Topic: Why has ZombiU got mixed reviews?

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RetroGBHippie92 wrote:

If this game sells well and achieves the status of 'sequel worthy', what do you think the sequel'll be called? ZombiU 2 or Zombi U2? I'm thinking the latter would be hilarious! LOL

You play the zombie, and everyone around you is not a zombie. Gain allies by infecting people, and make the world a place where zombies reign supreme.

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The reviews worried me as well when I saw them, but I decided to go with my gut and purchase the game anyways. I don't regret the decision whatsoever...I personally love it!


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It's advisable to read the actual review instead of focusing on the score. For example, I knew Risen 2 was a very flawed game, but after all I did enjoy it.
After reading through the varied reviews I came to understand that Zombi U is a flawed game with some potentially frustrating and boring design choices, but with a right attitude provides a unique gaming experience that is sure to challenge, and in the end reward the player.
Can't wait to get my hands on it in a couple of weeks!

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I am not usually a conspiracy theorist, but outside of the traditional "hardcore" gaming sites, most everyone likes ZombiU. It seems like those that have spent some time with it have a completely different reaction.

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I'll also say that this game deserves a lot of respect. While it's understandable why between hypocritical "hardcore gamers" refusing to buy interesting games and AAA HD titles costing way too much to make, publishers are too scared to support a big title that's remotely different than what's already worked in the past few years. They are terrified. So for Ubisoft to decide not only to heavily support Wii U but to have their big title being a slow survival horror game, almost certainly completely aware at how the brodudes would react to it, took some guts and was a risk. I hope it pays off just entirely because of that.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 better be happening! In the meanwhile though, here's a fun little Let's Play of the original. Think you'll like the game if you like Zelda!

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I'm diggin' the Kotaku review!

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The real reason the reviews are so skewed on this game, I believe, is because apparently many of the reviewers didn't even finish the game before putting a score on it. They don't tell you how many hours they played it, if they even finished it, and that is very revealing in some of them after completing the game myself.

Having grabbed the game day one, I recommend it to Wii U owners that go in looking for a survival horror...with almost a sense of terror being thrown around at times...and not a FPS or heavy action game. The combat mechanics are designed the way they are, because it forces you to stay on your toes. There are no 100 hit combos in this game at a time, it's one zombie at a time.

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That's why I'm getting ZombiU

Ive always wanted a Zombie game where its genuinely hard to survive and not full of boring guns!
When I hear people saying its hard to stay alive its perfect!


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Zombie U is just awesome. I feel sorry for any wii U owner that passes on it. It's survival horror like it should be.... not like resident evil 5.... that game still gives me nightmares for how awful it is...

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So, it appears that pretty much everyone here at NintendoLife is enjoying ZombiU? Great news as I'm looking forward to getting around to it someday.

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Because IGN loves Sony, just read their articles and you can see for yourself how obvious that is. The Gamespot review was a joke, check it out on youtube. The reviewer was very unprofessional. He wasn't talking about the game objectively but subjectivity. He thought the game was too hard for him ( Which he obviously didn't say) Because he complained about the atmosphere being claustrophobic and dark (Pretty much the point in a survival horror game, no?) Ammo being scarce (It's survival horror). Bottomline he liked the multiplayer better because it had more action. So he wanted another left 4 dead or cod with zombies, a run n gun game. Gamespot is ridiculous.

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Stomped on a crawlers head for the first time today the punk grabbed my leg and scared the crap right out of me. I thought my first survivor was a goner but in the panic I did the press all the buttons 'f***,f***,f***' thingy and then SPLAT! its head went allover the bloody place... My No.1 ain't going down that easy you punk deadites This game is da classic. Resident Evil has now suffered dethronement.



After an extensive play through I'm really enjoying this game . I kind of see it as metroid prime with zombies, the scanning the isolation and starting with nothing and having to find your abilities are all very similar and for me that is a very good thing. It's just a shame there are that many reviews out there slating it for not being another left for dead. I love that u loot something and there is nothing to be found it makes it that much more satisfying when you do find something and you really appreciate the items u get, so far I have barely used any ammo and gone for the whole stealth approach but that's great because it means when I play through again I'm gonna try and go I'm guns blazing and probably get a different kind of experience in the words of Reggie "its these experiences that keep u coming back" I don't know if he said thAt lol but he does use the word experiences alot
So yeah love the game wouldn't change it Ihaven't come aross anything that has made me think the game is less than an 8 yet
Just hope it does well enough to get a sequal

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Played about an hour of this last night and absolutely loved it.

Great suspense, well designed levels, intuitive controls and nice graphics.



I didn't buy zombiU in the end when I bought the Wii-U. I can safety say what an idiot i am for actually not buying the game because of them stupid reviews.

I have always wanted a zombie survival game that doesn't go all guns blazing and this sounds perfect. I can only feel for the developers who took a brave risk on creating something different and then reviewers slaughtering it because its different. It must of hurt sales no doubt.

I will make it my duty as a gamer to spread the word that this games well worth the purchase.

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xBASSxMONSTAx wrote:

I didn't buy zombiU in the end when I bought the Wii-U. I can say what an idiot i am for actually not buying the game because of them reviews. I wanted a decent zombie survival that doesn't go all guns blazing and this sounds perfect.

Funny, because it really does emphasise Survival, and not mowing your way through a horde of zombies.

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Its a good game.



Ugh I ran into a game ending bug and had to restart... but I'm ok with that if it only happens once... And now I know where to go which speeds up the process but really, ubisoft... I hope you patch this.

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I have played the game for five hours now and am loving it.
If you are unsure if you would like it or not. You have to ask yourself this question "Is it fun to use a cricket bat to kill zombies ?"
Most games today, it doesn't matter if you die, you don't worry about it at all.
But in Zombiu, you're are really afraid, course here you lose all your skills too.
Can't remember when I last time played a game and really had to fight for my life as much as in Zombiu.
I just wish there was other melee weapons. Just imagine how fantastic Zombiu 2 could be.

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