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Sun 24th Feb 2008

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ZEIDO commented on Arkanoid Plus!:

I spent all of the summer of 1987 playing this on my Spectrum 48K everyday, then when I got an Amiga it was one of the first games I got and kept on playing that too for a couple of years. Nowadays, I play it every once in a while on my Spectrum Emulator on my mobile. So, maybe this is an opportunity to rekindle an old addition on my Wii



ZEIDO commented on Bubble Bobble Wii:

Now that's exiciting!

I Love Bubble Bobble, and have already downloaded the NES version from the WiiShop........ will definitely get this one to complete my collection, even if gameplay is identical



ZEIDO commented on Enduro Racer:

We must start a petition to make Nintendo adopt the ZX Spectrum like it did the C64.



ZEIDO commented on Renegade:

Actually, this WAS THE BEST beat-em up on a home computer, but on the ZX Spectrum, and was only bettered by the 'unofficial sequel' by Imagine, Target Renegade. I WISH we could Speccy ports on the VC



ZEIDO commented on Mega Turrican:

And what about the good old ZX Spectrum ?

Manic Miner on VC ...... wow!



ZEIDO commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

Yup, VC Gamers are acting like spoiled Brats!

But, I got to tell you, there's little for me to download over the past two months, other than Turrican.

Look, when we get ARCADE PERFECT Conversions from the likes of Taito, Midway and Capcom..... that's when you'll see a complete revival and explosion in VC downloads.

I NEED Bomb Jack, Buggy Boy, Green Beret, Arkanoid, Outrun in MAME-style arcade goodness.

Any chance of that happening Damo?



ZEIDO commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

This game works for all ages. My 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son can't get enough of it ...... I need to buy them a classic controller soon



ZEIDO commented on R-Type:

Looks great, but where are the Bullet and Explosion sounds? That's what makes the MAME Aracade ROM version more atmospheric .....
I loved this game on my ZX Spectrum ages ago (a true feat of technology for Uncle Clive's humble machine), and played it on my AMIGA (preferring Katakis back then, if anyone remembers that title), but have never seen the Turbographix version.
Worth a try I guess!