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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DarkChocolate76 commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

I agree with Viral. Although i myself am very political and lean more on the conservative side (due to my upbringing in the US Air Force and my religious convictions), in this forum...politics does get us nowhere. The thing I love about gaming is that even when I may have strong differences with some of my friends on political cheesy as it sounds...gaming does bring us together. It is when we are gaming and just having a good time that we throw our differences out the window and enjoy our "hobby" (if you will). Anyways, liberals and conservatives UNITE. The enjoyment of videogame entertainment is one issue we can all agree on



DarkChocolate76 commented on US VC Releases - 21st April - River City Ransom:

NES Double Dragon will be getting my points next week (so would the Sega MS version if they will release it), but what I really would love to see is the original Super NES Super Mario Kart and the original Starfox. Here's hoping.



DarkChocolate76 commented on August is the 'Month of Metroid'!:

Thank you thank you thank you. The summer of 94 was a great one for me and now i can relive those memories through this great game. Super Metroid is my favorite in the series by far with Metroid Prime being right behind it. The Virtual Console is getting some gems in the next few weeks. Rock on.



DarkChocolate76 commented on Wii Is HD Afterall?:

High Definition is great if the game you're playing is developed for it, but for Wii owners with big screen tv's (like myself) the VC games don't look all that great in 480p. Every little jagged edge that you wouldn't notice as much in standard definition is extremely obviuos with component cables hooked up. For some reason, I seem to remember MK64 looking better back in the day than it does now on my tv with component cables hooked up. Oh well, it's still a great game after all these years.