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In the discounted electronics section, I just picked up a copy of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor for $11. They also had multiple copies of Punch-Out Wii for $12.49.

Rhythm Heaven and Legendary Starfy were $14 each, and there were loads of other good games that I can't remember right now. There were also plenty of crappy crap craps, but I was pretty shocked to see those prices. Might be worth checking your local store too.




PUNCH OUT?! WHAT?!?!?!?!

I gotta get over there. Thanks for the heads up Chicken.

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Wow, I'll have to check out one near me sometime. Both of these games are on my "if/when I get around to it" list. Getting these games would buy me a lot of time to save up for dkc/Kirby/goldeneye.

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Target is overrated....there are no Targets near me

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I saw Resident Evil 4 (Wii) for $20 a few weeks ago in the bargain bin games, but that was about it. They will probably have more by now though.


And to think, I bought my copy of Rhythm Heaven (almost finished) for $25 on with $4 shipping! The game is still a steal at $29 though. In my mind, it's a 10/10!

Any idea how long Punch-Out will be in the bins? Its on my radar, but I won't have time to get it until this weekend.

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shinesprite wrote:

Any idea how long Punch-Out will be in the bins? Its on my radar, but I won't have time to get it until this weekend.

It's a clearance sale, meaning it's good until they blow off their stock. You can tell at Target because they have special price tags for that...the little red ones. There's no date at which they go back to regular price...they're just going to sell them at that price until they're gone.

Or if they're not gone, they'll probably reduce them again, but...I'd imagine these will disappear before that happens.




shinesprite wrote:

And to think, I bought my copy of Rhythm Heaven (almost finished) for $25 on with $4 shipping! The game is still a steal at $29 though. In my mind, it's a 10/10!

Any idea how long Punch-Out will be in the bins? Its on my radar, but I won't have time to get it until this weekend.

It depends on the store really. Basically Target is getting rid of their overstock of games so it all depends what games were big sellers at the Target in your area. My Target didnt have Punch Out Wii or RE4. In fact they really didnt have anything too good at all. They had several copies of SFIV on PS3 and Xbox but I have SSFIV.

Yeah its not limited to Wii games I have seen Xbox, PS3, DS, and PSP as well.

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I wish I didn't spend all my money on amazon buying Spirit Tracks and Chrono trigger. Well actually I can't tell they haven't arrived yet.

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If I can scrounge up five more dollars, then I can make use of the $10 gift card I got for buying DKC Returns to buy Legendary Starfy...

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Hah I got Rythm Heaven for $10. Sneaky, right?

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If anyone isn't already familiar with Target clearances - I think most Targets put their clearance stuff on the back end-caps. I usually find clearance games on the back end-caps in the entertainment department, near the tvs. There's typically a big red "Clearance" sign at the top.



Holy pants, man those deals are ridiculous! I traded in Sin & Punishment for Epic Mickey (which I'm already regretting--not because Epic Mickey is bad, but because it's nice to have a game like S&P around), and Punch-Out is one of my top ten games of this generation.

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What's the Discounted Electronics Section?
does that exist? I've never seen it in a Target store before...
is it around the electronics area or is it somewhere else. Those are some pretty good deals. I wanna go find this section of the store. I'd check out what games they got there for cheap.

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Chicken, I thought I had a good deal last week at Target when I bought punch-out on clearance for $25. Now I'm sad



Going to Target BRB.



Thanks for the heads-up, Chicken Man. I just picked up Sin & Punishment for $12, a financial punishment so small, it's a sin.

They did have Starfy for about $14, but for some reason I held off (I suppose due to having just downloaded Cave Story and Shantae for the DSi, so I don't have time for a third portable platformer at the moment). Now I regret passing that deal up, though, and might just have to grab it tomorrow.

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Love Target. But it can be a bit weird sometimes. There's two or three relatively close to where I live, and at one of them I picked up a copy of Contra 4 for $15, on a regular game shelf, no clearance tag, and there were like 10 more copies behind it. It can be weird, so I'd pick up these deals wherever you are asap.

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