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Master Ryu Hayabusa's ninja skills as he restores balance and order to the world.

Upon hearing of Jaquio's death, a new villain Ashtar rises in the pursuit to take over the world. Guide Ryu Hayabusa in his rescue mission for Irene Lew, friend and former CIA agent. Destroy the Sword of Chaos, a weapon of great power forged from the bone of a demon. Use techniques such as the Fire Wheel or the Windmill Throwing Star and attack while holding on to walls and ladders. Utilize the most innovative technique of all--the ability to create Shadow Clones, orange shadow versions of Ryu that will constantly follow him and repeat his actions. Defeat evil henchmen, creatures, and bosses as you progress through multiple stages on your way to destroying Ashtar, the Realm of Chaos and others that may lurk in the dark...

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Dave Frear

Tough but fun Ninja action - Part 2

For the first NES Ninja Gaiden game, Tecmo created a tough but fun action platformer. It was very different to the scrolling beat 'em up action of the arcade game, but people liked it; sales must have been good too, because Ryu Hayabusa returned for a...

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3DS eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!

Chances are that even if you don’t know much about Ninja Gaiden, you’re at the very least aware that it’s a series synonymous with high difficulty. When the original hit the NES back in 1989, we have to imagine it lead to the demise of many...

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Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

The ninja returns

Ryu Hayabusa is back, and this time he brings his dad along for the ride. Well, not really, that was Indiana Jones, wasn’t it? The storyline is largely irrelevant; the point is this series features Ninja action, and therefore a sequel was inevitable...

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User Comments (34)



Bass_X0 said:

The third game wasn't released in Europe originally was it? I'm guessing either it won't be released at all in Europe on the Virtual Console or it will keep the Ninja Gaiden name.



michinmuri said:

Best of the three game NES series. Absolutely one of the best ninja games ever. This game will keep you busy for a while. Although this is a bit easier than the first, you will still have to earn the right to see the credits scroll. If you like the first NG, you HAVE to get this one!



morphballer said:

I approve of this game. I still have the Nintendo Power poster back from when it first came out on the NES.



Fred said:

Awesome game! Great action, gameplay, very challenging (although still possible to finish with patience) and gotta love those cutscenes! Impressive considering we're talking of a NES game.



Delay said:

I seriously hope this game doesn't take as loang as the first Ninja Gaiden to get over to Europe.



PoisonRamune said:

This is some welcome news. I can't wait for my shift to end... I'm going to immediately d/l when I get home.



jackaroo said:

This game looks awesome. Im definatly getting it when it comes out. Although the first game is insanely difficult IMO but thats what makes it fun. Cant wait for this to be released.



Mip said:

I'd say get the first one. It really doesn't matter, if u buy one of the games you WILL buy the other too. They are just that freaking awesome!!



learn_japanese_ds said:

this game frightens me. The original consumed my life. This one will too, but Ninja Gaiden is a hard habit to kick.



Slionr said:

Loved this game on the original NES ^^ WHEN WILL IT COME HERE IN EUROPE?



Rossi said:

I dont know if to get NG, NGII or NGIII when they come out in EU? I am not the hardcore retro gamer and wont a simple game to play? Any help?



Adamant said:

Ninja Gaiden 2 is the best one, though it's not out in Europe yet. NG3 was never released there, so it's doubtful if it'll appear on the VC.



Rossi said:

Oh my, i wounder why? Its not like these days that they dont release a sequal to a big gaming franchise in certain countrys..



Marvel_Maniac said:

Bought this the other day. Man is it tough. I hate those freaking birds that swoop down! Anyway, I'm at the last boss as I write this, and I had forgotten that you have to go through the entire last level, then fight two bosses all on the same bar of health! The fact that you can continue from anywhere else in the game actually makes the game a little more managable, but boy, the last boss(es) are super tough!



zelda_freak said:

I played this one way back as a little one. even today I can't really beat even the begining levels. This game isn't for me.



agent_lime said:

I take back the really awesome comment i made before, this game is bad, the challenge just seems unfair all the time, and its not fun. I regret spending my points on this.



Adamant said:

Hanabi festival? The game WAS released in Europe (though not right away, we had to wait until '93-'94, when a slew of NES games got released for budget prices), so we should get it as a normal game.

As for the final gauntlet, there's three bosses, actually, though I'm pretty sure your life meter is refilled between battles. Anyway, two doppelgangers and the Windmill Shuriken really help in these battles. Remember, once you kill one of the bosses, you'll never have to fight that boss again even if you die it a later one. It's not THAT hard.



g10tto said:

Very hard. Fun to pick up every once in a while to see how long you'll last. Never played the later Xbox versions, but this is still pretty fun.



CopyofCopyX said:

I know it was released in Europe.
But the first Ninja Gaiden was released in the first Hanabi Festval.
Then it was my guess, that Tecmo/Nintendo will release the second one in the next Hanabi Festval. That didn't happen, instead we have got a lot of Shmups.



JJ_Markelis said:

I remember this game being very frustrating as a kid, and it still is pretty tough today. However, it's a classic that I felt was essential to my VC library and I love playing it. It's definitely reccomended for download; especially as such a cheap price.



Stijnco said:

I really enjoyed the first Ninja Gaiden on the NES, I hope this game will be released in Europe some day...



Marvel_Maniac said:

Well to be honest, after my last comments, yes, it isn't as hard as I took it the first time through. Now I play and beat this game on a regular basis without any realy trouble until the end. Once you know the patterns then you've got this think licked. I've actually played harder games. This is really just a gem.

Adamant, I've never recieved a full health bar after beating one of the bosses (to the best of my knowledge). It must be that you're just so good, you never take enough damage to make it obvious!



yeezikada said:

is there anyway to donlowad it from a europe wii like if i change my country to australia or south africa or anyting ????

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