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Mon 23rd Aug 2010

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OMG_FLUFF commented on Pokémon Black & White:

ninalover: i agree cuz i told my parents about the 3ds (my dad told me to wait to get the dsi...he was right) and they asked me the price....glad i didn't answer if it is that's a rip off!!!! i mean to play my wonderful pokemon games i need to pay like 500 hundred bucks plus the extra 30 or so to get my beautiful pkmn. white? and yes the new pokemon look weird and isshu sound a shoe in the weirdest way possible plus the new girl ash is gonna travel with dosn't look anything like the girl in the game (her name is iris =) ) but i'm still psyched!!!!!! i'm so making mijumaru (the water otter [LOL IT RYHMES]) my starter!!!and the second gym leader (aloe) should have a sister named vera XD (worst pun ever!!)



OMG_FLUFF commented on Catch Pokemon Black and White in North America...:

zekrom is dragon electric (i know right? awesome!!) and rashiram is dragon fire (and isn't weak to water) there's 30+ new pokemon (mijumaru, tsutarja and pokabu are the starters) and there is possibly a luvdisc evo. and u can get a psychic type right away to called munna (me and my friends call it the pink egg pokemon with the flowery butt XD) get ur on!