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Thu 10th Apr 2008

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chr1sbean commented on Nintendo Download: Alex Kidd, Secret Command a...:

"I'm not sure they'll actually keep a fortnightly schedule for the DSi considering it's a separate system from the Wii and telling DSi owners "You've got WiiWare already" makes no sense. I suspect last week's lack of updates was caused by the lack of anything releasable. Look at the crap the US gets, there's nothing else in the release pipeline."

Yes but if there is nothing in the pipeline then is it a case of rushing out the DSi, or maybe they should have given out development kits earlier?

I'm speaking for myself here, but I would like to think the majority agree with me - I don't give two hoots about the dodgy camera's or the ability to play music (in NON-MP3 format!!), I bought this because of the download service, and if Nintendo weren't going to support it properly then why bother doing it?

Think of it in terms of a new console being released - if there was only 7 or 8 games released in the first 3 or 4 weeks of that console being released then it would flop big style! And that is essentially what we have had with the DSi, and I for one am extremely disappointed!



chr1sbean commented on WarioWare: Snapped!:

I was really disappointed with this and wished I waited for the review before making it the very first thing I did on my DSi!

It's amusing the first time you play it IF you can get the camera to recognise you! But after the first 3 times - THATS IT! GAME OVER!! No scores, not many games, no multiplayer - no real lastability!



chr1sbean commented on Pyoro:

Fun little download and really quite addictive, I found myself tutting a few times when I got hit by a seed!

Great in short bursts and totally ideal for whiling away a little time on the bus or train!



chr1sbean commented on Solitaire DSi:

No this is just wrong, I know 200 points is only £1.40 but still this should really be a free application!

If there was a few free applications like this then it would encourage more people to shell out for the DSi!! Do they not realise we are in the middle (or start!!) of a recession!



chr1sbean commented on Real Football 2009:

Cant really see how this is going to be any good with 3d graphics and a limited file size? If they went down the retro sensible soccer type route then I would consider it!!



chr1sbean commented on Pop Plus: Solo:

Was intreuged by Pop! on the Wii but didnt bother, but I will probably get this for the DSi as I feel it will be more fun to play with the Stylus than the Wiimote!



chr1sbean commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

Please please please release Faxanadu! I used to love that game, I remember getting it for Christmas one year and I did not leave my room again until school started!

Also, very personal choice this one, I would love to see Krakout(C64 game) on the VC - A kewl little bat & ball game that I first played that when I was about 8 years old, and I still play on an emulator today! Probably bore most people that game, but it's one of the few C64 games I'd actually pay any money for!



chr1sbean commented on Paradroid:

looks okayish - but the main sprite looks to be hard to see and the SFX are poor....even for the time of release!

Reminds me a little of a game called Magnetron that I used to play to death when I was a kid - I would definately recommend that game should it ever arrive on VC!