You're the first that calls us pals! *sniff* That's so sweet!




Novanth said:

Super Metroid is THE metroid game imo. Really dont care if europe is 1 or 2 or even 3 weeks after, just knowing Super metroid is coming is worth the wait



Alex said:

You know what this means?

They should have a Super Smash Brothers month! Release the original game plus the games of the confirmed characters as well!



Haha awesome

and for those of you excited for the Metroid Prime preview channel...
don't be... there's sadly no playability there...
just a couple of streamed videos.



Driveshaft said:

@ Canada 1
You mean in the same way Americans say "Europeans" as if the other PAL regions don't exist?




DarkChocolate76 said:

Thank you thank you thank you. The summer of 94 was a great one for me and now i can relive those memories through this great game. Super Metroid is my favorite in the series by far with Metroid Prime being right behind it. The Virtual Console is getting some gems in the next few weeks. Rock on.



GumbyX84 said:

I am happy these are finally coming out. Never got to play Super Metroid. All I am worried about is that they will be the only games we see these next 2 weeks. Or worse, the only good ones.



Jason said:

Finally, Super Metroid. Haven't played in a long while so it'll be a nice taste of nostalgia



johnhood said:

I never owned Super Metroid! So, this is a release I've been awaiting with bated breath!

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