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United Kingdom

Fri 23rd May 2008

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martyn2001 commented on Summer Games II:

I played hundreds of C64 games in my youth, & Summer Games 2 is one of the finest C64 games ever. I remember magazine ZZap64 raving over it, giving it 97% overall!!!



martyn2001 commented on Axelay:

Why hasn't Super Aleste come to VC yet?
I'm not sure if I want to risk stopping future updates from happeneing if I were to try Django's trick. Come on Nintendo - get these games released in Europe!



martyn2001 commented on California Games:

I don't remember Chamonix Challenge. One Epyx game that I would love to see on VC, which stands head and shoulders above most other C64 titles, is Summer Games 2, which was far superior to the original Summer Games.



martyn2001 commented on Paradroid:

Paradroid is still a fantastic game, one of the most addictive I've ever played, and yes, I do remember Paradrod 90 on the Amiga. I wonder if one day we'll ever see Amiga games coming to VC?