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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Shiyo commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

This is a great game, but I've played it a bit too much to still get much enjoyment out of it. HM games require a lot of time spent with them, and it's the kind of time I don't have anymore these days. Sadly, I'm going to have to pass on this one, as good as it is.



Shiyo commented on Cybernator:

I've played this quite a bit, and it's brutally difficult, especially the level where you're flying through space, dodging asteroids and stuff.

Still, it's got quality written all over it, even if I never did get very far.

I just bought it on the VC, I'll play it after I get home from class today. :]



Shiyo commented on Dress up your Wii remote, for free!:

I ordered two (I have two Wiimotes). I didn't order because I have problems with it flying across the room at sub-light speeds, but a little bit extra grip is nice. I do find myself getting sweaty hands quite quickly when playing something like Wii Sports, so while not necessary, I do welcome the jackets.



Shiyo commented on Europe VC Releases - 17th August - Wave Race 64:

I downloaded Wave Race 64 because I've never played it before and I hear nothing but good things about it. After I cruised a few laps around Dolphin Park I was impressed with the water effects but I didn't really see the appeal.. until I read the manual and learned that there's a pretty decent trick system in the game. I quite like the tricks, but I need to learn how to handstand on the handlebars while jumping off a ramp without falling off my craft.

Good game, get it if you like water sport games.



Shiyo commented on US VC Releases - 16th July - Paper Mario:

Man, this game is awesome.

But it irks me that, if the US gets a game first, we (Europe) have to wait weeks, if not months to get it, but if we get a game first, the US gets it the week after. -_- Talk about favoritism.

Anyway! This is a great game, one that I'd never played before it came to VC. I've played it for 6 hours straight after I first booted it up, and it's truly great. In many respects, it share many things with its sequel, A Thousand Year Door, so its sequel didn't really make any big steps as far as gameplay goes. I mean, there's even similarities in the party members you get - you get a Goomba that identifies enemies, a koopa that can toss his shell, a bob-omb that.. you get the picture. But the dialogue is still good, though not as humorous, and I'm liking the story. The graphics surprised me too, I didn't think it would still look so good. The 2D graphics are very stylish and almost comparable to the GCN version.

Get it nao~