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Just when you thought the world was safe from the Syndicate and its shady leader, Mr. X, they have returned to torment the city once again. Mr. X has developed life-like robots to take the place of various city officials so he can be in complete control, and it's up to our old heroes Axel, Skate and Blaze to stop the threat with their amazing fighting skills.

With more weapons and combat moves, as well as secret characters and various endings, this return to the Streets is one you won't want to miss.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Just when you thought the world was safe from the Syndicate and its shady leader, Mr. X, they have returned to torment the city once again.

Streets of Rage 3 has been the victim of much flak over the past few years. Coming after the sublime Streets of Rage 2, the third installment had a fight (ho-ho!) on its hands to better such a fantastic game.On paper, it certainly seems like it should be...

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User Comments (41)



Mendez said:

Yes! I was wondering when this would get rated, OFLC too
Here's hoping we get the start of September!



Beastard said:

Hopefully they will release this uncensored, but you know they won't. The English translation was horrible. Hopefully they will fix that.



I have this on the Megadrive and the PS2 and Gamecube Japanese versions of Sonic Gems Collection. The Japanese PS2 version is the one to own as if you play it on a PS3 then you get to access both the western Streets of Rage games and Bare Knuckle versions. You unlock them by playing the collection then change the language on your PS3 to English for Streets of Rage games and Japanese for Bare Knuckle games. There is a translation on the internet for the proper story to Bare Knuckle 3 and its well better than the boched English Streets of Rage 3 story.

__Felix the Karl


Felix the Karl said:

Can't wait for this to come out. The story didn't really make a lot of sense sure, but it was still really playable. I'm glad it differed to SOR2 because the last thing you really want is the same thing but different.



Jez_Gafys said:

This was deffo the best SOR from the 3. I loved playing as Roo the Kangaroo he kicked ass



Thomas said:

"SOR3 should be near the top of your retro shopping list (assuming you're sad enough to have one)"

Wha? Videogames can indeed be an obsessive hobby, but this jab seems out of place. I'm holding out hope for Earthbound, Pilotwings, and Sin & Punishment -- do I lead a sad life?

This site itself is a giant "retro shopping list." Cynicism not required.



Dazza said:

Don't worry Thomas Damo has shopping lists for all sorts of geeky things like Transformer toys, etc - you are in good company here! lol



alvieao said:

On one hand, Streets of Rage 3 has subtle improvements over SOR2: more detailed graphics due to the 24-meg cart, dashing and rolling, and more powerful moves (without dying). However, SOR3 would have been better if SEGA did not tamper with the game balance and pointless changes from the JP version. I would rather play SOR3 in its proper glory if I had the chance. If you still want to follow up after playing through Part 2, then this is right up your alley. Too bad the soundtrack Yuzo Koshiro made isn't very memorable, save for a few tracks in the game.



Clayfrd said:

haha... I have a retro shopping list sort of. This is on there, but I have other things that easily top it.... SMB2 Japan... whenever it hits the United States of America.



Daniel said:

Not my fave of the SOR games ( i prefer number 1 ) but i prefer this one over SOR2

each to their own and all that



Bass_X0 said:

I would love a Streets of Rage 4, fully 3D and large areas to explore and fight in. Just as long as it doesn't play like Fighting Force, eh? That game got really dull towards the end.



Yoshi175 said:

This game IS much better than streets of rage 2, I'm enjoying it much more than I enjoyed that. 5 stars.



dusty said:

Damn, this game is even harder than SoR2 and that one had it's difficulty increased in the PAL translation.
They should really pop out a SoR4 now that we have Wii Ware and Xbox Live Arcade.



Abel said:

This is an absolutely amazing game. Yes, even the US/EU version deserves 5 stars, although the japanese one would need 6. The biggest problem with this one is the absence of the progressive ferocity of super moves. That's about the only thing wrong with this title - that you know it's really a watered-down version of an even better one. (If you don't know it, you don't miss it, but now you do...)



Jazzem said:

Just downloaded it, and tried out the first two levels. I grew up with the first two SoR games, them being among my childhood favourites, so I do like this. Something about it doesn't quite feel right though. I can't point my finger at it, but when you connect an attack with an enemy, it doesn't feel as 'heavy' as it would in the previous two games, and not as satisfying. I know I'm probably not making a lot of sense there though

I like it otherwise (The music, while no where near as catchy as before, is nice and energetic). I could see it being my least favourite in the series, but time will tell, eh?



Yoshi175 said:

How does that video have THe characters in the characters normal clothes(wich are better than the streets of rage 3 ones)?



Drake said:

Japanese version of the game has a lot of changes, including the characters wearing their normal outfits. This was changed for the English release because, apparently, it was seen as racist somehow to put those colour schemes with those characters (Censorship back then was really strange, so don't ask how).



Cale said:

So what version is it on the EU VC, the butchered PAL or the original Bare Kunckle 3?

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

You know what I think is weird about this game? It was Rated M for Mature when It came out on the Genesis.

__a gamer


a gamer said:

Does anyone know that if in Streets of Rage 3 the easy, normal, expert difficulties have different endings??? I've finished this in easy mode, but
there was something suspicious.... Dr Zen said "We must try harder" - That's bad new because it way very hard for me to finish this game even in easy mode

__streets of rage porson


streets of rage porson said:

Nice game but i reckon that its the hardeast out of the diffent streets of rage games i reckon that sor 2 EASY!! sor 1 Little EASY sor 3 only just a littel pit HARD thats why i like sor 3 the most out of sor 1 and 2
because It is HARDER!!! then sor 1 and 2 and longer to complite 5/5 Ausome!



Jordan said:

I would of put 5/5 but it is just to easy to complete on eney difflety but not hard so im sayn 4/5



Mad_Bomber said:

You can run now, which is sweet.
Also, you can play as a kick-boxing kangaroo and a geriatric cyborg.

Beat that, Final Fight!

Otherwise, this one was kinda just phoning it in. Levels felt rehashed and boring. Robo-Axel should have been Robo-Adam.
And speaking of Adam, what the heck was he doing during all this? Don't tell me he was kidnapped again! Dude was probably too busy trimming his banzai trees and just let his little brother go out and get the crap beat out of him... again.

Still 5 stars though.



Villain said:

@Mad Bomber: ACTUALLY, Final Fight 3 introduced running, grabbing from behind, multiple normal (nondraining) specials, running attacks, running jumping attacks, backing and back-dashing, even SUPER specials etc.

First of all, I may have been a bit hard on SOR3. I never tried the original, and only recently got to play a CORRECTLY emulated version, and it's not that half-bad! The running, evasive rolls and weapon specials are really sweet features. I might DL this very soon. I still prefer Final Fight 3.

Man, the day that forgotten classic gets released on VC is the day I break out some champagne and celebrate.



Damo said:

I'm pretty sure Golden Axe and Alien Storm had running and running attacks long before Final Fight 3 or SOR3 appeared!

Also, grabbing from behind was in the first SOR...and besides, SOR3 was released in 1994, Final Fight 3 was 1995! So the whole debate is pointless.

I'm not a massive fan of FF3/FF Tough, I think it's got some great ideas but the execution is really sloppy, it almost doesn't feel like a Capcom game, there's just not enough polish for me.

Still, it would be nice to see it on the VC some day.



Mixer152 said:

I really dont know where they went wrong with this game it could have been so much different!
First off, they got rid of Max! and replacing him with some crusty old robot. not a game defining factor but that ticked me off nonetheless.
Then we have the music, that grainy industrial noise! Tracks like Bulldozer, what where they thinking?
And finally the gameplay, they brought in some nice new elements such as rolling, running & using specials with weapons. BUT, the hit detection is quite poor and the sound effect response times are laughable.
I think ill stop there, but I could say plenty more.



President_Leever said:

Butchered soundtrack, worse characters, ugly palettes and dull pacing. SOR3 was a pretty big disappointment for me. The only positive thing I can say about it is that the battle system was a decent improvement over SOR2.

In short, don't get it unless you're really starved for another beat 'em up game.



Villain said:

@Damo: Oh, did I make it sound like I though FF3 INTRODUCED running, grabbing from behind, and all that? Sorry about that, I already know FF3 was very late with those changes. I just formulated myself wrong...sorry!

I still love FF3 though. It's not the perfect brawler, but the deeper gameplay keeps it from being just another button-masher. The AI co-op option is a nice feature, too. I at least prefer it over SOR3.

I love SOR2, though. Great brawler.



Bass_X0 said:

"If you've never played any of the SOR series before, SOR2 is probably a better entry point, but be sure to sample this third outing at some point."

Exactly what I'm doing. Downloaded SoR2 two weeks ago, the first time I ever played a SoR game and now I'm really tempted to get the sequel.



wowtriumph said:

I loved these type of games in the arcade, the ones where you can play with multiple people and i dont mean just two.



Charco said:

Great game, it is better than Final Fight on SNES as it has two player. Music is fantastic too.
I must say though, if you liked the Streets of Rage series you simply HAVE to download Streets of Rage Remake from
It's a brand new game, using sprites from the originals, has new or redone stages, has Adam from SOR1 as a playable character...the list goes on!! Basically it has all the best bits from the originals and more! It's freeware so there is NO excuse!!



Roo said:

There's a character in it called Roo. That's all you need to know.

Oh, and that it's the worst of the series. But nonetheless for the sake of expanding your knowledge about games you missed out on, this is still worthy of a window on your Wii.



AUnkownFuture said:

The game speed was faster then the other SoR Games.To tell you the truth i recommend this for gamers or people who like fighing games.The soundtrack is awful its a bit laggy at times and thank god that bloody Ash is not in it



Mixer152 said:

Yeah the laggy music makes it virtually unplayable for me. I cant play games muted either which is the only solution, and I'd rather not play it at all than that.



edhe said:

I hear Sega America bodged this game by turning the difficulty level right up. I can get through SoR II quite comfortably on the Medium difficulty, but when enemies on SoR 3 circle you, have 2 health bars on the first level, deplete your health in 8 punches and you can't punish them with Max (Zan is no substitute), you may have gone abit overboard with the difficulty tweaking.

And as Mixer152 above me says, us PAL owners get laggy music too.

In short, I'm not finding it fun losing all my lives before (or even on) the boss of the first level on Medium difficulty level.

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