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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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buffdude commented on August is the 'Month of Metroid'!:

I have been waiting for this.
I bought metroid prime, prime 2 echoes, fusion, zero mission and metroid 2: the return of samus on ebay since I suddenly became a Metroid fan.
And since you get to play the original when you connect fusion to prime I have alot of Samus Aran on my hands.
The gba/gc cable comes in handy for the first time since FF: Crystal Chronicles. I'll also have to get Hunters and metroid pinball eventually, what an awesome sci-fi series this is.



buffdude commented on ActRaiser:

Good game indeed, but I'm stuck on the snowy continent because I messed up the build direction.
The people up there can't build bridges and I haven't found any way of cancelling the current build direction.



buffdude commented on Super Turrican 2:

I always wanted to try the Super Turrican games on my snes back in the day and now I hopefully can, soon.