Topic: Which character from Melee that wasn't in Brawl would you like to see return in the next Smash Bros.?

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None they're all clones Dr.Mario is really no differnet then Mario, Ike is Roy and lucario is Mewtwo.

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I love how all of you are saying how all the Melee exclusive characters are clones. Well how about Lucas or Lucario? Either there going to have to change or else they'll get the boot too. Because they are CLONES!


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Young Link is actually a possibility, as he was in Ocarina of Time, which was recently remade, and by then there may have also been a Majora's Mask remake.


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roy from fire emblem




kkslider5552000 wrote:

...If I HAVE to choose, Mewtwo, but none of them are really that important to me.



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Mega Man would be cool. But CAPCOM wouldn't allow it.



Roy & Mewtwo. Everyone else was removed for good reasons.

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SaviorOfSociety wrote:

Mega Man would be cool. But CAPCOM wouldn't allow it.




I think they should include every character and every stage. Seriously, why leave out anything? The new disc format can hold as much as a Blu Ray, so I know storage isn't an issue. I wonder if Sonic and Snake will return. I can't see Sega or Konami refusing to allow the reuse of their characters, so much free advertising.
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Lucario will probably be replaced with the "newest super popular" Pokemon for the next game. Dr. Mario I somewhat miss, but he could easily be a skin / color choice for Mario. I like Toon Link a lot better than Young Link so no.

But here's the real thing. Forget Melee clones, Brawl has some of its own! Fox, Falco, and Wolf. Sure, they had somewhat different move sets, but the same final smash?! Come ON. People can argue that Link / Toon Link had the same final smash, same with Ness and Lucas. But both pairs have slightly different ones if you look close enough.

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Final Smashes were really a wasted opportunity, they could've made something amazing for each character, but they instead decided to do a few good ones, a bunch of unrelated ones and a bigger bunch of reused ones.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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mewtwo! give him to me sakurai! give him to me! i command it! ..... please :3

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i really dont care cause there clones but do want roy back but move on from the old and get the new



IAmNotWill wrote:

None. How about we keep each game unique?

I kind of agree, now that I think about it. If I really wanted to play as some Melee characters, no one's stopping me from playing Melee.

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