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Pulseman (Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

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When noted 21st-century scientist Doc Yoshiyama fell in love with one of his creations, a "C-Life" artificial intelligence, he uploaded himself into his computer to be with her. Her program core and his DNA fused to create an entirely new entity. And so, Doc Yoshiyama's "son", Pulseman - half-human, half C-Life - was born. Unfortunately, Doc Yoshiyama's mind was twisted as he emerged back into real life, and he became the evil Doc Waruyama.

As Pulseman, you'll have to fight your way through 7 crazy stages and stop Doc Waruyama and his villainous Galaxy Gang! Pulseman has the ability to harness electricity as a weapon, which can even be used in the form of a rapid transport Voltecker attack.

Take Pulseman on his epic mission and find out why this classic title was regarded as a masterpiece of Sega Mega Drive game design!

In-game text will include some Japanese.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Will Pulseman's quality shock you?

Ask yourself this - what games have Game Freak actually developed? Many people will probably only answer with "Pokémon," but the truth is, before Pokémon was even created, Game Freak was responsible for a handful of unique titles of their...

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User Comments (35)



slangman said:

Ah Pulseman. Similar to Gunstar Heroes if I am mistaken? Been waiting for this game to be announced since it came out in Japan ages ago.



Betagam7 said:

Such a shame that it will probably be downgraded to 50hz like Segas other Hanabi titles. What a joke.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Galaxy gang here meanwhile in Pokémon diamond & peal there's Team Galatic which is one of the connections between these Game Freak games.



Betagam7 said:

Is it me or does he sound like he's uttering an expletive when he fires his gun?



CanisWolfred said:

I saw this a while ago, and it's been one of my most wanted games since! I can't wait until it finally arrives!



sfog said:

"Is it me or does he sound like he's uttering an expletive when he fires his gun?"

It's supposed to be "Flash Arrow" but the quality is kind of poor.



Roo said:

How excited am I about the impending rerelease of Pulseman? Well, I'll just say that it'll really make my videogaming year. No joke - I'm mad for 2D platformers, and this is one of the few high-profile ones that I've never had the chance to play. This is what the VC is all about!



Lotice-Paladin said:

I've actually been interested in this since Japan got it. A pre-Pokemon made game by GAME FREAK? Sounds interesting.

@roo Me too! I like most platformers (except Mega Man, something puts me off completing Mega man 2)



MegaMX4 said:

This looks sweet! Ahh....the synthesized voices the Genesis produced. Brings back memories. I'm really excited to play this and try it out. :-)



nintendo87 said:

if you listen it pokemon used the same music when you battle but the who made this game made pokemon



KoKoO_Psy said:

I like how the music sounds like pokemon music at times. Thats gamefreak for you. i am interested, let the hanabi festival come!



RadioShadow said:

Wow, Pulseman runs in 50Hz (no surprise) and doesn't run using a component lead (WTF?). It runs fine if played on a US Wii. :)

EDIT: Doh! I forget about activating the Component PAL Fix on my brother's Wii (press Z + A + 2 in the Operational Manual). ^^'

So it does work on a component cable fine on a PAL console.



linrek-1 said:

Graphics 10
music 8 ( -2 for voices)
controlls 9 (-1 for bad controlls under water)
durability (8) (-2 for short length)
A challenge for anyone who thinks sonic was to fast and megaman to slow! 8.5 / 10



J-Man said:

Well.... When will we get it? At least Nintendo of Europe has the decency of telling their people when VC games come out.



Fuzzy said:

Pretty fun game. A little short, but fun while it lasts, and i will be sure to play through it every now and again. There were no problems with the lack of translation. There are still bits of english text, and the voice acting pretty much tells the in-game story (and some of it is pretty funny, even though I'm not sure if that is intentional or not!)



irken004 said:

Having played this for awhile now, I must say this is one of my fave VC games :)



Retrogamer88 said:

i love this game! why doesnt gamefreak take a break from pokemon and make more pulseman games,i am also glad to say that i beat this game also

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