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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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PowerLegend commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

Not jealous about Mario's Super Picross (have Picross DS)

but SMB2J is something. Quite odd that it's limited time though.

Also, I think the increased price is because of the component cables.

*goes to play Super Metroid*



PowerLegend commented on Adventures of Lolo 2:

This game is the first Adventures of Lolo game in Japan. The REAL first Adventures of Lolo was not released in Japan.



PowerLegend commented on Vectorman:

alright you know what, forget it. i just realized that its on sonic gems collection. i'll get that instead



PowerLegend commented on Vectorman:

are they gonna release this damn game here or not? it's been over 4 months since europe got it and it STILL hasn't been released here. it's even worse than zelda 2



PowerLegend commented on Metroid:

Could care less if Europe got this. As long as we get Super Metroid first.



PowerLegend commented on US VC Releases - 9th July - Air Zonk:

LOL@ Air Zonk looks . That means coming from someone who hasn't even played it. <br> <br>Mach Rider is great as well. <br> <br>Btw Mendez, I hope you guys don't get it first



PowerLegend commented on Air Zonk:

i hope it comes out next week. i mean these bonk games are the only tg16 games i download



PowerLegend commented on Impossible Mission - the first non-VC game!:

apparently this is false news

b/c impossible mission for the wii will have 3 modes
and merged (classic w/ better graphics)

if it's going to have all that, releasing impossible mission on the wii shop would be a waste of time



PowerLegend commented on Video Previews for Virtual Console:

idiot, it's called a strategy game. it's not a platformer, or fighting game. it's a strategy-war type of game and it's pretty good. go play advance wars. it's similar to that.



PowerLegend commented on Europe VC Releases - 11th May - Ninja Spirit a...:

Hey people. Do yourself a nice favor.


Every damn week, you just have to bitch don't you? 2 Awesome titles and you can't take it. You want your Super Mario RPG so damn bad go play it on an Emulator.

NES Open Tournament Golf is a VERY fun game that has a lot of sorts of putts you can pick, a training mode, a US, Japanese and UK course. You could also pick a story mode and go crazy.

NES Open Tournament Golf >>>>> Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

Ninja Spirit is a VERY, VERY fun platformer that can have you hooked like Super Mario World.

Stop bitching and judging games by what they look like and buy these titles.

BTW, if Nintendo released all the best games FIRST, the VC would do TERRIBLE, because there are tons and tons of classics that people would like to remember and bring back memories of them playing them when they were kids.



PowerLegend commented on US VC Releases - 30th April - Mystical Ninja:

YES! YES! OH MY MOTHER F***ING GOD, YES! Castlevania and Mystical Ninja. AND Shockman, which is supposedly another good game.

This is SO much better than what we would have gotten.

Mystical Ninja is a very fun co-operated game, and you can go into stores, fortune tellers and other places as you play a level. Castlevania is a very fun Adventure Platformer. You will get a knack and enjoyment from playing that.

God bless Konami.

However, We should see Zelda 2 and Vectorman next week, or AT LEAST next month.