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All I know is the maximum acceptable amount of latency is 2 frames (At 60fps). The Wii U has a single frame at all times so that means I need a TV that doesn't exist other than stuff for digital signage. (Or a gaming monitor which isn't desirable either). I have a plasma that on its own is less than 2 frames but with the extra frame added by the gamepad it would be 3. (This is presuming I understand how it works properly). If I had the choice of disabling the TV or the Gamepad it would be fine.

Think I would be happier if Virtual Console stuff could be sent out of the analog out to an old CRT (Like the sound can now be).

Or if the whole thing was built into the gamepad (No drive) so it was the most powerful handheld running exactly the same games (Like the turbo express was to the TG16).

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I don't have strong feelings about the Gamepad and would love to save money whilst playing the latest Nintendo titles... bring on the Pro Controller bundle!

Do they even sell the Gamepad separately yet? What happens if your controller breaks? Send it in to Nintendo?



I'm pretty happy with the GamePad.



Other developers not utilising the new feature of a console doesnt ever mean that it should just be abandoned altogether. That makes no sense. We went through the same thing with the Wii and the DS. Eventually developers will get it and the gaming experiences will become more original and unique. As for the 3DS; no, the 2DS was not "an admission of failure by Nintendo". It was a system put out primary for younger children whose parents didnt want them using the 3D, and also acted as a way for people to play 3DS games more cheaply. One of my favourite things about the 3DS is the 3D effect, and I know this to be true for a lot of people as well. Some people not liking a feature doesnt make it a failure.

tldr: No, that's stupid.

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I'm very happy with the gamepad. The reason being off tv play. I think they should stop looking for extra ways to use the gamepad. If the game doesn't need it don't use it, forcing it just makes the game look worse, but offer off tv play. It's the best reason for me.


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FutureAlphaMale wrote:

skywake wrote:

Didn't happen again, didn't happen before that. I realised that I had missed it because when playing with the GamePad I had the map right there in my hands. It is a valuable and useful feature even in games that don't "use it".

I guess you must have had difficulty gaming since the early 1990's then, when the map was displayed upon pressing the "start" button, which absolutely no one ever complained about having to do for 20+ years....


Wow, you posted this and then deleted the post? Shows lots of faith in your points there FutureAlphaMale

but you know what? Damn right I did and no I never did complain because there was no obvious way to do it better. Why not be happy about the fact that having a second screen there solves some of these problems in gaming? Why when someone points out one of these cases where the GamePad improves flow do you think it's just a case of the other person not being "hardcore enough"?

Frankly when I play a Zelda I have always just hammered through a dungeon until I got stuck and only then looked at a map to see what rooms I've missed. With the map right there and persistent with a single tap I found that I was instead clearing whole areas as they opened up. Not having to go back through some devil pit I had already cleared without having to ever pause the game really helped to make the game more enjoyable.

For this and many other reasons the GamePad is well worth the cost even when a game doesn't require its use. Especially with off-TV play. To kill it would both remove a valuable feature and unique selling point but also segment the market when there is really no need. And no, this isn't like the 2DS. The 3DS has literally no games that require 3D to work and for the ones people will cite it was largely if not purely about visual eye-candy. The Wii U not only has games that require it but also has games that don't require it but are significantly better off with it. So it's entirely different.

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bail wrote:

i made the exact same thread on the nintendo board on gamespot a few weeks ago.
the result was 50/50, some people really praise the gamepad and don't wanna miss it (even though i still get why, i share the argument that not even nintendo knows what to do with it.), theo other half like myself prefer a more classic experience with the pro controller and all they need is nintendo's franchises in hd.

in my opinion the two-screen experience works for the 3ds, because you hold both screens in your hand and they are right next to each other. but on a home console with a big beautiful tv screen in front of you, it's just not as comfortable to look down on your hands.

I agree with this and still think there are far too many reasons to keep the Gamepad around.

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Heh, I believe this thing is cheap enough as is. So no. Even then it's too late to abandon the gamepad. (but I don't really care since the gamepad is cool from the many demo kiosks i've been and had another person try it with me which was even cooler.) And BTW, not many of us have an iphone/ipad and not have the hassle to get up and use the computer at 10pm which your mom tells you not to use this late at night.

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The GamePad is there, soooo...

Deal with it. (pic of dealing with it)


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Why the hell would they get rid of it. It's amazing. Stupid topic



mariobro4 wrote:

And BTW, not many of us have an iphone/ipad and not have the hassle to get up and use the computer

It's not just that. I do happen to have tablets and phones floating around that I can use to watch videos and browse the 'nets. I even have cool little apps that let me throw some content to the TV if I want to. However what the Wii U does is something else entirely. At the very least the browser is a full browser that works extremely well and allows you to mirror what you're doing on the TV. Even with my numerous gadgets I don't have anything that lets me do that, nothing else I have is anywhere near as good at browsing the 'nets on the TV.

Then there's the fact that it also plays proper, modern AAA titles portably. Something that outside of the Wii U can only be done on the Vita and the NVidia Shield. So people pointing to iPads are really missing the point in more ways than one.

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I registered to this website just to reply to this topic.

I grew up with Nintendo but grew apart from them and spent the past ten years vocally supporting the Xbox. But now? Im older, I work alot, and i share my entertainment center with my fiance. Long bouts of Call of Duty just dont interest me anymore. The constant need and drive for needless technology that doesnt necessarily make the games fun to play tires me.

I bought a Wii U on total impulse last year. It was a new system and i had just gotten a raise. At the time i had about 150 Xbox 360 disc games plus countless digital.

The Wii U has transformwd how we as a family view gaming. It is often a group event but the ability to play the games while Kasey can still use the TV or even the Xbox IS A GODSEND FOR US. I am able to enjoy my hobby without either boring or alienating her. Hell the gamepad has become our goto remote and Nintendo TVii is a great way to see whats on cable, Netflix, and more all at once.

I havent bought an Xbox game since. This is the game console I want. Games that remind me of my childhood mixed with modern games. A screen for text input. The ability to take my game anywhere in the house. To have a private and public experience on the same machine. My Plex server works great with it and the IR blaster is ingenious. THIS IS HOW I WANT TO PLAY GAMES and it works for me and if more people could see the benefits for themselves they would be on board too. I never thought.... ever that Id say this..... but Im not interested in the Xbox One.

Advertising and games. Thats all there is to it. Nintendo can right the ship.

Cheers to all.



@MadAussieBloke Thank you sir.

Although i just registered this site is ironically on my Wii U's bookmarks. I feel like I already know alot of you.

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@Surly_Yerby You have been friended my friend... I know what it's like to own a system that doesn't fit the bill just like when I picked up a secondhand PS3. Awful FPS & 3rdPS movie games (use the word 'game' loosely), RPG's that were lame compared to the awesome 16bit era, features that weren't even used... I'm glad I didn't buy it at launch for AU$800 because my secondhand PS2 still has better games than it




You're complaining that the Gamepad adds about 50 bucks to the price of the Wii U, but without any irony suggest that a $400 iPad is a viable replacement, even though that literally doubles the amount of devices you must hold in hands simultaneously and still doesn't let you interact with your game.

But nah, it's here to stay. You're missing the point of it. It's part of the console. As much as I dislike it, the Kintect is also part of the new Xbox and much of the way the user interacts with the console was designed with that in mind. If you remove either the Gamepad or the Kinect, you would be removing vital functionality of the console itself. It's not an optional peripheral.

If you're a bachelor with 12 devices and screens to yourself and you get a rise out of streaming content from one to six of them at the same time, don't consider yourself the primary demograph of a video game console. You're not. The average gamer these days is a lot more like Surly_Yerby up there who has a roommate, or a missus, or, Heaven forbid, spawn. The Wii U is already $100 cheaper than the immediate competition and comes packaged with much more versatility and options for households where more than one person uses the living room.

And I'll say, once you've played with the touchscreen UI and map always on and not cluttering your TV screen, it's hard to go back to playing a different way. The Wii U version of Arkham City is absolutely the definitive version of the game, and that is 100% because of the Gamepad.

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to all those who hate the game pad atleast its a step closer to standard controller like the gamecube



Welcome, Surly. That was beautiful, and it nails what most fans already know.

Like I said before, I don't understand why such a comment would be made, or thought for that matter. I think these kinds of topics come from detractors, and people who, for whatever reason, want to see Nintendo fail. It seems like those people are coming out of the woodwork lately. Then there are those who don't own a Wii U, yet feel compelled to post misinformation about it, without any real exposure to it's fine points.

I'm repeating myself, but I've only just recently become an owner, and I can't see how anyone could own one, and NOT be satisfied ( if not down-right giddy ) with it.

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I don't see why, the GamePad is so convenient, granted they're some older games that makes the GamePad seem useless. When I play more recent titles like the LOZ Wind Waker using the GamePad, the experience seem more in-tune with not having to pause the game to check your map or change your item like the GC version. Also motion aiming is a nice touch especially when you switch to off-tv mode to do it.

Just like with all Nintendo's system and handheld controls, you just need to relearn and get used to the new feel and features.

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No . ive never played that much on console !! My wife is a tv freak and she wants me beside her. Thanks to the gamepad i can play quality console games on it !

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