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Wed 14th Jan 2009

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xwormwood commented on Winter Games:

Winter Games is definetly the best of ...-Games from Epyx.
Great addition to the VC.



xwormwood commented on Shining Force:

I never owned a Sega Mega Drive, and so this brilliant little piece of fun was unknown to me.
Now that i have downloaded it, i enjoy it very much.
Reminds so very sweet at Fire Emblem - if you do love Fire Emblem, than you will love Shining Force as well. Recommended!



xwormwood commented on Mario Kart 64:

SNES is in my eyes the best until today, followed by GCDD.
This N64 Mariokart is solid, but not as good as the others.



xwormwood commented on Ys Book I & II:

I played Book 1, and i absolutly don't like it.
Sorry that i wasted good money into this boring, repetitive game.
SNES:Zelda-Link to the past is truly a 5-star game, but this one is if at all only a very week 3 star game.