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Have fun with all your friends and family as you take on some very exciting challenges! This is an interactive board game for all ages and for one to eight players.

The object of the game is to complete all the challenges set by Family & Friends Party. The first to complete them all is the winner! Teams take turns to play. The team selected in each turn must complete a specific challenge. The challenge will be played by one or two players in the team depending on the type of challenge you have been given. Nevertheless, the other the players in the team can help and support you. You can never get enough help!

There are six different "Single" challenges. These challenges must be played cooperatively by members of the same team. Sometimes, Family & Friends Party will also suggest playing "Versus" challenges, which must be played competitively by all the teams at the same time.

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Posted by Steven Small

Will WiiWare newcomer Gammick Entertainment get this party started?

The Wii is no stranger to party games or mini-game compilations; in fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that the machine’s success is largely due to the brilliance of multiplayer titles like Wii Sports and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games...

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User Comments (33)



Bass_X0 said:

Ah... just what we needed. More mini-game shovelware. With PS1 graphics.



Metroid133 said:

....Not impressed... With wanting all the Wii Shop Games on my collection games like these are on the bottom of my list to get.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Normally, I'd be not so picky with NoA with the single releases if it was something good but c'mon. Are they ever going to get their act together... preferrably anytime soon?



Bass_X0 said:

I assume solo WiiWare releases are because few companies have their games ready yet and they don't want to have weeks with no releases at all. Just a guess.



Dazza said:

Whhaaattt a game that KnucklesSonic8 isn't positive about? C'mon man you and your sib will love this surely?



KingMike said:

Ugh, the description does not make sense at all.
Is this like a Wii version of the "truth or dare" slumber party game?

And yes, I'd like to save on phone service!
("Friends & Family" was a very highly advertised phone service calling plan in the mid '90s in the US (but now that company is dead). Sorry, it was the first thing I thought of reading the title. )



slangman said:

Yay, another shovelware title that wouldn't look out of place on N64. What next a pancake flipping game?



Foamyfan231 said:

GGGGGRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTTT ANOTHER MINIGAME COMPLIATION!!!!! I am tired of these stupid mini games its getting frigging old. I am going to use my wii points to get Onslaught, I am staying as far away as possible from this one



bboy2970 said:

Does the title screenshot say press "button A"? Wouldnt "A button" be a little better? sorry, I'm picky about things like that, especially on what looks to be almost definitely shovelware.



Adamant said:

Gammick is apparantly a Spanish developer, so I guess the description was originally written in Spanish, then half-assedly translated into English.



Kid_A said:

Gammick entertainment? More like gimmick entertainment.

Okay, sorry I couldn't help myself.



PapaSmalls said:

@bboy2970: Good news, the Title Screen picture listed has been corrected. The game does have the more proper sounding Press A Button to Continue instead of what's shown in the thumbnail above.



RadioShadow said:

Why do I have the urge to punch that guy on the cover in the face?

HE'S TAUNTING ME! Like he is saying "Ha ha, you got this instead of Gradius Rebirth!".

RS sad.



Nobarai said:

I waited 8 hours at school, wondering what was coming out for the WiiWare...... And we got this.
Christ man......



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Dazza: HA HA! Nice one, bud. But I'm just wondering how the execution is. Because I WOULD get this if it looked.... better and more appealing. Cause TBH, the Pictionary and Charades-type games are what would be selling points for me.

Oh and I'll point to Family Table Tennis again. No one can get me to be positive about it. It was a waste of a gift and I regret accepting it. I try to be positive I suppose (if that's what YOU wanna call it; albeit, I'd call it something else...) but that doesn't mean I'm blind nor does it mean that I'll try EVERY game that comes my way.

@Toddr: I know the feeling... 2 weeks in a row for me.



Nintendork said:

You mean you liked Snowboard Riot and Plattchen, but not Onslaught?

But back to this pile of garbage (I'm not a big fan of party games besides Mario Party). This is exactly what gaywad idiots like IGN think the Wii is all about. WHAT IS IT WITH SHOVELWARE ON WIIWARE?!?

LOL,nice one! (that's why you're still a kid ) You know a game sucks when even KS8 doesn't like it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Nintendork/Toddr: I didn't GET Onslaught to begin with. And even if I did and I didn't find myself too into it, is it so hard to believe that someone didn't enjoy it? This point was addressed... (semi-ranted over) on another game page. And I just saw it today too...

@Nintendork: HEY! XD LOL! I can't say I didn't like it when I haven't played it... like Onslaught.

TBH, though, some of the activities DO appeal to me. If it was 500 Points, I would've gotten it, albeit I doubt I would've given it anything past a 7, if that.



Toddr said:

That's perfectly understandable. I've never bought world of goo, and probably never will, and it seems everyone thinks that game is the best thing since sliced bread.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

lol. XD
It's quite overrated, actually, yeah.
Fixed: "Best thing since OoT". XD OoT is also very overrated but I won't get into that.

I mean c'mon, quit bugging me about what I love and hate already. It's becoming annoying. So what if I have an open mind about games. That's saying a lot more than some of the narrow-minded people who own a Wii, and some of them post here on WWW.



geek-master said:

i bet this was made by a 15 year old just board one day and got on his computer and used his adobe flash player.



LGamer said:

Did everyone noticed that every WiiWare game were in the title the word: Family comes, not fun or cool is?

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