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I've decided to pick up a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles on Saturday.

I hadn't really been on the lookout for this game, but in the past few days I've read many reviews and the feeling towards the game seems to be so positive it feels like I'll be very happy with it. I like the sound of the gaming being pretty open and having a lot to do.



This game is coming to europe as a whole right?

I'm in Ireland so I was a bit worried it might be UK only? :S

edit: Also, this is probably the latest I've ever gotten mega excited by a game release...the day before. XD Normally I'm waiting on them forever.

Lastly, will it be possible to pick up a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles that has the red classic controller if I haven't preordered? I'm just imagining to myself the experience would be much nicer with a classic controller (which I don't have)

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I can't see why you wouldn't be able to order a copy with the CCpro from Game and get is shipped to Ireland. Its still available on the webdsite with no mention of pre-order only. Not exactly cheap though, but the game is amazing and if you don't have the controller its probably worth the price.

I buckled and played it for about three hours this afternoon. Its so good it sucked me in big time. Might have to start again when I get back from honeymoon just so I can experience it in one full play through in all its glory.

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Is it only available in game? This collector edition? Gamestop doesn't have it? I read somewhere it was exclusive to game....however this is telling me different.

I'm not sure really, I might just try and buy a classic controller separate. We do have Game stores in Ireland, but none near me....

I'm kinda liking the idea of getting it in gamestop tomorrow rather than waiting to order one....Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be selling some limited edition ones along with the regular ones.

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I received this yesterday!!

I've played 6 hours so far (and gotten about 3 hours into the story). It plays a bit like Guild Wars if anyone is familiar with that game (a game I'm not very good at) in that you engage an enemy, select a special move and attack. Some moves link together like a move that inflicts "break" status should be followed by a move with "topple" status in order to stagger the enemy. As you use these moves or "arts" they grey out and you have to wait for them to be available again, at which point you either select another tactically useful art or close into the enemy where your player will bash at them automatically.

On top of that, there is a very complicated system for learning passive skills (which you can link to a second character at a later point in the game), talents (the moves you execute in battle), and what I assume is a crafting system (I haven't met anyone who can turn my inventory of junk intop anything useful yet).

There's als a lot of subquesting as part of an affinity system where you can raise both the affinity between playable characters, between NPCs and playable characters and NPCs and other NPCs, which offers various benefits.

Furthermore, once you receive the Monado, you'll have a few...interesting abilities to be able to use (it's all in the manual, by the way), which add another layer to the battle system. It can get a bit overwhelming, but I've only played 6 hours so far.

It hasn't been too difficult to progress through the story, but a lot of my time has been spent trying to defeat these megabeasts that pop up relatively early in the game. They require heavy equipment and skill management and tactics, but when you defeat them, you're rewarded handsomely for your trouble. They're usually uniquely named and intended to be very difficult. Some of them (the Cellar Worm for example - look out for him) are just too hard for me. Pick your battles.

When I first heard the voices were going to be British, I was a bit apprehensive, and while they seem to be (so far) hardly varied (comprising of Essex and surrounding areas), they aren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. It's almost as if they only hired 4 different people to do the voices.

What I would give to hear a Yorkshire tyke in this game...

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I went out to buy Xenoblade Chronicles this morning and have come home without it....

Turns out they only had enough stock for the people who pre ordered. I never expected this honestly, I thought the biggest hurdle was going to be whether they had the game at all. After that I figured they'd at least have a couple left over.... especially since I was the first person in the gamestop this morning. Funny thing is I usually pre order games....but this game only really landed on my radar last minute.

I've managed to order one from them though, they said they're expecting another batch of them in the middle of next week. So I put a deposit on it. It could have been worse, they could have gone "Wha?" when I mentioned the title.

I'm not sure whether they fact that I couldn't get a copy today is a testament to it's popularity or lack of.....

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Hmm I've never noticed any problems when playing Brawl on my Wii.....and my Wii isn't a particularly new one.



Well, just got an email from my local distributor, and I didn't get mine today because they didn't have enough for all the preorders. Good sign, right?

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edhe wrote:

On another note, I'm having real trouble downloading the soundtrack from My downloads keep breaking at random points, and I only have 40kbs of download speed.

Would someone be willing to email me them in smaller parts?

If you still have the problem, this might help: I had the problem, too. As I downloaded with Opera though (which has a decent enough download-manager built in), every time the download stopped, I could just resume the download from where it stopped. This might also be possible with any other download-manager if you just have the URL.

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@edhe @Cipher
How were the Wiimote and nunchuk controls? If you even tried.
I'd like to know, since I'm not pre-ordering.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you.
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Well thats annoying, preordered it from GAMEs site as soon as nintendo press release (Ages ago) announced there were posters to be given out with preorders and it turns out they were mistaken and they're only from in store purchases. T_T I wouldn't have wasted my money buying it from game if I knew I wouldn't get the posters.

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I keep reading about stock shortages of the it seems like my problem is replicated all around.

I'm wondering though if it's actually the case that the retailers ordered so little.....or is it because there's so much demand? Either way I guess it's all good that it's exceeding expectations.

I hope my local gamestop will be able to get the game in again next week.....the articles I've read make it sound like Nintendo might not even have produced enough copies of the game to meet demand.



Linkstrikesback wrote:

Well thats annoying, preordered it from GAMEs site as soon as nintendo press release (Ages ago) announced there were posters to be given out with preorders and it turns out they were mistaken and they're only from in store purchases. T_T I wouldn't have wasted my money buying it from game if I knew I wouldn't get the posters.

Ah, sorry to hear that! I did the same thing but checked a couple of weeks ago with GAME (I was actually making sure they would send the posters internationally) and was told about it then. I started a thread here about it, to warn people, but I don't know how many saw it.

I'd imagine you would be legally entitled to a refund for it - nowhere in the advertising was it made clear that the offer only applied to in-store pre-orders (and as a result the product is not as advertised). I cancelled mine with GAME because of it.

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same here... Playing the waiting game... Called different shops but I might have to wait until tommorrow to get it, but tracking id said it is on the way and arrives tommorrow morning...


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I hope they bring out another of those official let's play of Xenoblade Chronicles soon. I think the next one to come out will be part 5.

It's the only video aside from some trailers I feel safe watching without spoilers.



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