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A Wii U exclusive third-person shooter/combat game arrives from the creative mind of legendary designer Tomonobu Itagaki.

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User Comments (19)



AltDotNerd said:

I guess Nintendo is proving they're not all "purely kid-friendly" anymore, what with Bayonetta 2, and this coming out.



BlackStar9000 said:

Im liking this new trend Nintendo is taking with its mature games, still wondering if the will finally make some of their own.



epicdude12302 said:

This game will be the next Bayonetta! It'll probably have cheesy dialogue and a horrible story, but still be critically acclaimed because of how much fun it will be.



raghouse said:

I hate to say it. But this will probably be the next Madworld. A game that is unique and fun but underloved. I love Nintendo for it's family friendly games when the kids are up but I'm glad that a game like this is coming out. A more 'mature' game to call our own.



TheWiiUGamer said:

if they are going to make devils third on the wii u then why can't they try to get gta 5 on the wii u?



Stormrazor said:

I was wondering when Itagaki would come out of hiding. So this is what he's been working on huh



AlexSora89 said:

This. The problem with mature games on our beloved Nintendo consoles is that they pretty much disappeared as soon as the first Playstation came out. Although there were notable exceptions (Conker's Bad Fur Day and Body Harvest on N64, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - not counting the "Capcom 5" since they pretty much were the GCN era's Rayman Legends equivalent - on GCN, MadWorld for Wii and, before this, Bayonetta on WiiU), the mature games have always been overshadowed by Nintendo's usual fare because of just how few there are. In order to turn the table, Nintendo needs more mature exclusives, and needs them to come in droves - but that wouldn't suffice, as they wouldn't sell consoles without the Nintendo IPs coming out as well. Many Ninty IPs and just as many mature exclusives, that's how Nintendo will win back the crowd. But alas, most of the audience can't enjoy how fun a Mario game is without getting past it's not a "cool" bloodbath, and the companies keeping their franchises away from Nintendo consoles - sad to say - know it. However, there's still hope, as when it comes to all-ages good games, Microsoft and Sony combined can't even compete with Nintendo (I own a PS2 just for the first two Kingdom Hearts games, for the record, and I only use my X360 for what I call leech-gaming - that is, leeching off Microsoft's outstanding deals which got me more mature games than the amount of Nintendo games I could ever hope to snag for the same price - and for some fun mature IPs), so that's a good starting point.
Reggie said it once: "there's nothing wrong with having a little fun", or something along those lines. If more people can remember that as well, maybe they won't give Nintendo the cold shoulder like they're doing now.
Good thing Ninty's still on top when it comes to portables.



raghouse said:

Even back in the day of the Capcom 5 the 'mature' games didn't sell as well as Nintendo's other IPs so they tend to disappear. I don't think that Nintendo will gain a lot of gamers back with a focus on mature games as its competitors already do that to a great deal. Nintendo is going to win the most fans by releasing polished, quality, family friendly games. Splatoon looks to bring a great game to the shooter crowd that is family friendly. While LEGO City Undercover brought GTA like gameplay to the family. I like that Nintendo is a bit more family friendly system overall, but I do worry that exclusive mature games will disappear from its systems all together.



element187 said:

Wii U still has a solid lineup this year without Zelda.. although Zelda would have sealed the deal of the best console of 2015 by a country mile... now its just beating the other two consoles as far as cool factor is concerned.



TTGlider said:

Am I crazy to think info on this has gone silent to allow room for Splatoon's launch? If so, I really want to see this ramp back up again around mid summer, once "the ink has dried" a bit.



dammerouso said:

Its been pretty much silence in relation to this game and with rumours of the visuals being totally upgraded and its focus on not only a great campaign (crosses fingers) but also an immersive online multiplayer. I think this could be a real surprise at E3. But then again it is a Nintendo exclusive so the melee weapons may be inflatable musical instruments and the guns might shoot fruit or something ;-)



ancientlii said:

the main character looks interesting but the general feel i got was this is gonna be less stylized than their past games. it's early though so who knows.



Knuckles said:

Has this even been mentioned once at E3 so far? Day 2 is over and I don't think I heard the name Devil's Third once.



Junkface said:

Ditto was really hoping to get more details at E3. Please give us a release day for the U.S. Despite all the criticism I can not wait for this game, I think most people are going to be blown away by it.



Tender_Cutlet said:

If it scores over 80-85 at review, I will support this. I really hope it does ok both critically and financially as an exclusive. Nintendo really should have made more of a song and dance about this at E3 - from what few releases they have pending this year it is the only totally mature title with a release date! Why so much focus on Yoshi and so little on this when they've invested so much in the publishing?

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