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Europe VC Releases - 15th June - F-Zero X on the N64

Posted by Darren Calvert

For the 100th Virtual Console game for the EU our friends at Nintendo of Europe have pulled out all the stops. We are treated to the excellent F-Zero X on the N64! Now that's the way to celebrate the 100th game!!

Anyone who has played the original F-Zero on the SNES will have an idea of what to expect here. Pick a futuristic craft and battle it out on a series of demanding courses. The N64 version manages to top even the original with it's tracks that twist, turn, loop, rotate and basically contort into the most crazy shapes you could imagine. This is recommended for everyone.

J.J. & Jeff is a bit of a turkey. Think Adventure Island wanabee but with a twisted sense of humour. It may not have been too bad at the time but the gameplay has dated badly over the years so we recommend avoiding this one unless you are a glutton for punishment!

Read the reviews here:

F-Zero X - N64 - 1000 Points

J.J. & Jeff - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

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ben said:

im so jealous in the states we got a game you guys in Europe had for months all be it a damn good one (zelda 2) and y'all get a new n64 game!
good for you guys



ice said:

Awwww! I wanted Sonic 2. Nevermind i will give F-Zero X a try. Hope Sonic 2 is out next week though.



KQ said:

Bit of a shame its only 2 games this week, at least one of 'em is F-Zero Off to download now.



Stuo said:

Pretty nice release, any N64 game is always going to be a good one really, and Fzero is pretty good fun. just a pity it couldnt have been goldeneye!!



Shrapnel09 said:

well let me just say that EU actually knows how to celebrate something... (im guessing for our 200th release special we will get sega's "greendog the beached surfer dude", while you get goldeneye or something)

anyway i have never played the N64 version of f-zero before, however i will download it once we get it, simply because its and f-zero game and i need to be official since i already got the SNES version. Either way have fun with it, i can only hope that the US retaliates with Paper Mario as our next N64 game



Dazza said:

lol@Shrapnel - yeah Greendog or Cool Spot for the 200th US VC game FTW!



Shiyo said:

YES! I've been waiting for FZX!

I bought it as soon as I saw it on the Wii Shop Channel and I'm playing it as I write this. It's awesome, it runs as smooth as I remember, but I've noticed a texture glitch on the 3rd track of the first cup - one of the pipe's textures looks incredibly bland. In the original, it was very dark with a bright yellow stripe in the middle, now it looks like sand. o_O There may be others, but I just started playing (just won the 1st cup), so I haven't seen any others yet. But I'm happy! It's a great game nonetheless.



strictlybeats said:

Amazing - some people are actually happy with a VC release. I already own the N64 game and my N64 is still plugged in to the tv, so I might go home and have a play the original. Hooray to Ninetendo and hopefully we'll get some N64 games I haven't got soon - Excite Bike, Majora's Mask & Paper Mario spring to mind



Spike said:

You know, i've been waiting for FZX for... well, since the VC got revealed...

Now im waiting for Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness, Super Metroid (of course), Lufia, Terranigma and and and...

So many...



N64_Gamer said:

That's what I'm talking about!
So far, I've had a bad day, but coming home to see a brand new N64 game (and that's even F-Zero X) turns my mood upside down.

I'm actually gonna go out right now and get another 2000 points card so I can get this game.



James said:

I've filled my first page of Wii channels with VC games now... I'm going to have to move one to page 2 if I get this. Which I will. It's friggin awesome and I'll duel anyone who says otherwise.
Infact I'd get it now but the powers off.



Mega_X_Gundam said:

well it's another N64 game but only two games in all. I really think nintendo needs to be doing 4 games each time. atleast then the chance of a good game is higher. Never like F-Zero. not a very good racing gamer myself so thats probably why.



whiteshadow said:

the best game on VC is what i my review to see why.this MUST BE GOT BY EVERYONE

__/l\ T /l\ R I


/l\ T /l\ R I said:

Ugh... I'll have none of that F-Zero sillyness, Thank you very much. Don't get me wrong it's a good title, but surely in light of Nintendo's massive success we could of had a really special title.

Better yet, why couldn't Nintendo catch everyone off guard and announce the introduction of Sega Saturn Emulation? I'd love to give House Of The Dead or Virtua Cop II a go using the Wii-Mote light gun stylee. How about having Sega Rally or Nights, that'd be awsome!!

Okay perhaps that's just wishful thinking and maybe more appropiate to mark the 1 year anniversary. But I really would of appreciated some more significant "retro gold". Super Mario Bros 3, Track & Field, Paper Mario, Duck Hunt, Mario Kart. You have to admit, everyone who reads this site would of had a fat smile plastered across their face if one of those titles had of popped up instead of the predictable and by todays standards quite mediocre F-Zero X.



F-zero X isn't medicore
it just isn't your game , get over it , and let other people enjoy it
or do you look at F-zero as an Wipeout rippoff? because it's not



William said:

Well... you EU people are lucky to have F-Zero X for your VC! Wished we had it here in the states, but... I hope that the time will come... eventually. lol Anyway... I also hope that we'll get Super Metroid for the VC as well... it's one of the BEST SNES game of all metroids (asides from the GC/Wii versions of their Metroid Prime series... btw, I wonder what MP3 will be like for the Wii?). Oh well.



whiteshadow said:

/l\ T /l\ R I you made quite a weak arguement,what do you mean f-zero is predictible??i get the feeling that you have a lack of skill at the game(or even a lack of friends so you cant play the excellent multiplayer) but either way its not fair to complain about a game that clearly is good just because you dont like it.i dont like metroid games but i would still acknowledge if there good and not diss them

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

why would anyone in europe want this? it really is a poor version of a classic racer say goodbye to sub 1minute,8 second times on silence (with ease) hello to struggling for a the way people of the vc archive,should i take it that "optimised" means no borders,same poor speed?,any chance of a touch more clarity. sorry everyone,i'm just so let down by the conversion of f-zero x. y'know what? they're right: ignorance IS bliss.



Damo said:

You wanted Cruisin' USA? Do you hate yourself or something?

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