Topic: I just picked up my Wii U!!!!!

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Its updating right now!!!

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That's cool. What game you got for it?


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Well, you're going to have to put it back down eventually when you want to play it. How can you hold your Wii U and Gamepad at the same time?

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@DudeSean I have the Zelda wind waker bundle!!

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Took u quite awhile there but welcome and now u will get why people love it. Btw u should biy monster hunter 3 ultimate its the most amazing game imo

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Don't forget about me because I'm awesome too... I will grab a coffee with 5 shots of Whisky, cheers mate



Don't drop it. Is it heavy? O:

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Ignore those goombas, and go pick up Lego Marvel Superheroes. Bestest most funnest game ever made.

Go. Go, now! You can thank me when you get back. Okay, you can thank me now, just go get it!

Go-won! I'll wait for you. ^_^

Grats on snagging my favorite system of all time! You're gonna love it.

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Lets not forget Pikmin 3, my favorite game on the WiiU so far

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I'd put it down if you're waiting for it to update, it might take a while and your arms could get tired. You don't want to drop it, do you?

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Congrats! Amazing underrated console ! Ive played plenty of game this year and my goty so far is The Wonderful 101! Yup i scored tw101 higher then The Last Of Us

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Now you will discover the best Zombie game ever created.

"Dubs Goes to Washington: The Video Game".

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Today I traded in Rayman and GTA5 for Zelda, had basically completed rayman and just cant get into GTA games. Really enjoying Zelda, superb graphics, plays like a cartoon. Just got hold of the little boat that needs a sail. For me nintendo make games better than anyone else out there, im 35 and have been playing nintendo games since I was 12, dont see this changing. The nintendo catalogue really is starting to pile up and so many more brilliant titles still to come. New mario is out in a few weeks, dont know how I'm going to get the time.



Now I can't wait for Ghostbuster on VC.
Another reason to get the Wii U

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Welcome to club!

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Where did you find those banners?


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