Topic: Which character from Melee that wasn't in Brawl would you like to see return in the next Smash Bros.?

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If it were only one, for me it would have to be.... ROY!!!! I really hope Sakurai decides to bring him back. I just might even start a petition to send to Nintendo about it. (Well okay probably not but that's how badly I want him back!) Who do you want to see come back?


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Mewtwo, that is all.



Even though he was a clone, I loved playing as Dr. Mario.

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Knux wrote:

Mewtwo, that is all.

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Obviously Pichu.



...If I HAVE to choose, Mewtwo, but none of them are really that important to me.

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power rangers? lol jokes

there wasnt anybody i was missing so shiek better still be there



Mewtwo. I never really played as any of the other Melee-exclusive characters, but I did play as Mewtwo a lot, and I had a dang good time doing it. But he'll probably never come back. I mean it's been four generations since him, I doubt Nintendo even remembers who he is. I bet all we'll get is another Lucario or most likely a Zoroark.

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Can't really say I care about any of the characters that were left behind in Melee. Out of the 5 (Pichu, Roy, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, and Young Link), 3 are just unnecessary clones. Roy and Mewtwo were unique, but just slightly modified to become Ike and Lucario in Brawl.

Maybe they will swap in another Fire Emblem character as the "strong guy with a sword" and a newer Pokemon as the "psychic energy based attacker". Otherwise, they will probably stick with the Brawl versions.


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Pikachu is a clone of Pichu.

Pichu came first in the evolutionary line. And dats why the Pikachu in Brawl is the Pichu from Melee- it just evolved.



TysonQ7 wrote:

...If I HAVE to choose, Mewtwo, but none of them are really that important to me.

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The only one that wasn't a complete clone was Mewtwo, so...

Meowph, that's right!

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I would have to choose all of them.

The more characters, the better.

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I would say to bring them all back and change their move-set a little to not be a blatant clone (and also to not make pichu lose life as he attacks...)
But ill say I want Dr. Mario more.
Even if its a mario clone, I still find it differently to play with him than mario.
(or to at least that mario uses his move-set from melee)

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