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I got a sealed copy of Geometry Wars at the flea market on Sunday for $5 and I've been enjoying that a bit.

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Dead Space Extraction
The Conduit
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Mario Party 8
Red Steel 1
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Excite Truck
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

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Kid_Crono wrote:

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

I approve.

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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Arc Rise Fantasia


Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident and Boom Blox Bash Party



Splat wrote:

Just ordered Call of Duty Black Ops from Amazon I had a $15 credit so got it for $25 new score!

Came in the mail today...

"What do you reckon, we're gonna have to climb that thing?" ~ Chloe Frazer

"I reckon I'M gonna have to climb that thing." ~ Nathan Drake


I pre-ordered Conduit 2 and picked it up on opening day. It's still in the shrink wrap, as my life has afforded me ZERO time in the past too-many months to give it a go. Who was I kidding?


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Donkey Kong Country Returns. I've been agonizing over buying it for a while but finally bit the bullet yesterday. I'm really impressed with it so far, great graphics and a genuine challenge.



Hmm ... It's been awhile ... my Wii is busy collecting dust.


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Both Lego Indiana Jones games.

And Kirby's Epic Yarn. Epic Mickey, too.

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Warioware: smooth moves. It was used, but it still cost $30!

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Just got the points to get Ocarina of Time and DKC2. Both amazing classics that I somehow missed every other chance to play. I'm already stuck on both, but I refuse to look it up online, so oh well.

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Very good purchases. I know some of use here are playing Ocarina of Time on the 3DS so if you need any help with that game feel free to post any questions that you have in this thread and I am sure that we can help you out. I am sure you will have a blast with those games.

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Wii games I bought this month:

  • #107 Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
  • #109 Monster Lab
  • #110 Wii Play Motion (+ Red WiiMote Plus)
  • #111 Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
  • #112 Trauma Center: Second Opinion
  • #113 Legend of Sayuki
  • #114 Gunblade NY: Special Air Assault Force & L.A. Machineguns: Rage of the Machines - ARCADE HITS PACK


I bought 3000 Wii points a few days ago.



Most recently: Dragon quest swords and samurai warriors katana as of yesterday. Probably try the first today as I was too tired yesterday from spending hours trying to decide on which one to buy. So I just bought both finally.

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Metal Slug Anthology, I know welcome to 2006 right?

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