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Thu 22nd December, 2011

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VShadow commented on PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond:

ive never played pokepark game before but i dont want to get this. it jst seems like a boring game thats a waste of money!!! >:U



VShadow commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble Blast (3DS):

well, id probably get it 4 wii but i dont have my own wii... my mom has 1 in the living room & i rarely ever get the chance 2 use the wii. oh, well i got blast 4 3ds on the same day i got my 3ds. (i got my 3ds on feb. 5, 2012).



VShadow commented on Flipnote Studio:

yeah, i agree w/ ya. i go on hatena nearly every day & see lots of pls add strs! i hate it!! >:U



VShadow commented on Pokémon Black and White:

i gotted my pkm blak game 4 ma b day(octoer 22) i turnd 12 (3 noone carz however!! XD (P.S.: if u have an akchin replay dont use the wok thru walls cheat EVER!!!!!!!! well if u wanna really skrew up ur game u can! XD )