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Gamesake wrote:

I'm glad I picked this game up before it doubled in price on Amazon. I guess demand must be going up with the next movie coming soon, or maybe it's because Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 suddenly became available for pre-order.

I would probably guess both.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Dead Space: Extraction



Not a purchase but signed up for alerts on the Wii Vitality Sensor from Amazon. Going to be sweet!

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Mickeymac wrote:

I pre-ordered Monado.

Count me in on Operation Rainfall

To blessed to be stressed.
80's music makes me feel fabulous.
What Would Duane Do?

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Bought three extremely cheap games yesterday...

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Nothing radically new in this version, but still a great Beat 'm' up imo)
No More Heroes 2 : Desperate Struggle (What a game! Looks, plays and sounds fantastic. Surpasses the original imo)


The cult-classic Oneechanbara : Bikini Zombie Slayers!

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Even though I told myself not to, I bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii off of Ebay. That Mario is really going to bankrupt me.



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Just ordered Call of Duty Black Ops from Amazon I had a $15 credit so got it for $25 new score!

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Honestly it's been so long that I don't remember. If I had to guess I'd say the last game I got was Metroid: Other M.



I just got Grill-Off With Ultra-Hand! Even though I thought it would be lame, it's actually very addicting! You should get it (you meaning anyone who reads this post)!

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I just ordered Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident. Amazon is having a special deal right now, it's $14.99 plus free shipping. I loved the first game, but I knew if I waited I could get it for a great price. Who knew I would only have to wait a week.


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I finally got Sin and Punishment the star sucessor this weekend!!I feel ashamed for not getting this AWESOME game earlier, but now I'm loving every minute of it!!

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Bought Wario Land Shake Dimension today. What a great game. Haven't seen a game with so much charm in a long time. Great graphics and music.

The only new releases I am looking forward to this year is Kirby and Zelda Skyward Sword. At least it gives me time to play catch up with all the little gems I have missed in the past. Next purchase will be A Boy and His Blob.

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I got a sealed copy of Geometry Wars at the flea market on Sunday for $5 and I've been enjoying that a bit.

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