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This collectible package features four classic Mario™ games playable on the Wii™ system, a soundtrack CD and an illustrated commemorative booklet.

The games included in the Super Mario All-Stars collection are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Each game features the enhanced graphics and updated sound from the Super NES™ Super Mario All-Stars collection, and all four can be played on the Wii system using one of several controllers: the Wii Remote™ controller, Classic Controller™, Classic Controller Pro™ or the Nintendo GameCube™ controller.

Also included is a Super Mario History soundtrack CD, a compilation of memorable music from the Mario franchise. Containing classic theme songs and fun sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. game all the way up to this year's acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 game, this special disc also marks the first official release of the "Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme," widely recognized as one of the most famous pieces of video game music in history.

Rounding out the Super Mario All-Stars collection is a 32-page Super Mario History booklet featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes details and rare concept art. Fans from every generation can enjoy firsthand insights into the beginnings of Mario, illustrated with candid photos and never-before-seen design sketches. Together with the game software and soundtrack, it's the ultimate tribute to a unique game series.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

With exclusive bonus item: Dissatisfaction

Nintendo has a lot to be proud of. Its heritage and stature in the video game industry is unrivalled, and the firm has presided over some truly significant moments in the relatively short lifespan of the medium. It goes without saying that the video...

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User Comments (50)



KeeperBvK said:

Too bad they couldn't be arsed including any game material that wasn't already on the SFC cartridge.



Nickno said:

I wonder if its widescreen enhanced....probably not. :/
The reason they released it on disc is probably to prevent money loss. $8 on VC (instead of $20 individual) < $30 disc with small bonus stuff, at least that is for Nintendo.



Capt_N said:

So, now it's just SMA w/ extra content in the package. I like the red case in the video.



StarDust4Ever said:

All's I got to say is that they better not jip us like they did hen Europe and Japan both got cool bonus DVDs and America got nothing. If they don't release this stateside, I'll stomp down to Redmund Washington and kick the person responsible like mario kicks koopas.

Head's up to gamers in Europe - this may be you're one and only chance to get the Super Mario Brothers collection without squished game graphics and slow-as-molasses gameplay.



Collision_Cat said:

At least you Americans get Shantae 2 and Cave Story unlike us Europeans. =P
While the collection looks cool, I don't really want it, I already have all the games in it on my GBA.



Porky said:

Hey Brit, Mario is way better then those anyway. At least you'll get those two games later while StarDust mentions that we may not get this Mario game at all.



HvE said:

What do they mean with "Players: 2"?
A multiplayer mode like in New Super Mario Bros?



James said:

Super Mario Bros. supports two players but it's taking turns, not simultaneous



Kamaka said:

I plan on buying this but its a shame Super Mario World isn't included.



moosa said:

Super Mario Bros. 3 also has simultaneous 2-player in battle mode.



Mange said:

There really should be an option to install this as a regular channel. They could easily achieve it by including a WiiShop download ticket. Right now I´m pretty pissed about the fact that I wont be getting SMBAS on my SMB SD-Menu page It will only collect dust on my shelf.



HapsNinFan said:

Is It Worth It ? It looks really good but i already bought super mario bros 3 on the vc! nah, its a lil different on this and anyway its only 1 of the 4 games. ONE THING! Does This Save?! or is it just the same?! SOMEONE TELLL ME D:



HapsNinFan said:

I Think They Will Sell Much More If They Had But Super Mario World In.. But Ah, Yu Cant Have Everything Yuh Want



Ocegues said:

Okay i like this that it's coming for the Wii i like that alot! the problem i have with this is that these games are available for the virtual console already so it feels abit like a ripoff to me. Their is already a SNES version which could have been added to the Virtual console instead, even though they doubled up the price for this over other SNES games on the Virtual console it would be a smashing deal, this would get more people would buy it for it's the lower price factor, this would have to be cheaper then buying the all NES games all seperately then they would have people buy their groin and they feel like they have to buy this, they even would make more money that way alot more.. ( i'll give an example the games here in iceland cost between 70-120$).. So that's a reason i'm not going to be able to afford it they're not making this any cheaper the Icelandic currency is low in value and they cannot do that. The SNES version has lower difficulty than the original versions for the NES cause of the new added ability to save your game this might not be a bad idea since the orginal Super Mario Bros games are very hard compaired to recent games we have in the year 2010, they it also gives you an extra life to begin with over the NES version, this is going to be the same game as the SNES game. 'm giving this a Final verdic of "<<7.0>>" personal thought. But yes i do like this that they're giving this out for the Wii and more people are going to be able to play those awesome games i hope you will be able to buy it cheaper then it's available to me if it would atleast be the ame price as NES versions then this is good for you (There is also no Super mario world the SNES version has that)



cheapogamer4life said:

Unless the next Bomberman game comes to Wiiware within the next 3 months or so imma try to make this my last Nintendo purchase into the 3DS gets here...



andyutd97 said:

Damn You Ice. 6 days later and still amazon havent managed to deliver it to me. Im Getting Impatient



Scarhino89 said:

Dear Americans, this compilation will arrive in your country, tomorrow. Don't hesitate to buy it, if you are tempted.



Bass_X0 said:

This will probably get a low score for just being strictly a Virtual Console game being sold at retail despite if the same game actually appeared on VC, it would get a high score.



D33G said:

Got it, and it's great! I actually got the second to last copy at Target.



NintendoGamer said:

I ordered two copies of it from Target a few days ago and they are arriving today. I cannot wait. I ordered one copy for myself and a second as a Christmas present for my cousin. Can't wait until Christmas when she opens it up and sees what it is. I already own the games on the Wii, but I couldn't resist buying it. Damn you Nintendo and your irresistible merchandise.



StarDust4Ever said:

Is somebody at NintendoLife actually going to review this game? I feel like it deserves a review, as the site features every VC game to date, as well as many other retro titles. At first, I was upset that they didn't update the visuals beyond the SNES graphics wise, but when I actually played it, I suddenly remembered how awesome the visuals still are. I was wrong, updated the graphics to 3D-style sprites would have killed it's charm. It is still, in my opinion, the best way to play Lost Levels. Super Mario World would have been a nice addition, though. The only flaw I can see with the emulation (also applies to the SNES original version) is that in SMB1/ LostLevels, when big Mario hits a brick, he moves up through the brick instead of bouncing down, halting forward momentum. I've had a couple of dumb deaths in Lost Levels that I can attribute to this.

Heck, at least the four games even work seemingly flawless with the RetroZone WiiNES RetroPort adapter using a real NES controller
(with one minor caveat: pressing "B" to load inventory on the map screen in SMB3 doesn't work; for some reason, I have to hit "1" on the Wiimote instead )



SuperLink said:

For all those who were bad-mouthing this game on the review page: Let me remind you that this was all for nostalgia. NOSTALGIA! Don't scrutinize, and count out every little thing that annoys you it to the point that it's just dead on the ground!



SoulReaverCross said:

Weak. Very weak.
Repacked SNES version, with nothing new.
Atleast SEGA adds a bit of something to their re-releases on newer systems.



CzartD said:

Just found out my friend has this so I tested it...
Let's do some maths:
No Classic Controller =
Wii Remote + Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels =

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