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Paradroid (C64 / Commodore 64)

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The droid crew of a galactic space freighter have turned against their masters and eradicated every human crew member!

A prototype droid named "Influence Device" has been beamed aboard the ship to help you regain control of the situation. Use the Influence Device to destroy the droids by shooting or ramming them.

Take temporary control of an enemy droid's circuitry to use its energy and armaments against its own kind. Your aim: Eliminate all droids on each of the space freighter's 16 decks!

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Posted by Dion Guy

The droid crew of a galactic space freighter have turned against their masters and eradicated every human crew member!

Legendary amongst C64 fans, and one of the highest rated games of the time, Paradroid’s depth of gameplay has kept it a firm favourite over 20 years later.Loosely categorised as a shoot-em-up, this description belies the subtle complexities to be found...

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News: EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid

EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid

Seemingly copying the US, Europe's VC only gets one new week. However, because WiiWare launched earlier this week, that makes Europe the only region to get a VC game in the same week as the WiiWare launch (Australia doesn't get C64 games, so we assume they get nothing today!).

Paradroid puts you in control of a robot on board an abandoned starship...

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User Comments (34)



KeeperBvK said:

Ohhh, the game everyone seems to want. ^^
This really might be the first C64 game I'll be getting.



Bass_X0 said:

From the review, I kinda hope a modern day remake like Toki Tori becomes available for the WiiWare but probably not...



agent_lime said:

Doesnt the sound get grating? i couldnt make it 15 seconds through the video without shutting it off.



Kelvin said:

Great game, although I think I'd only give it 4/5. Like Uridium it's idiosyncratic and more than a little odd, but Paradroid refuses to be confined to a genre; it's a little bit shoot-em-up, a little bit puzzle game, and a little bit of an exploration title.

The hacking sub game is both my favourite part of the game, and the bit that still haunts me to this day. It's feverishly difficult, especially when you try to hack some of the higher robots.

Excellent game!



neudz said:

The sound on the video is wrong. That audio only plays on the title screen - there's just a low humming sound during the game. And what a game...very very good game, very addictive.



Drake said:

I always use music from the game as music in the video, unless there is none, in which case I use in-game SFX. This game only has one song, so easy choice



AchubaNanoia said:

Seems a little bit like the game "Mr. Robot" from Moonpod (a rather new PC game), which I also recomend. Though Mr. Robot is an RPG, this one seems more like an action game, though both have puzzle elements. Too bad we don't get Commodore 64 games on South America/ US, otherwise I would get!



Anonymous_X said:

Quite objectively, unless you played and enjoyed this as a kid, this isn't really playable these days. It was a groundbreaking game in its time, but now only the nostalgic need apply.



adzix said:

i just loved the amiga version, paradroid 90 (wow, has it really been 18 years already?)



martyn2001 said:

Paradroid is still a fantastic game, one of the most addictive I've ever played, and yes, I do remember Paradrod 90 on the Amiga. I wonder if one day we'll ever see Amiga games coming to VC?



Falk_Sturmfels said:

Great game. I had it as an original box on my C64, but I ... sold it a couple years ago. Yes, I did. Blame me for that.
I will buy this one for the VC. This is a really good balanced game. The sound when you clear one of the ships level is cool. The screen turns grey and you hear: summmmmm.



chr1sbean said:

looks okayish - but the main sprite looks to be hard to see and the SFX are poor....even for the time of release!

Reminds me a little of a game called Magnetron that I used to play to death when I was a kid - I would definately recommend that game should it ever arrive on VC!



Mr_64 said:

At last! If you've never played it, this is a truly incredible game!. The video doesn't do any justice at all to the game. The graphics are quite simple (this is a one-programmer job from 1985 remember), but they are stylised and hugely effective. Don't forget many early NES games were very primitive visually too, Legend of Zelda for instance. Poor visuals don't hinder the enjoyment you can have playing Zelda, nor do the simple graphics of Paradroid ruin this fantastic slice of British retro-gaming.

On screen the sprites don't clash with the scenery, so there's no worries in that regard. The Braybrook bas-relief graphics help create a futuristic feel to the game too. The sound effects are very good for the time in my opinion, Paradroid wouldn't have worked with a Rob Hubbard epic soundtrack. The effects build a subtle atmosphere of tension and relay lots of information (i.e. level of risk, condition of influence device).

The 3D/2D world also adds so much tension to the game. The fact you can't see what's behind a door is brilliant! It builds fantastic tension. The fact that amount of time you can control an enemy droid diminishes the higher their class is also fantastic, meaning that you need to learn a compromise.

Now all I can say is fingers crossed for Wizball...



onemeg said:

I'm 35. When this came out 1st time around (as well as Uridium) the graphics were something special.... and Paradroid also had depth, strategy and something new. I bought it last night and it was like being 12 again. AAH.

This and Wizball were probably my 2 favourite games in the C64 era so, as Mr 64 says, fingers crossed for Wizball.



michinmuri said:

This doesn't sem to apeal to me at all. Maybe I'll see if one of my friends will download it first and then I'll check it out. I know you can't knock it til ya try it, but I can think of other games to play for 500 points.



hand2097 said:

I hadn't played this before it came to the VC. I have now. I'd say that this is one of the best games ever made.



stephen_c said:

This is an unusual game even by C64 standards, but it is well worth playing. It is highly addictive once you master the controls.



Bass_X0 said:

someone should re-make this game for WiiWare in the same way Toki Tori was a GBC game remade for WiiWare.



Betagam7 said:

Bass X0 if you're feeling put off by that video (and who woulndt be) then don't.
After being burned by falling for the praise of that pile of garbage Cybernoid I took a chance on this today with no nostalgia and only my love of Braybrook's other classics (Uridium and Gribbly) to back me off.
My Wii now shows I've played it for an hour and a half today. Its a fantastically addictive game. The sound is NOT, I repeat NOT like that video and the graphics don't clash like they do on the video.
Very deep and very good. Buy it over a cruddy PAL NES conversion anytime



ovaLs said:

um... what the hecks going on

i think get the basic premise
you go around on a deck thing
shooting droids and sometimes clashing with them to do a face-off thing

umm if im right....
i won't be being, if C64 comes to US
(doubt it)



Starkiller said:

I got a fan-made remake of this game, it's awesome. When's the original coming to NA, it's been a year already!

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