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United Kingdom

Sun 27th Feb 2011

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Geno93 commented on Pokémon Black and White:

This Looks Great! However I Do Feel That A Good Number Of Pokemon In This Game Are Fan Made, Especially The Vast Majority Of The Legendaries. I Think Its Going To Be Snivy As My Starter.



Geno93 commented on Paper Mario:

This Game Will Be Awesome And I Can Tell Already Is Going To Be Better Than Super Paper Mario (Wii) With The Stage Battles Back And Its Gone Back To The 3D Aspects Instead Of 2D And Flipping Between Dimensions Unlike Super Paper Mario. However I Feel That It Won't Be Better Than Paper Mario TTYD As That Game Is Just Brilliant!



Geno93 commented on Mario Kart:

Looks Pretty Good I Must Admit, Graphics Look Decent, Can't Wait To Buy This, And I Would Love To See A Return For 'GENO' On This Game!