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Picture this scene... You move into your new home, and every room is perfect. Every room, except one. Here is the blank canvas for your vision, but you lack the know-how. Who do you call? The Home Sweet Home team! Home Sweet Home will give you the chance to unleash your hidden talents as an interior designer. You choose the furniture, patterns and colors to create a masterpiece that will blow your client away. With simple controls, a fun graphical style and an easy-to-use interface, Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Does Home Sweet Home have a strong enough foundation or does it totally collapse?

If you are a sucker for those home improvement shows that clog up television schedules so much these days, then perhaps this game is the one for you. Home Sweet Home started out life as a downloadable PC game but now it's seeking to expand its audience by...

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User Comments (40)



Slionr said:

I am not sure if this is good or not. But my sister loves sims and animal crossing games, so maybe she will download it to my wii



Knux said:

Looks like WiiWare is getting it's share of sim games. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:My Life as a King sounds like a SimCity game with RPG elements. Home Sweet Home sounds like the Sims.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah it's hard to say but it sounds okay.

It's been rated by the ESRB so expect this to release next month for us in the NA Region.



Quimby said:

If it is online and supports chatting, it will be a great way for sexual predators to locate sexy children while enjoying the finer points of interior decorating. ACE!



marvman3 said:

A Home Designing game?!?
What will developers think of next?........
It might just attract those "female" and "transgender" gamers to the Wii.
Don't see many dudes playn this game...
If your caught playn this game, you will be made fun of.
Mark my words.



CanisWolfred said:

While the look reminds me of Contact, I'd have to pass on this one. I'm just not really into Sims. Sure Animal Crossing was good, and Sims was okay, the moment I stopped playing, I mean really stopped playing, I never wanted to play them again. I really don't want another game that's just going to sit on my fireplace, collecting dust, because it's too good to give away, yet too uninteresting to play, it's too sad to see it happen to another game. As I said, I'm going to have to pass on this one.



MarkyVigoroth said:

My brother will SO like this. I am an RPG guy (think Mario RPG and Persona 3 in addition to Pokémon), yet my brother really likes Sim games. (Hai, he downloaded SimCity.) I will probably download this for this birthday if this comes out on time.

And no, he did not have Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, but I will get it as soon as I get my scholarship refund... (I wish I downloaded My Life as a King instead of Gyrostarr... it is a good thing that I kinda like Gyrostarr, though...)



jeremy2 said:

my sister has been waiting forever for this game.. i was going to buy it as a birthday gift for her, but thats long gone by.. Why is this game complete, yet not coming out?.. Why is there absolutely no information? If they keep messing around I won't buy it, and I'm like one of maybe 400 people who actually plan to purchase this game. What could they possibly be waiting for? They aught to be a little faster on getting it out, cause last time I checked, Big Blue Bubble hasn't exactly been blowing up as a game company. So any game for them would be a help.



WiiMan192 said:


Just because you don't like sims doesn't mean you mock those who do :-@
I am looking forward to this game, but when will it get released already? I've been waiting too long



Wiiloveit said:

I'm gonna be optimistic and wait for a review before bashing this, although it really doesn't look like something I personally would enjoy.



Killraven said:

Sorry to here about your WOG issue there Starwolf. was the update required to access the shop was it?



famicom said:

Your post just marks what kind of player you are. You play mainstream games as: Gears of War, GTA and Half-Life/Counter-Strike, Sega REVO, Gran Turismo.
You are afraid of playing games that might risk your popularity amongst your macho-macho friends.
Your words will not be marked, not by me and I hope by NO ONE.
We will play whatever we find fun and interesting, at least I do. I can also tell, I'm nor "transgender", gay or girl.

I can go on and on, but I'll pass for now. I just threw away too much energy that lousy comment.



Bass_X0 said:

I enjoyed MySims but this looks way too simple. like one of those free flash games you can find online.



Adamant said:

Yeah, I really don't have much hope for this. It looks like one aspect of Sims/Animal Crossing turned into an objective-based game. Thing is, those games were great because of the sum of their parts, as well as the fact that you could do whatever you felt like with your designs. The objective-based gameplay here seems oriented around figuring out which particular pieces of furniture has the highest point value as according to some description the game gives you... really, I don't see the entertainment value in that.

Didn't they release something similiar for the DS? "Imagine Fashion Designer", or something? I believe that one got slammed for being ridiculously annoying to play, with ill-defined objectives and customers who never accepted your work. A game like this will end up being either ridiculously easy or annoyingly vague - I can't see how they can possibly make a middle ground.



AlexSays said:

If your caught playn this game, you will be made fun of.
Someone has a very low self-esteem for gaming...



Yasume said:

I need some first impressions here! Has anyone downloaded this, I'm highly considering it, but the 1000 points is a bit too high IMO.



A-SWE said:

I´ll give you a tip.
Head over to www.reflexive.com and download the pc demo



Wiiloveit said:

Wait... it's gone up to (drumroll....) POSITION NINETEEN in the WiiWare sales. Better than Potpourrii, I suppose. Oh, and who's neglecting MM9? It's in number 9 at the moment, with The unincredible maze two spots behind! Woe is me...
EDIT: Latest UK charts (in the current US charts article) now show HSH at 16, whilst MM9 has dropped to 11. Ouch.



Wiiloveit said:

OK... I went and bought it because I thought it still looked fairly good. Here's my review:

When it comes to simulation games, you may recall classics such as Sim City, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. This game is particularly similar to the latter, thanks to the objectives, designing, maintenance and of course, the classic isometric design. This game isn't quite as tricky or in depth as Theme Hospital, but the gameplay is fairly similar - even if it isn't based on saving lives.

In this game, you must design, decorate and build a room for a house. You start off by listening to what your client has to say, and then you get to work puzzling your way through what pieces of furniture you want, and where. Once you have the specified number of items required, you must also check to see whether your client is happy with the design, by checking the satisfaction meter in the bottom corner of the screen. If it passes the yellow bar, about 3/4 across, you can get building. To get the satisfaction rating up, you must follow your clients instructions that they give you at the start of the level. The instructions are often given in riddles, which means there's a bit of working out to do first. For example, one customer wants a room that's loud. For this, you need a stereo and a couple of speakers to keep them happy. There are usually several clues given, and so this makes the job easier, but soon enough, the riddles get more vague, often leaving a bit of confusion about what you're supposed to create.

To make the designing even harder though, you must also stay within the allotted budget, with each item for the room coming in at a different price. You can rotate and move items around the house, and if you wish, you can even remove certain items and get the item's original price back in your pocket (although on harder stages, you don't get the full amount back).

Once you've completed the first stage of each level, you then move on to building the room. Each new aspect must be catered for within a set amount of days (specified at the start, with a little countdown based at the top of the menu). To build your creation, you take control of three workers. Drag them to an item by holding A (in the same way that you'll do for moving items in the design stage), and they'll get busy building it. If you wish, you can speed up the process by pressing the B button and then performing the requested motion, such as twisting a screwdriver, swishing your remote up and down for using a paint roller, or hammering it down to, well, hammer things. The different motions are usually random, and at times, you'll find yourself hammering a brand new TV, but the fun's still there.

Another addition to this section is the fact that you have to keep your workers happy, giving them a cup of coffee now and then to refill their health bar. If this bar drops too low though, they can injure themselves (god knows how), and so you need to give them medical attention as they take a short break from work. As well as all this though, you also have to clean up after your workers. Every time they've finished an item, a rubbish symbol will appear over their heads, letting you know that you have to drag that worker's waste to the dustbin.

If you finish building a room in time, your client will be happy with your creation, and you unlock the next of the fifty levels on offer. Each one doesn't take long to complete (providing you get it right first time) but on the more difficult stages, you could be there for quarter of an hour just designing the room and finding out what combinations work best.

There are a few bonus features as well, with the opportunity to create and design your own home, offering quite a lot of entertainment for the girls and young 'uns, and for more hardcore gamers, the hard difficulty level (available from the start) should keep them occupied, although it can sometimes get a bit too chaotic due to the several different objectives in the building stage (keeping builders happy, clearing up litter, helping out and finishing within the time limit).

Another bad point about this game is that it doesn't fully display in 16:9 wide-screen, which will be a pain for many. Also, when choosing from the furniture on offer, the thumbnails can't be enlarged, meaning that you have to squint or guess what what the item will look like (although there is a description box to help you out). Plus, the controls can sometimes be a bit awkward, especially when you always have to hold A when moving items. It would have been much better if you could just tap it once to pick something up and tap it again to place it down. Clearly though, the developers don't agree. These, however, are only minor niggles.

When it comes to simulation games, you may recall classics such as Sim City, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. This game manages to equal the fun of these, whilst not quite getting as complex (though still being fairly difficult later on). HSH game is a treat for all the family, and whilst it may not appeal to some, I'd easily recommend it to those looking for something new and creative.



Wiiloveit said:

@KS8: It does provide quite a few hours of play, and I'd definitely recommend it for 10 minutes here and there. If you've got 1000 points spare and feel as though you'd like this game, I can't really say no, but if you're running low on points, you might be better off saving this one for a rainy day.



Big_Sexy said:

I don't know if I can recommend this. On the one hand, the designing aspect and building aspect are for the most part fun. You can flex your creative and organizational muscle in the design phase, and then work your reflexes during the build phase. It's a nice blend, and it works well. You can also challenge yourself with the harder difficulties, which bring more problems like lower cash-back for reselling design items and faster energy loss during build phase. Perhaps the coolest feature is the faster you finish your build phase, the more money you earn towards your home design.

On the other hand, the build phase has A LOT of detection issues. It's fun once you get it working right, but damned if the game doesn't try to stop you from having fun. The game will task you to assist your workers (even though you can perform them without being asked to, which speeds up build progress) and the assist motions require you to REALLY flail your arms to get it to detect your movement. Getting your workers to work on something when your design contains a lot of items becomes a chore, as you'll essentially waste time hovering over objects until you see the cursor - which shouldn't happen, since the build phase is already hectic enough without having to guess whether your worker will actually do what you want or not.

It all depends on how much you're willing to overlook these problems to buy a game that's mildly entertaining at best. I love these types of games, but I'm having a hard time saying whether I like it enough to recommend it to someone else.

I guess the best way I can sum it up is "if you want this type of game, and the Wii is the only outlet you have to play these games, then this is probably your best bet. Unless you also like platformers, in which case get Actraiser instead."

Also it should be noted that the PC version is still $20, while the Wii version, with its special motion-sensing assists, is only ten.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

The fact that you'll get coins on Club Nintendo off of this game also appeals to me. lol. I still haven't gotten it. Still undecided. Nothing has really convinced me towards either side, although I appreciate the thoughts I've heard thus far. I still dunno if this is a game for me...

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